1. Belle Montgomery

    Great Lakes shipwreck killed 300: A Wisconsin Civil War story

    . SHEBOYGAN - "All the pieces had to fall into place for this tragedy to happen." That's how Paul Timm, an eighth-grade teacher at Random Lake Middle School, feels about the story of the Lady Elgin, a steam ship that sunk off the coast of Winnetka, Illinois, in 1860. The passengers on the...
  2. wausaubob

    Preventing secession.

    Given just slightly more time the fears of the secessionists that Lincoln could put slavery on the path towards elimination would have been fulfilled. First the administration would tell Maryland politicians that due to the threat of secession, the national capital must be removed to Columbus...
  3. wausaubob

    John Motley's description of Civil War secession.

    This is a quote of Ambassador Motley's letter to Chancellor Bismark circa 1864. As quoted in Don Doyle's The Cause of All Nations, An International History of the American Civil War. Basic Books a division of Penguin Books, New York 2015: "You asked me in the last letter before the present one...
  4. WJC

    William Aiken

    Author Dayton Pryor lists fifty-six forts, arsenals and ships that were seized by the first states that seceded, all occurring before Lincoln was inaugurated. <Dayton Pryor, The Beginning and the End: The Civil War Story of Federal Surrenders Before Fort Sumter and Confederate Surrenders After...
  5. WJC

    California and Racism Directed at Chinese

    The suggestion has been made that Californians concerned about Chinese immigration might have considered secession. Let's discuss this and share sourced evidence.
  6. Brendan

    Restricted Debate Confederate Flag Proposals

    A couple Confederate flag proposals recorded in a 1917 book published by the National Geographic Society provide a fascinating look into the Secessionist mindset of the 1860s: ...Jan. 2, 1862, a Richmond correspondent wrote in the Charleston Mercury: "Quite a number of new fangled flags are...
  7. WJC

    What If... Georgia Did Not Secede?

    The secession vote in Georgia appears to have been 'too close to call'. Some point out that turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather and that Unionists did not campaign as aggressively as secessionists. Whatever the reason, the results were so close that the count was never...
  8. WJC

    Was SC Preparing for War Before Lincoln's Election?

    South Carolina seceded December 20, 1860, followed by other states in early 1861. The accepted reason is that South Carolinians were shocked at the outcome of the 1860 election and feared that the incoming Lincoln Administration would end slavery or at the least curtail its expansion. This, we...
  9. Cavalry Charger

    Stanton and Secession

    "While I was in pursuit of General Lee, The President went to Richmond in company with Admiral Porter, and on board his flagship. He found the people of that city in great consternation. The leading citizens among the people who had remained at home surrounded him, anxious that something...
  10. jgoodguy


    WHAT IS OUR CONSTITUTION, -LEAGUE, PACT, OR GOVERNMENT? Link What is our Constitution,--league, pact, or government? Two lectures on the Constitution of the United States concluding a course on the modern state, delivered in the law school of Columbia College, during the winter of 1860 and...
  11. wausaubob

    Political structures that led to secession.

    I am sure others can do this better than I but, 1. Having the states represented in the Senate makes the states look the entities that made the United States. 2. Having the electors vote in blocks from the states, for President, instead have the electors divided proportionately with the popular...
  12. WJC

    Did the Secessionists of 1860-61 use the Treaty of Paris to Justify their actions?

    There has been much discussion of the 1783 Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the United States, recognized American independence and established borders for the new nation. Some claim it gave national sovereignty not to the United States of America, but...
  13. wausaubob

    There was only one Civil War in the United States.

    Prior to the actual Civil War, separationist schemes were discussed. Aaron Burr launched a treasonous scheme and South Carolina flirted with nullification ideas until Andrew Jackson made it clear that there would be no nullification during his terms in office. For a nation born from rebellion...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    " The Game Of Secession " , A Bloodless War From 1862, With Cheating!

    " This Game is played with two dice or a tee-totum*, and any number may play it. Whatever number is thrown, the player must place his counter on that number, and at every throw, add the number thrown to his former one. The player that is sent from one to another, backwards or forward, is not...
  15. RatfinkMcClellan

    Was there a Southern exodus at secession?

    I was wondering if people left the south in significant numbers when secession began? I couldn’t find any relative information on Google, but surely there must have been a patriotic base that remained loyal to the Union. Were there any large groups that left? (For the sake of clarity, let large...
  16. Komi

    Looking To Learn More About West-Coast Secessionists

    Hello all, Would anyone here be able to help me a bit with learning about secessionist activity in the west coast states during the US Civil War? It's a subject I've been interested in, both as a history buff and someone who spent most of my childhood in that region, but sadly I'm not too well...
  17. WJC

    Did 1860 Presidential Campaigns Take Secession Seriously?

    In the 1860 election campaign, Douglas "made titanic efforts to focus the campaign upon the danger to the Union". Breckinridge forces "insisted upon their devotion to the union" downplaying the "fact that under certain circumstances they would become disunionists". Lincoln's forces believed...
  18. wausaubob

    Economic causes of the Civil War

    Wrong as we think slavery is, we can yet afford to let it alone where it is, because that much is due to the necessity arising from its actual presence in the nation; but can we, while our votes will prevent it, allow it to spread into the National Territories, and to overrun us here in these...
  19. 8thFlorida

    Would the nation survive a Civil War?- Alexander Hamilton's amazing view

    According to Alexander Hamilton, his view was very interesting and is found on page 76 and is Federalist No 16 . "When the sword is drawn the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation. The suggestions of wounded pride, the instigations of irritated resentment, would be apt to carry the...
  20. wausaubob

    Did secession have its own purpose separate from slavery?

    Was secession a counter revolution to reform republicanism to make it less democratic and therefore better for the proponents of secession? Did the wealthy land owners of tidewater Virginia, South Carolina and alluvial Mississippi view the United States as too democratic? Was secession an...

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