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  1. AUG

    The 44th Indiana Infantry at the Battle of Shiloh

    Period sketch of the 44th Indiana Infantry in action at Shiloh by artist Henry Lovie, who was working for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper and was present at the battle. (Source) Description: "The woods on fire. The 44th Regt. Ind. Voltr. Col. H.B. Reed commdg. Left Wing near the Peach...
  2. lelliott19

    Macabre Sketch by Alfred Waud: "Here's a health to the next one that dies"

    "Heres a health to the next one that dies" by Alfred Rudolph Waud (ca. 1861-'65) Soldiers toast each other around a table, as death, in the form of a skeleton leaning upon a scythe, waits outside the tent. You've probably seen some of Waud's battlefield sketches - usually of soldier life...
  3. AUG

    Sketch of the 2nd Battle of Rappahannock Station Quite a detailed sketch of the battle by field artist Alfred R. Waud. Caption: "Capture of the fortifications on the Rappahannock at the Railway Bridge--by the right wing commanded by Genl. Sedgwick". Appears to be Emory Upton's charge on Hoke's Brigade. You...
  4. AUG

    Sketches of Confederate prisoners

    Like the few photographs out of there of Confederate prisoners of war, these wartime sketches by illustrators like Edwin A. Forbes and Alfred R. Waud give us a look at the typical Confederate soldier in the field. Marching prisoners over the mountains to Frederick, M.D. By Alfred R. Waud, ca...
  5. AUG

    Civil War Battle Sketches

    At the time of the Civil War, camera shutters were too slow to record movement sharply. Celebrated photographers such as Mathew Brady and Timothy O’Sullivan, encumbered by large glass negatives and bulky horse-drawn processing wagons, could neither maneuver the rough terrain nor record images in...
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