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  1. Belle Montgomery

    Descendants of 2 African slaves to spend night inside reconstructed North Carolina slave cabin

    The descendants of two Africans who were enslaved at a North Carolina plantation will spend the night in a reconstructed slave cabin near the same sites where they once lived. Mina Wilson, 57, of El Cerrito, Calif., is among the 40 descendants of two slaves named Kofi and Sally who are...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    What Southern dynasties’ post-Civil War resurgence tell us about how wealth is really handed down

    Emancipation should have laid waste to the Southern aristocracy. The economy was built on the forced labor of enslaved Africans, and almost half the Confederacy’s wealth was invested in owning humans. Once people could no longer be treated as chattel, that wealth evaporated. But less than two...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    First Look at Cynthia Erivo as Harriet Tubman in Focus Features Biopic ‘Harriet’ ...and the backlash

    Focus Features has released the first official images from the upcoming Harriet Tubman movie Harriet, which reveals Tony Award-winning actress Cynthia Erivo as the historical figure. The film hails from Black Nativity filmmaker Kasi Lemmons, who also directed episodes of Luke Cage and Shots...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Story of Civil War slave refugees resonates today

    WORCESTER - A historian whose new book sheds light on the slave refugee camps of the American Civil War says she was struck by the number of children whose lives were thrown into upheaval by the conflict, in a foreshadowing of today’s migrant crisis. An estimated 500,000 displaced...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Army Post Played Major Role in Civil War, Offered Freedom to Slaves

    HAMPTON, VA. - If you're headed to some of the most popular beaches in the mid-Atlantic, chances are you'll encounter the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Thousands of drivers use that stretch of Interstate 64 every day, to get to Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Well, a stone's throw from...

    Union use of Slave Labor While reading an article about Fort Negley, posted here - - I had some questions. Not knowing much...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    How the popular cakewalk dance was actually a mockery of white slave masters in the 1800s

    You may have participated in the present-day cakewalk, a musical chair contest, where participants walk around a circle marked off with numbers, hoping that the number they get close to would be called by the emcee in order to win a prize. Cakewalk, to others, refers to a task that can be done...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Lexington’s Slave Jails

    Where were Lexington’s slave jails? This new history walk will show you Megowan’s was a thriving business on North Limestone between Short and Barr streets in the 1800s, but many in Lexington have never heard about it. That’s because Megowan’s was a slave jail, which held slaves and freed black...
  9. Cdoug96

    Did the Confederate Armies bring Slaves with them?

    Did the Confederate armies bring slaves with them? Were there slaves in Confederate forts?

    Confederate Government slave ownership Was reading about the Bibb County Iron Company and stumbled onto this passage... "On September 9th, 1863 the Bibb County Iron Company sold the works to the Confederacy for $600,000. Included in the deal were nine slaves..."...
  11. Belle Montgomery

    Whites Working with Slaves in the Fields?

    Do you think this is after the war? I do notice that the white men aren't holding the cotton bags so maybe not? Or are they all free and paid labor? The overseer on horseback makes me believe it's before emancipation or is he just the "boss man" to the field labor?
  12. Belle Montgomery

    Abandoned Plantation In Missouri with toppled gravestones video -Haunting

    I don't know how many here wished they could travel back in time but because I do I love watching these "explorer" videos (some better than others) of old plantations and houses. I study the architecture and wonder what it would've been like living there when it was in it's prime and sometimes...
  13. WJC

    How did Blacks React to the Bombardment of Ft. Sumter?

    During the rebel bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861, diarist Mary Chesnut wrote: Not by one word or look can we detect any change in the demeanor of these negro servants. Laurence sits at our door, as sleepy and as respectful and as profoundly indifferent. So are they all. They carry it...
  14. Komi

    Sources on Haiti during the Antebellum and ACW Era

    I wanted to open this thread to try and gather different sources on Haitian and Haitian-American history around the Antebellum and ACW Era, particularly sources which discuss this history's effects on its not-too-distant neighbours the USA/CSA. For some obvious reasons I think the history of the...
  15. skb8721

    Story about Union Gunboat being Blessed by Slaves

    I found this 1867 article from a Vermont newspaper; it mentions a subject of particular interest to me, Bayou Teche in Louisiana.
  16. AUG

    Three Officers and Slave, 57th Georgia Infantry

    Three officers of the Company H "Independent Volunteers," 57th Georgia Infantry. Left to right: First Lieutenant Archibald C. McKinley, Captain John Richard Bonner, Scott (McKinley's slave), and Second Lieutenant William S. Stetson. From the James Bonner Collection, GC&SU Library Archives...
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