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  1. Belle Montgomery

    New Civil War Era Slavery Movie "Antebellum" (Time-Travel Thriller) coming April 24, 2020!

    A woman travels back in time to the 1800s to solve a mystery in Antebellum The film is from the same producer who brought us Get Out and Us. Another glimpse of it: A modern-day social activist finds herself traveling back in time to the 1800s in Antebellum, a new horror drama written and...
  2. archieclement

    Sharecropping comparable to slavery?

    I have seen remarks such as it was just a continuation of slavery. Recently a modern figure compared poor whites to slavery, not exactly in the context I'll ask. We wont go to who, but try to stay on what I ask which somewhat stems from his remarks. But there were numerous poor white...
  3. Tom Hughes

    1863 Patriotic Token - Liberty and No Slavery

    I was going through some things this morning and came across this copper coin dated 1863 with the slogan "Liberty and No Slavery". I had forgotten all about this little piece of history I found in an auction lot some 30 years ago. Civil War patriotic coins like this were popular, especially...
  4. unionblue

    The US is struggling with it's history of slavery.

    To All, Check out the following article on the US and it's struggle with it's history of slavery. Heck of a read with many other links about slavery. Unionblue
  5. Virginia Dave

    If the "War" Wasn't About Slavery?

    If the war was not about slavery. Why did they need the KKK, night riders etc. to terrify and kill the freed men after the war. If it wasn't about slavery where did all of this hate come from, and why did it continue ............Just an honest question that deserves honest answers. Not...
  6. Rhea Cole

    Slavery is Our King; Slavery is our Truth; Slavery is our Divine Right! Modern people can't understand the mind of the slaveholder.

    A modern person finds the mind of a Southern slaveholder almost impossible to understand. A slaveholder held dear beliefs that are incomprehensible. I, personally, became interested in penetrating the mind of the slaveholder when I became aware of my own family's history: A g-g-great grandfather...
  7. Cavalry Charger

    Grant frees his slave

    "We do know that in March 1859 Grant filed the following manumission document. “I Ulysses S Grant of the City and County of St. Louis in the State of Missouri, for diverse good and valuable considerations me hereunto moving, do hereby emancipate and set free from Slavery my negro man William...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion America’s divides have never been simple. Neither was Pennsylvania’s Civil War history

    Clement L. Vallandigham’s name is probably not well-known to most Pennsylvanians, but in the 1850s and 1860s, he was a celebrity-politician with close ties to the state. Elected to represent Ohio in Congress, Vallandigham was a Confederate sympathizer who empathized with Southern slave owners...
  9. WJC

    Teaching America's Truth

    Teaching America’s truth For generations, children have been spared the whole, terrible reality about slavery’s place in U.S. history, but some schools are beginning to strip away the deception and evasions by Joe Heim Washington Post, August 28, 2019 It was a reeducation campaign that made...
  10. Belle Montgomery

    The American Civil War Museum’s CEO on the Myths That Persist About Our National Conflict

    This came out today I think it's very interesting and I'm sure many can debate about it. I myself found near the end of it a surprising statement: "Northerners tend to dismiss the conflict into this sort of, ‘We won and we’re done and we freed the slaves.’ Really? Did you? Where’s the black...
  11. Cody C. Engdahl

    Free Kindle book Through Saturday 3/16/19

    Amazon is allowing me to give away the Kindle version of my nonfiction work, The American Civil War WAS About Slavery: A Quick Handbook of Quotes to Reference When Debating Those Who Would Argue Otherwise for free through midnight, Saturday PDT. Don’t live in America? No problem you can get...
  12. wbull1

    Pre-Civil War Free Blacks Owned Slaves. Is that significant?

    In other discussion groups I've seen discussions of the significance of the fact that before the Civil War some free blacks owned black slaves. To me the numbers involved are so small it seems insignificant, but maybe I'm missing something. What is your reaction? There were approximately...
  13. leftyhunter

    Did Sanford v. Missouri allow slavery in all states?

    Reading Sanford v. Missouri it appears that a slave owner can utilize his slave in any state or Territory of the United States. Not aware of any slave owners who attempted to test the parameters of Sanford not to say they didn't. @jgoodguy or @trice @OpnCoronet Any thoughts on this? Leftyhunter
  14. Eleanor Rose

    Jumping the Broom: Slave Ritual Meets Couture

    It is said that broom jumping comes from an African Tribal Marriage Ritual of placing sticks on the ground representing the couple's new home together. I have also read that the spray of the broom represents all of us scattered and the handle represents the Almighty who holds us together. Today...
  15. wausaubob

    Given more time, Could the Lincoln Administration Prevent Secession?

    Given just slightly more time the fears of the secessionists that Lincoln could put slavery on the path towards elimination would have been fulfilled. First the administration would tell Maryland politicians that due to the threat of secession, the national capital must be removed to Columbus...
  16. wbull1

    Report of Mistreatment of Slaves by Union Forces

    I was not aware of this statement before tonight. I hope those more knowledge than I am can help me evaluate its accuracy or lack thereof From the Annual Message of Governor Henry Watkins Allen to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana January, 1865 Page 15 reap the rich reward...
  17. Cavalry Charger

    The Overcoming of Slavery

    I received a book for Christmas which has deep roots in philosophy, psychology and mythology. It is a book written by Professor Jordan B. Peterson called '12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos'. The following comes from Rule 7 in the book: Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Civil rights groups declare New Year’s Day ‘Emancipation [Proclamation] Day’

    Jan. 1 is more than New Year’s Day. It’s also Emancipation Day, civil rights groups across the nation have declared. New Year’s Day is the 156th anniversary of the date in 1863 on which the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln took effect, freeing African-Americans...
  19. wbull1

    Was the Civil War a "good" war?

    "We've decided the Civil War is a 'good war' because it destroyed slavery," says Fitzhugh Brundage, a historian at the University of North Carolina. "I think it's an indictment of 19th century Americans that they had to slaughter each other to do that." Do you agree or disagree?
  20. WJC

    Is the Abbeville Institute a Reliable Source for Information Related to the Civil War?

    Frankly, until I joined the discussions in this Forum I had never heard of the Abbeville Institute. I am still largely ignorant of its views. I'd like to have a calm, reasoned, civil discussion on its value as a source of information about the Civil War, its causes and its effect on America. Thanks!
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