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  1. SWMODave

    .... a furlough was found but he, poor boy, was laid to rest among strangers.

    The Tuesday evening after our arrival, Miss. Fargo and I visited the Church hospital. All the furnishings of a church had been removed so that the cots are placed the whole length and breadth leaving just space enough for the attendants to pass between. The church fronted to the north and the...
  2. lelliott19

    Hardee's Tactics: Double Distance on Half Rations?

    As our army was retreating towards Cumberland Gap a soldier called out to Gen. Hardee, "General I know how to form double column at half distance but your tactics don't mention double distance, on half rations." -- "That's true my friend," said the General smiling, "but hereafter history will...
  3. SWMODave

    Old Baldy rode with Shelby

    Jacob W. Yokley is a son of John and Elizabeth (Mulcey) Yokley, and was born in Lafayette county, Missouri, November 2, 1858. His parents moved from North Carolina, their native state, to Lafayette county, Indiana*, in 1854, and lived there eighteen years. In 1872 they moved to Vernon county...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Oyster Ice Cream

    Mary Randolph, author of The Virginia Housewife On a recent visit to Montpelier, the docent said that Dolley Madison loved ice cream and that her favorite flavor was oyster. I was shocked! I had never heard of oyster ice cream? Well it turns out Mary Randolph surely had. She included a...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Should the Founders Be Blamed for the Civil War?

    Montpelier, home of James and Dolley Madison. The American Civil War is at the heart of the mid-19th century and this forum has numerous threads dedicated to how our Victorian friends dealt with it. I recently enjoyed a visit to Montpelier and since have enjoyed contemplating some of James...
  6. lelliott19

    Say What Saturday: Beauregard Quote that Should Be Famous

    Thanks to @lelliott19 and @Andy Cardinal We are kicking off a new weekend series! ~ Ami This sounds like a Beauregard quote that should have been immortalized, but it wasn't. In fact, other than being featured here at Civil War Talk, the quote has only appeared in print once before <that I...
  7. Eleanor Rose

    Period Stratford Hall Ginger Cookies

    Round gingersnaps Editor at Large [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons I recently had the pleasure of visiting Stratford Hall, the home of four generations of the Lee family and the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. It seems these ginger cookies...
  8. Eleanor Rose

    A Mysterious Window Etching

    On a recent trip to Virginia, I had the pleasure of staying at Belle Grove Plantation in King George. Belle Grove was the birthplace of President James Madison and witness to the American Civil War. Belle Grove belonged to the Carolinus Turner family during the war and I slept in the oldest...
  9. lelliott19

    Toombs' Brigade at Antietam: Sgt. John S. Hudson "Tell mother..."

    I turned aside yesterday in the battle to see how a true soldier can die. He was of twenty two or three summers -- of clear skin and mild blue eyes -- John S. Hudson of Elbert county, Ga. His thigh had been torn off by a shell, and hung only by a thin piece skin. He was calm and resigned, though...
  10. lelliott19

    Day 2: McLaws on Failed Reconnaissance

    "But when Major Johnson [sic], who was conducting my division, came suddenly in view of Round Top, with the enemy's signal flags waving thereon, he appeared equally as astonished as I was. And, therefore, if General Lee was relying on his report, he was misinformed as to the true condition of...
  11. Tom Elmore

    Something Fishy at the Henry Spangler House

    On the night of July 2, the drummer boys of the 28th Pennsylvania were assembled together by Assistant Surgeon William Altman to establish a field hospital at the Henry Spangler house and barn on the Baltimore Pike in rear of Culp’s Hill. The boys were to carry water to the wounded and help...
  12. SWMODave

    Grant Feeds His Army

    Nashville, TN December 1863 Left to right: Rob Roy, Belle Peoria, Irene, Revelice, Palestine, Lizzie Martin, Mercury. Photo courtesy University of Missouri - St Louis While trying to find additional info about this photo, I came across a book 'Tinclads in the Civil War' by Myron J. Smith, Jr...
  13. lelliott19

    Day 2: McLaws Arrives in View of the Enemy

    "While this was going on I rode forward, and getting off my horse, went to some trees in advance and took a good look at the situation, and the view presented astonished me, as the enemy was massed in my front, and extended to my right and left as far as I could see. The firing on my command...
  14. Eleanor Rose

    The Philippi Covered Bridge

    The city of Philippi, WV was the site of the first land battle of the Civil War on June 3, 1861. Built in 1852, the city’s covered bridge was heavily utilized by both armies during the Civil War. During the battle, Union troops took control of the bridge on the Tygart Valley River and used it as...
  15. lelliott19

    Ami's SOA Timeline: Use of Ether and Chloroform Anesthesia

    Nominated by: @DBF Started by: @lelliott19 Laura's research was extensive and it’s a fascinating topic. Let’s face it - most everyone on the site during their lifetime will have some type of anesthesia administered. It’s interesting to see the “hits and misses” that went before us. Use...
  16. lelliott19

    Burned his Thumb Off at No. 3 - Pvt. Judson Porter of the Troup Artillery

    A "thumb stall," such as the one pictured above, is worn by No. 3 of a gun crew to "stop the vent" on a hot cannon. As I understand it, blocking the vent prevents air from being sucked into the barrel through the vent hole and accidentally reigniting hot embers from the previous shot. Here's a...
  17. luinrina

    Ami's SOA Touring Virginia - On the trails of ANV and AOTP

    Nominated by @Zella "This has been a great thread from luinrina, full of wonderful anecdotes and pictures, documenting her travels to a ton of Eastern Theater battlefields " I'm currently touring through Virginia, hitting quite a few of the major battlefields (and then some more :D) and...
  18. SWMODave

    The silent death of a lady ... and 62 men who joined her

    USS Patapsco sketch This is an amazing story .... and upon reflection, an incredibly sad one. Wrecksite Virtual Find a grave
  19. Eleanor Rose

    Song of Summer in 1843

    "Family Picnic" by Lee Dubin It seems every summer, radio DJs and promoters crown one pop song as the “Song of the Summer.” I wonder what our Victorian friends might have selected as their “Song of Summer.” I think it might be a song composed as an ode to summer. Summer in the 19th century...
  20. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion A Life Carved In Stone, Epitaphs Through Time

    We don't frequently see genuine epitaphs carved on headstones of those recently buried. I'm not sure when these inscriptions went out of vogue but they were around from the time anyone thought marking permanent graves with stone was a good idea. I've known people who refused any marker...
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