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  1. lelliott19

    What Outcomes Should the American Civil War Museum Measure? 2020 Annual Survey of Museum Goers

    Snip from the homepage of <no CR notice> What Outcomes Should the American Civil War Museum Measure? I recently received an email link to the Richmond, Virginia American Civil War Museum's "Annual Survey of Museum Goers." We've been there several times over the last five years...
  2. Neagle2VR

    Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Photos

    Confederate Women's Memorial Maj Gen George E Pickett Memorial "Gettysburg Hill". (Pickett Memorial is behind the trees.) Don't know what this is called, but I really like the plaque. I didn't even notice the feather until after I posted this. Confederate Graves Under the Holly Trees...
  3. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Looking For Newsreels Of United Confederate Veterans In Richmond Virginia And Funeral Of Last Commander In Chief James W. Moore

    Could anyone provide the above mentioned Newsreels? The one of James W. Moore's funeral should have sound.
  4. DaveBrt

    Operations by CSS Richmond, late 1862

    On September 10, 1862, Acting Engineer Bureau Chief A. L. Rives wrote to Col. J. F. Gilmer, Chief Engineer, Department of Northern Virginia that the Secretary of War was directing the engineers to construct a passage through the obstructions in the James River so that the CSS Richmond could pass...
  5. 33rdVaCoB

    Popularity of the cs Richmond rifled musket

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how popular was the cs Richmond rifled musket among the southern troops who had them?
  6. leftyhunter

    Grant's original plan to attack Richmond via New Berne.

    I remember some discussion a while back by @Jonthan Steele about Grant originally proposing to invade invade Virginia via New Berne but unfortunately Lincoln insisted on the Overland Campaign. I couldn't find a past thread on that. I would think Grant mentioned that in his memoirs . Leftyhunter
  7. Jamieva

    Oakwood Cemetery Richmond, VA

    Oakwood is the lesser known of Confederate cemetaries in Richmond, but it is just as important in several ways. It was the cemetary where soldiers that died at Chimborazo hospital were interred. By the end of the war there were somewhere between 16 and 17,000 buried there...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion " It's A Small War After All ", Who Knew? Your Favorite Who-Knew's, Please?

    So what does Libby Prison, Richmond have in common with John Brown and John Wilkes Booth? Richmond, Virginia, in old prints, 1737-1887 , Public Access, Hathitrust You know those " That's crazy! " conversations, where you discover connections between people and/or events- maybe nothing flatly...
  9. ShortSeb

    Muzzleldrs The right Minie ball for my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle

    Hi, folks! I recently got my Armisport/Chiappa 1862 Richmond Rifle. I have a good experience with muzzleloader shooting but just with patch & roundballs. So, the manual for the rifle says, that it shoots .585 Minies. My first thought: "Ah, I don't think so." The Richmond is a .58 bore so what...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    Richmond's Tobacco Warehouse Prisons, Bars Beyond Libby, Where Are They?

    Fairly famous image of Rockett's, ( and a cow... ) section of Richmond, Virginia. Naval yard across the river, wharf where the Gettysburg Dead arrived in 1871, houses and businesses this side. That's a tobacco warehouse, the 4 story brick, 4 chimney's? I'm not sure how extensive was Rocketts...
  11. Z

    ENDED 1862 Richmond Musket

    I’m selling my 1862 Richmond 3-banded reproduction/re-enactment musket. It’s in great condition and was used on the fields of Manasass, Sharpsburg, and Gettysburg during their respective 150th re-enactments. I’m looking for $600 and am happy to send as many pictures as needed. Also comes with a...
  12. CivilWarTalk

    Stonewall Jackson Monument (Richmond)

    Stonewall Jackson Monument - Monument Ave, Richmond, VA ©Michael Kendra, 2015. Battlefield: City of Richmond, Virginia Location: At the intersection of Monument Avenue and The Boulevard (now Arthur Ashe Boulevard) Map Coordinates: 37° 33' 37.90", -77° 28' 16.69" Part of: ANV MONUMENT...
  13. E

    Hello and Seeking Info on Richmond Prisons

    Hi all, I've been on a quest the last couple years to follow the journey of a 3x great grandfather who I discovered to be a Civil War vet. I had absolutely no idea about him much less his Civil War story and am absolutely hooked. I'm on a mission to learn as much as I can and share it with my...
  14. ratwod

    Discussion 4 Jan 1860, Richmond Daily Dispatch--Servants for Sale

    From January 4, 1860 issue of Daily Dispatch, Richmond VA, page 2. SERVANTS FOR BALE TWO NEGRO M£N FOR SALE PRIVATELY.—For sale to remain in the city or neighborhood, two good FACTORY HANDS- one is 31 years of age, the other 28; to he sold for no fault, but in order to the settling of an...
  15. 67th Tigers

    Steven Newton's Joseph E. Johnston and the Defence of Richmond 1861-2

    Steven Newton's PhD thesis, Joseph E. Johnston and the Defence of Richmond 1861-2, is available: Sadly several other really useful theses are restricted. It would be good for Siciliano's Badly Smith thesis to be available...
  16. Bruce Vail

    Discussion Need help finding D.H. Hill's report on the battles before Richmond....

    I am hoping someone at CWT can direct me to an on-line location of the official report written by Gen. D.H. Hill following the Battle of the Seven Days in 1862. My on-line search skills are not what they should be, and am having difficluty.....
  17. CivilWarTalk

    Did You Know? Within the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond Lies a Secret!

    The Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond was dedicated on May 29, 1890. But before that, a cornerstone was laid on October 27, 1887. It contained a time capsule with several interesting items inside. When the plans for the monument were drawn up, in the cornerstone, a space for a copper capsule...
  18. JohnDLittlefield

    Help Mapping out a Confederate Mission near Richmond

    Forgive me if I have posted in the incorrect forum. Normally I post on the Naval Forum. I am not sure if this has been the subject of a previous thread, but initial searches did not yield results so I present it to you. The attached article (Shippey 1884- A Leaf form my Log-Book) chronicles the...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion Under The Flag Of Truce, Tenuous Lines Of Hope In Print

    Waud's image of a flag of truce exchange, " Southerners being to Confederate boats, Norfolk, Virginia ", " Flag of truce " written below. Flag of truce could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, really important things. The war tore this country to shreds, figuratively and literally. It...
  20. DBF

    A Wedding Calls; as Richmond Falls

    “Now Northern goods are out of date; And since old Abe's blockade, We Southern girls can be content With goods that's Southern made. We send our sweethearts to the war; But, dear girls, never mind-- Your soldier-love will ne'er forget The girl he left behind.” Carrie Bell Sinclair...
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