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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    The Art Of Who We Were, Balls and Grace And Lace And Nice

    Sure, it's a romantic image. Women, men, lace, ringlets, fans and cravats, silk slippers and long-tailed coats. You can smell lavender hanging in the air, too. What we tend to miss is the social backdrop, expectations making a ball possible to be held at all. It was nice. Image above is a little...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Antietam's Lone Grave Under A Tree, An Immigrant's Final Peace?

    One of the war's most stark, iconic images- Antietam's lone tree, a grave and soldiers who lived through the bloodbath called Antietam. Apologies if this has already been done- you know what it's like. " HOLY heck, FOUND it! " We geeks can get carried away. I'm not claiming to have found...
  3. Mrs. V

    Oh gurrl! Show us that Ball Gown!

    As requested...I am starting a thread where we can show everyone our Ball Gowns. Kind comments on how to better our presentations are always welcome. We do the best that we can, for our budgets and knowledge base. Please keep that in mind. So..this is the gown I bought from a gal who bought it...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Images That Write War, Post The One That Most Haunts Your History- And Why?

    A lone ambulance, shattered windows, battle's debris surrounding all of it. And one of the war's most famous cemeteries adding another grave. The image that to me, encompasses the entire war. It just gets to me, a lot. Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Adams County Pennsylvania- July, 1863. The...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    Sappy, Wonderful Song Book Art, " When This Cruel War Is Over "

    Isn't it evocative? Illustration scream ' era ', lyrics got to you because an awful lot of Americans could relate to them. Not being at ALL musical, still love the bejammers out of some of these. I realize this one was well known and still is- I'm always, always smitten by era art work-...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    "...Threw A Halo Of Light And Peace Around Her ", War's Happy Ending For William And Maud

    Despite politicians' best efforts to keep us at each other's throats, that whole gosh-darn love thing kept intruding in what was otherwise a perfectly good war. Louder than hate, tough as Time, love insisted on reminding us it's going to be ok. Still looking for more on Miss Maud Jackson...
  7. chubachus

    "View of the hospital barracks at Fairfax Seminary after the gale, March 23rd, 1865"

    Very rare photo with no known photographer. A LOC Liljenquist photo.
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Period How To Become A Vegetarian, An 1863 Guide

    From yet another old book illustration, this kitchen predates the Civil War by more than a century. It wouldn't have looked unfamiliar 150 years ago- now? Ouch, much less what came from it. Disclaimer would be EVERY time I post recipes that make me wince, someone who loves this stuff gets...
  9. Championhilz

    Discussion A Very Personal Civil War: The Divorce of Chaplain William D. McCulloh

    The American Civil War is known by many names, but one of the more common and poignant ones is "The Brother's War," as the conflict often split families and caused brother to fight against brother. Thus familial conflict over the war did not confine itself to brothers; it sometimes tore apart...
  10. SWMODave

    Friendly with both John Brown and William Quantrill … until one of them shot him

    Abraham “Bullet Hole” Ellis 1815-1885 To go with Laura's thread "10 Civil War Soldiers Shot Through the Head and Survived" here Letter from Ellis to W. W. Scott. This letter appeared in 'Quantrill and the Border Wars' and was apparently sold in 2005 to parties unknown (punctuation, or lack...
  11. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Virginia Milita Uniform 1861

    Here is an unidentified fellow who served with the Virginia State Milita wearing a regulation frockcoat. (I think he may have been an officer but I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong) What would the enlisted men of the Virginia Milita have worn? Frockcoats or shell jackets? Can someone...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    Richmond's Tobacco Warehouse Prisons, Bars Beyond Libby, Where Are They?

    Fairly famous image of Rockett's, ( and a cow... ) section of Richmond, Virginia. Naval yard across the river, wharf where the Gettysburg Dead arrived in 1871, houses and businesses this side. That's a tobacco warehouse, the 4 story brick, 4 chimney's? I'm not sure how extensive was Rocketts...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    Selling War, Era Artists' Pen And Ink Bandwagons

    Image from recruiting poster for the 1st US Cavalry. One reason these images are so charming is the horse suspended in mid-air. Before photography was able to capture motion, general idea was maybe a two-beat gallop? This officer is also indicative of recruiting posters through several wars, a...
  14. Robert Gray

    After Spotsylvania - One Long Burial Trench

    It fell to the duty of the First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery of General Tyler's division to bury the men they killed in the sharp battle of May 18, 1864, and here they are near Mrs. Allsop's barn digging the trench to hide the dreadful work of shot and shell. No feeling of bitterness exists in...
  15. JPK Huson 1863

    Three Generations Of Victorian Ancestors, We Girls Mark Time

    Three generation's worth of Victorian women although they'll try ( and do ) confuse you. By 1890 or so ' Edwardian ' fashion appears and he wouldn't be king for another decade. Time's blip second from left is 1861. Our Civil War took place inside what we've come to refer to as The Victorian...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Tales Of Two Mary Todd Lincolns, Pick One

    Brady image, LoC . Which Mary is which? That's not a trick question, either. History presents her in such wildly divergent ways there may as well have been two. “Lady of Lincoln, They wreathed her head With thorns when living, With nettles though dead.” MarIon Mills Miller Just pulled my dyed...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion What Was Your " Where's Buster? ", Before We Were Geeks- Cough It Up, CWT

    I'm still attracted to flying pigs, not as impossibilities, as examples of things you'd love to believe. NYPL You know the " Where's Buster's Grave? " question? It's actually a fair question considering Killer Angels made it into popular culture. A ton of folks previously uninterested in...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    " Threatened With A Deluge Of Angels ", Camp Life Prettied Up

    Different country, same camp. As long as there have been men shooting each other in war, there have been women hanging around camps. It may be more interesting ( because for some reason salacious always is ) to think symbiotic commerce was the reason. And no. I've been chipping away at the...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    City Point, August 9th, 1864 " Five Minutes Ago An Ordnance Boat Exploded "

    We're so used to viewing the shambles created by this war that these images might seem a little tame, if not uninteresting. BOY are they neither. City Point, Virginia, August 9th, 1864. An ordinance ship rained death. August 9, 1864. Mrs. R.h. Spencer, Sanitary Commission agent ( which means...
  20. JPK Huson 1863

    Mary Hall's Walls Whisper, A Bawdy House Madam's War, Washington D.C.

    A stroll away from the Botanical Gardens, a few blocks from Armory Square Hospital, Smithsonian towering a carriage ride away, who knew an opulent bawdy house would be another landmark in LoC's city scape from April, 1865? No secret, war time Washington D.C. is a ' thing ' for me. What began as...
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