1. Stiles/Akin

    USS Weehawken, USS Montauk, and USS Passaic

    Did you know Confederate photographer George Cook took the world’s first combat photo on September 8th, 1863? Cook took this photograph of the monitors USS Weehawken, USS Montauk, and USS Passaic as they attacked the Confederate batteries at Fort Moultrie. Cannon smoke can be seen surrounding...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Most Astonishing ACW Ship Afloat 1861-1865 ? Your Pick

    We had some great ships. It's like designers held a meeting and things got competitive " Oh yea? Well beat this. " Then Choctaw was born ( above I think ), and Chattanooga and Maratanza and those gunboats like Rattler that look like an ironclad and a transport steamer had a kid. We never saw...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    So What's A Nice Confederate Privateer Doing At Conway Landing, Anyway?

    It's a long way from the deck of pirate ship headed to St. Thomas, a crew in chains and captained by a woman to Conway Landing on the York River. It's what happens when you start poking around in Time. Crazy stuff flakes off. Why Ladies Tea? Hang on. Innocuous enough image of supply train...
  4. Komi

    A Confederate Aircraft Carrier

    Ok, not exactly an aircraft carrier in the modern sense, but as close as you could get for the period. The CSS Teaser was originally built ca. 1855 in Philadelphia as a single-screw steam tug, 64 tons and measuring 80ft x 18ft x 7ft. She was purchased in Richmond VA for use by the Virginia State...

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