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  1. Komi

    Looking To Learn More About West-Coast Secessionists

    Hello all, Would anyone here be able to help me a bit with learning about secessionist activity in the west coast states during the US Civil War? It's a subject I've been interested in, both as a history buff and someone who spent most of my childhood in that region, but sadly I'm not too well...
  2. WJC

    Did 1860 Presidential Campaigns Take Secession Seriously?

    In the 1860 election campaign, Douglas "made titanic efforts to focus the campaign upon the danger to the Union". Breckinridge forces "insisted upon their devotion to the union" downplaying the "fact that under certain circumstances they would become disunionists". Lincoln's forces believed...
  3. wausaubob

    Economic causes of the Civil War

    Wrong as we think slavery is, we can yet afford to let it alone where it is, because that much is due to the necessity arising from its actual presence in the nation; but can we, while our votes will prevent it, allow it to spread into the National Territories, and to overrun us here in these...
  4. 8thFlorida

    Would the nation survive a Civil War?- Alexander Hamilton's amazing view

    According to Alexander Hamilton, his view was very interesting and is found on page 76 and is Federalist No 16 . "When the sword is drawn the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation. The suggestions of wounded pride, the instigations of irritated resentment, would be apt to carry the...
  5. wausaubob

    Did secession have its own purpose separate from slavery?

    Was secession a counter revolution to reform republicanism to make it less democratic and therefore better for the proponents of secession? Did the wealthy land owners of tidewater Virginia, South Carolina and alluvial Mississippi view the United States as too democratic? Was secession an...
  6. M

    Article IV, Section 5. Secession from the Union by a State Shall be Prohibited and Met by Force

    Of course, there was no Section 5 in Article IV, and for good reason. No State would have ratified the Constitution if the Constitution had prohibited the possibility of secession and stated that secession would be stopped by military force. Section 3 is clear about the conditions and method...
  7. Cavalry Charger

    Would the Confederate States have eventually rejoined the Union if Secession had succeeded?

    I am interested to know, if Secession had succeeded, would it have eventually ended up in re-unification with the Union, and when?
  8. Mike Griffith

    On Secession: An Analysis of Texas v. White

    Here is one link on the problems with Texas v. White: "On Secession: An Analysis of Texas v. White," by Cory Genelin, in American Thinker, January 10, 2013 EXCERPT: Strangely, after going to the trouble of laying out Texas' procedure for its...
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