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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Pontoons At Fredericksburg, Army Engineers Float The Battle

    Second favorite pontoon bridge image, ( apparently ) from 1862, Fredericksburg. Using it because engineers employed canal boats in lieu of pontoon boats to throw one of the bridges there across the Rappahannock. You use what you have. Not the one constructed under fire... Anyone keep seeing...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Living Lefty In A Right-Handed World, 150 Years Later, Still No Cure

    I grew up thinking everyone wrapped their hand backwards and dragged a pen across paper to form illegible words. That was Dad's lefty writing. Mine's worse. Schools went through a phase. Lefties were transformed into righties by way of knuckle raps and cheerful coaching. I remember my teacher...
  3. Buckeye Bill

    I ate lunch with a Hooker today (Humor to Sadness)

    I ate lunch next to Federal Major General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Hooker's grave today at the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  4. Buckeye Bill

    Discussion William H. Horsfall (US Army MoH)

    * National Medal of Honor Day : William H. Horsfall (March 3, 1847 – October 22, 1922) was one of the youngest men to receive the Medal of Honor during the American Civil War. He was born in 1847, in Newport, Kentucky. He enlisted as a drummer in Company G, 1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, on...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    When You REALLY Had To Want To Get There, A Seat On The Stage

    Talk about less than 6 feet of distance. It occurs to me daily that examining period photos is a terrific way to de-myth a ton of our history or at least wipe away Hollywood's fuzzy, indistinct filter. Our iconic stagecoach, swirling into town behind 6 horses or galloping over the plains- what a...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Mother's Little Helpers, Our Ancestors To The Rescue In 2020

    SCHOOL'S OUT!!!! That's woo-hoo stuff for around 10 minutes. Then the real worlds happenes. Kids, parents ( sorry, largely MOM ), nothingtodo, what could go wrong? What did our ancestors do? Well they weren't bored. We ALL know having the kids at home is fun for around 15 minutes. Then? MOM...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    The Brief Life of Secession Hall, St. Andrew Hall's Photographic Epitaph

    From LoC, inside St. Andrew's Hall, at the time of this photo re-named Secession Hall. Image is cropped- and a little chilling. Taken between December 1860 and December 1861, five cadets from a military academy lounge near a group of women. Chilling for their future at war, I mean. If ever a...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Period Fresh From Your Grocer's Shelves, 70 Proof Cookery

    Advertisement for Thomson & Co, a grocery, could have been anywhere. Advertised goods seem typical- except for all that alcohol! Banished for more decades than a lot of us have been alive, era cook books at least gave housewives an excuse for picking some spirituous ingredients. Slowly making...
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion Best, Favorite ' Kind ' Story From The War? When It All Stopped For Awhile, Yours Please?

    Gettysburg's bloodfest sure illustrates how determindly and with what success we slaughtered each other through some of the most horrendous years in American history. We were good at killing each other but how good are we at hating each other- really? What's always so funny is the raging battle...
  10. SWMODave

    Every army transport that is built to carry young soldiers ought to be constructed with crying places.

    Courtesy Harper's Weekly Once upon a time, when I had been away from home nearly two years, our division was taken north by steamboats from Memphis to escort “Pap Price” out of Missouri, where he was having too much his own way with the state militia. And one day from Cairo to St. Louis we...
  11. JPK Huson 1863

    Buy Me! So We Did, Our Ancestors Reeled In

    " Harrison's Handkerchief Extract ", because things could get a little smelly, even in polite circles. I blew this up on purpose- see " Upper Ten ", very top center? Refers to THE ' upper ten ', meaning THOSE folks, society's creme de la large pockets. Ladies! YOUR sweat could smell just like...
  12. SWMODave

    ....“this is what I call patriotism.”

    Glorious Fighting by William Gilbert Gaul (1855-1919) We found a dead Confederate lying on his back, his outspread fingers stretched across the stock of the rifle lying at his side. He was one of Rogers’ Texans. Fifty-seven of them we had found lying in the ditch of Battery Robinette. I covered...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    August 21st, 1863, Mayor Huson Comes Home To Lawrence

    August 21st, 1863. Lawrence, Kansas. Harper's ( in public access ) depiction of the raid, please no one go up in smoke about how the artist wasn't there. 164 civilians died, must be a little accurate. Mayor S.K. Huson wasn't one of them. He was in Jim Lane's cornfield. No idea where else to put...
  14. SWMODave

    The scene was, indeed, an impressive one

    Memoranda by Walt Whitman Aug. 8.—Tonight, as I was trying to keep cool, sitting by a wounded soldier in Armory Square, I was attracted by some pleasant singing in an adjoining Ward. As my soldier was asleep, I left him, and entering the Ward where the music was, I walked half way down and took...
  15. SWMODave

    "He needs it more than I do, poor fellow. Yes, give it to him."

    Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin (1861-1867) Governor Curtin tells the following: Riding over the field just after the battle of Spottsylvania, I came across a wounded Pennsylvania soldier. He was leaning against a stump, holding a bloody leg. I dismounted and asked him how ho was. "Is the...
  16. SWMODave

    I am simply the President of the United States.

    Found this in an old military magazine and a search of Google shows it hasn't been in print since before 1900. I believe those who admire President Lincoln, will appreciate this candid review. A Glimpse or Abraham Lincoln. The multitude of sketches that have been written on the life...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    One Bridge, A Ferocious Black Beard, 3 Kids And A Dead Bird, Any IDeas? ( Sorry.. )

    Series of three or four images on LoC are linked by way of an officer and his family. Talk about ' ladies in camp '. She brought her children, visited a bridge, posed under a dead bird and failed to convince her husband to trim his beard. I'm glad she did because because that aggressive beard is...
  18. John Hartwell

    A Guide to the Army Mule of the Civil War at CivilWarTalk

    A pert young mule is a Thing of Beauty [] A decade threads from our "Four-footed Friends" forum:
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    When ' Getting Away From It All ' Meant It, Resorts, Excursions, Falls And Cold Springs

    From a war time copy of Leslie's, image depicts what would remain an iconic, idyllic summer vacation for a good chunk of Americans until the demise of our railroads put the brakes on frankly lovely mass exodus. Sea side resorts were incredibly numerous and beyond that came mountain ' retreats...
  20. SWMODave

    I guess the fellows that know most about that have gone where they don't talk so we can hear

    The action had ceased all along the lines. The shades of evening had come down, leaving most of the battle-field in our possession. Soon there came an order for a detail to carry off the wounded and bury the dead. I was ordered off with a portion of our company. We rode hastily to a small stream...
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