1. JPK Huson 1863

    Nashville ' Spectators ' Photographs, Write Their Description Please?

    LoC photograph from a kind of series from Nashville. Cropped to isolate the main scene, this is one of several. Everyone in them except a small girl in a doorway are intent on something transpiring in the distance. A man by an outhouse and a woman apparently in her yard, both transfixed...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    " Hysterics " The Disease, Or, The Risks Of A Wretched And Useless Life

    You could weep gently into that piece of lace over major tragedy- it you had to. For awhile. Women risked a lot letting anyone know how they felt about pretty much anything. Ok, I admit this whole ' hysteria ' thing is a personal sore point. Mary Lincoln kicked out from her husband's deathbed...
  3. Waterloo50

    Discussion The only known veteran of the Civil War and WWI

    This Civil War veteran served all the way through World War I. The two photos are of Peter Conover Hains. Were there others that witnessed and served in both conflicts? I guess that most CW veterans would be considered too elderly to enlist during WW1 but considering that many young...
  4. Ethan S.

    3rd Michigan Cavalry captain

    I think I's like to start off with my only photograph of an Identified Civil War soldier. Captain Davis Collins, of the 3rd. Michigan Cavalry, Company K. His own handwriting, as the handwriting of another man are on the back of the photo. I'd like to ask a question or two, as I am not as...
  5. Mrs. V

    Oh glory, those gems!

    As requested, I am starting a thread talking about jewelry, because it is my abiding passion. My Grandmother was a teacher, and I inherited all her odd and lovely pieces. Not that they are Civil War era..just fun...1923+ Now..the basics..Cameo. Ears, pins, pendants. And I swear the bigger the...
  6. SWMODave

    ... she brought “Order out of chaos” almost like magic.

    Mary Ann 'Mother' Bickerdyke Another Mother Bickerdyke thread - by a fellow nurse I will now relate some of the incidents in Mother Bickerdyke’s services that came under my own observation. At the battle of Shiloh the wounded were removed as fast as possible to Savannah and Mother Bickerdyke...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion Under The Flag Of Truce, Tenuous Lines Of Hope In Print

    Waud's image of a flag of truce exchange, " Southerners being to Confederate boats, Norfolk, Virginia ", " Flag of truce " written below. Flag of truce could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, really important things. The war tore this country to shreds, figuratively and literally. It...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Period " Republican Pudding " Explained

    Abraham Lincoln's cadaverous visage is as recognizably American as The Statue of Liberty and our Stars and Stripes. That's why this hysterical recipe from an 1860's cookbook made me fall over laughing. The new political party sure hit the ground running with Abraham Lincoln. The two were...
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Wharf At White House Landing, Help Explain That Train Please?

    Cropped version of one of a series ID'd on LoC as a temporary bridge across the Pamunkey. I'm not sure it's just a bridge given activity on it- seems more a wharf/bridge. None of the ' White House Landing ' images on LoC identify a photographer but what interests me is what on earth he captured...
  10. Equestriangirl93

    A Gentleman's Rules for Horseback Riding with a Lady.

    1. A gentleman was to be punctual. It would very improper to keep a lady waiting. 2. When riding with a lady, a gentleman always rode on her right side (since ladies rode side saddle and both of her legs were on the right side, a gentleman could avoid brushing/bumping her legs if rode too...
  11. JPK Huson 1863

    Love's Eternal Fuzzy Triangle, A Doggy Story

    Sorry it's so long- worth the read, honest! It's a familiar theme, boy meets dog, boy meets girl, girl iffy on her competition... Next post- I said it was long.......
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    Period " Warm, Reekin Rich ", Burns, Haggis And The Brave Scots Who Ate it

    What's not to dance about? The Haggis is done. There's an awesome ' poetical cook book ' of the era. Some genius scoured poet references to food and dug up recipes for them. Guess what Burns managed to include in one of his? Whomever compiled the collection made a small blunder- please, please...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    Ok, NOW You Can Cry, Harper's, 1865

    We have a lot of these because war made widows. There's a column of Union soldiers marching off in the distance, a weeping widow by her husband's grave. War seems to have toned down social strictures on crying as the recourse to pain but we remained a little adamant over it objections across the...
  14. SWMODave

    It's criminal to expose your cotton

    During the late war, a feminine rebel, a Memphian, and a widow, who shall go by the name of Mrs, C——, was going up the river on one of the Cairo packets, when she got Into an excited discussion with Col. S—. on the subject of the war. “You may overrun the whole South," said Mrs. C——, “you may...
  15. JPK Huson 1863

    Matthew Vassar's Female College, Education And The War Wrapped 'Round It

    A long way from Carrie Shead's Oakhill Seminary, young ladies enrolling at Vassar could depend on a wide, wide choice of educational opportunities. Part of " The Gymnasium ", Vassar's riding school included the stables inside the massive building. According to " Vassar College and its Founder '...
  16. Yankee Brooke

    The story of Wesley Culp.

    A family trajedy is one of the saddest stories of the Battle of Gettysburg. Wesley Culp was a native of Gettysburg. As a boy, he played in the streets of Gettysburg and hunted in the woods of Culp's Hill which belonged to his uncle, Henry Culp. When Wesley became a teenager, he went to work in a...
  17. Andy Cardinal

    "We Know That You Were Carrying Out Orders": The Burning of the Mumma Farm

    The first Mummas in America emigrated from the Rhine River Valley in 1732, arriving in Philadelphia and settling in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In May 1796, Jacob Mumma purchased 324 acres along Antietam Creek and moved his family to the Sharpsburg area. Jacob purchased a 151 acre property that...
  18. Mike Serpa

    American Battlefield Trust thanks me!

    Six months ago I sent 600+ restored photos of Civil War Medal of Honor recipients to the American Battlefield Trust. They have used them in their Hallowed Ground magazine and posted them on their website. I spent thousands of hours searching for and restoring the photos. (Hopefully you don't...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    Period Making Stuff Out Of More Stuff, Era Recipes, Not What's For Dinner

    You cooked recipes on stoves like these AND had recipes you whipped up to make it black again after that pancake batter disaster. Recipes- making stuff out of other stuff. In a day when we didn't just go to the store for nearly every household item, we either did without ( and didn't know we...
  20. John Hartwell

    Period Confederate Receipt Book, 1863

    Confederate receipt book. A compilation of over one hundred receipts, adapted to the times (Richmond, 1863) Besides "Culinary Receipts," there are recipes for "Beer & Vinegar," for "Soap & Candles," "Remedies," and "Miscellaneous Receipts." I'm not quite sure about this one ... or even why:

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