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  1. W. Caldwell-37thNC-Cmpk

    Tell me more! What constitutes a Squirrel Rifle?

    What is a Squirrel Rifle? Is it just a small caliber rifle for hunting small game? What was their prevalence and effectiveness compared to other weapons during the war? Would a smaller caliber gun have any benefit?
  2. M

    What is this? I need help identifying this rifle, please

    Hello everyone my Dad passed away and we found this rifle. I believe it is from the civil war and is made by Springfield. Would also like to know what it would sell for. Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanking you in advance.
  3. nluciani

    Discussion Name carved on Rifle

    This rifle in the collection of the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society is identified as an 1863 Bridesburg (Springfield) appears to have been carved with the name “D. McLean”. Insights?
  4. M

    Tell me more! Faux Blakelys, the Hebe incident Fawcett, Preston 18-pounder Rifle.

    Re reading an article about the a tube recovered from North Carolina's Roanoke River in front of Fort Branch. The article indicates that the 18-pounder in question is similar to Blakelys but has no markings and does not resemble "real" Blakely's "because the are missing reinforcing sleeve or...
  5. Lubliner

    Discussion 800 to 1000 yard rifle accuracy?

    I have a report from Second Lieutenant of the First Dragoons, U. S. Army that states; "I fired at them at a distance from 800 to 1000 yards, and can say with certainty that several of the Indians got wounded." He then says that two of the Indians fired back, and their balls falling among his...
  6. JOHN42768

    Muzzleldrs M1855 Harper Ferry Rifle 1860

    My M1855 Rifle Musket 1859 has been bugging me that it wanted to have family around. So I found a cousin. It is not quite as pristine since it appears to have seen usage with both sides in the struggle due to the initials.
  7. P

    Muzzleldrs Bridesburg 58cal CW rifle

    Hello, I have several questions regarding this weapon. First, how long is the correct ram rod for the Bridesburg rifle, and did it have a threaded end to except tools? Next how do you tighten loose rifle/barrel metal straps. I guess that the wood has shrunk but I'm not sure. Also, is there a...
  8. T

    Burnside rifle history help?

    Hello folks! I am new to this group. I have had passed down to me, by my father, a Burnside Carbine rifle that one of my great great grandfather ‘s brought back from the civil war. His name should also have been Kennedy. The serial number on the gun is 13210, but there is a different serial...
  9. ShortSeb

    Muzzleldrs The right Minie ball for my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle

    Hi, folks! I recently got my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle. I have a good experience with muzzleloader shooting but just with patch & roundballs. So, the manual for the rifle says, that it shoots .585 Minies. My first thought: "Ah, I don't think so." The Richmond is a .58 bore so what...
  10. Z

    Inserting the Bullet

    When live firing a rifle according to the manual, how is the minie ball properly inserted into the rifle? Casey's Manual Reads: Empty the powder into the barrel: disengage the ball from the paper with the right hand and the thumb and first two fingers of the left; insert it into the bore, the...
  11. R

    Texas tyler rifle

    Hi all try to find any info on a musket I received. I have found very little info online. It’s a functional Texas rifle tyler, possible a type 1 or type 2. It’s barrel is aprox. 32” long and around 48” in overall length. It has a few issues, missing rear sight, cracked stock near the tang but...
  12. H

    Muzzleldrs Rifle ID - 1795 Harpers Ferry

    Greetings! I need a little help in identifying a rifle. I believe it to be a 1795 Harpers Ferry flintlock rifle that was later converted to a percussion cap. All of this checks out on Google, but I don’t know if any/all of it is authentic. My stepfather was a very active re-enactor before his...
  13. M

    Muzzleldrs Was the Lindsay two-shot rifle a poor weapon?

    I am just getting to the part of my book about the 16th Michigan Infantry where it was issued the Lindsay Riles. The officers and perhaps soldiers did not like them. So was the Lindsay Rifle a truly poor weapon, or just not well maintained and not well used? "Soldiers were supposed to fire the...
  14. DixieRifles

    4th Annual Alabama-Kentucky Rifle Show

    I just heard about this "gun show". It isn't the usual militaria show or gun show. It is strictly for Muzzleloaders---both old and new, I guess. NO Modern cartridge guns will be allowed. 4th Annual Alabama-Kentucky Rifle Show The above links has this info. Thursday, January 9, 202012:00 PM...
  15. K

    Ammo Rifle cartridges

    This past year I began casting my own bullets and making my own cartridges for both a .36 cal Colt and .577/.58 cal rifles, a p53 Enfield and a 61 Springfield (all reproductions). Doing so made me wonder why muzzleloading cartridges for rifles were not fashioned like revolver cartridges, i.e. to...
  16. M

    Sharps Rifle bayonet

    My name is Ron and this is my first post. We have a triangular bayonet for a Sharps rifle. We have provenance showing that the owner was in Berdan's Sharpshooters. The bayonet is in an estate and we have to sell it. Can anyone give me some advice as to who to contact for possible sale. Thanks...
  17. D

    ENDED Zoli m1841 Mississippi Rifle for sale

    It is in excellent condition. The bore is bright with nice strong rifling. This would be a fantastic shooter. $675 shipped. See more pictures on the Google link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1eiYtnI_ftBjJhH37NX_i3n2Tl2SGJ48g
  18. CivilWarTalk

    Famous Opening Cannon of The Battle of Gettysburg, a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle

    3-inch Ordnance Rifle, No. 233, GNMP Photo ©Michael Kendra, 2002This 3-inch Ordnance Rifle is one of four guns of Battery A, 2nd U.S. Artillery that today stand at the base of the Buford monument at Gettysburg, on the spot where they fired the opening artillery salvo of that pivotal battle...
  19. J

    Breechldrs Sharps rifle

    I am in the isle of man I have a sharps rifle it has 36 inch octagonal barrel marked on lock 1853 and 1848 serial number c38482 it's in rough shape everything there apart from hammer stock is nice walnut its centre fire about 577 gauge can anyone help me I'd it I was going to break it up for...
  20. M

    Cutting 4 inches off a Springfield rifle.

    I was doing some research a a cadet program in the early 1870s and it stated that one cadet company used Springfield rifles with about 4 inches cut off the barrel while the remaining cadet companies fired carbines. I am no weapons expert and was wondering if cutting down Springfield rifles...
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