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  1. P

    CSA Reunion Postcard

    I got this at a gun show in Atlanta several years ago. The guy had a stack of them for $0. 25 each so I’m 100% sure it’s a copy. Still a cool picture
  2. D

    Last UCV Reunion Pin

    I saw this on ebay and wondered if this was real rare and what the value of it might be. Thanks
  3. D

    UCV Reunion Medal

    So I have the chance to buy this medal. Was wondering the value and also if its an authentic medal. Thanks
  4. relichound

    Reunion at Little Round Top

    We believe this reunion was from CA 1910-1915. With my glass I can see at least one badge with "GAR" printed one it. These are Union Vets and their relatives, we believe. Many men have reunion badges. Did they fight on this hill?
  5. CSA Today

    Discussion Confederate Veterans at the 1938 Gettysburg Reunion.

    General S.S. Simmons 95 of Los Angeles, CA. fought with the 8th VA. Cavalry is holding a sword (left). J.S.L. Wright 91 of Conway Ark. was a member of the 14th North Carolina Cavalry (middle). James T. Flowers 90 of Antonio Tex. was with "Wheeler's Georgia Cavalry" (right). A very rare original...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Mrs. Wheeler Lucks Out, Twice, A Spotsylvania Story

    I've always wondered about this image, women photographed at Spotsylvania's hotel. You don't see this number of women photographed together on battlefields and that was all of Spotsylvania. Found a possible clue in the story of a Mrs. Wheeler. As ever, charges of apocryphal tend to be lodged...
  7. Johnny_Reb_1865

    UCV Reunion And Jefferson Davis Monument Book 1896

    So I have this book that I found but the first couple pages are loose so I put them into page protectors inside of a photo album of sorts. I was thinking about very carefully undoing the string tie that holds all of the pages together and putting each of the pages into page protectors and...
  8. D

    Tell me more! Reunion Coin?

    I have 3 of these 1936 reunion coins from the blue gray reunion in gettysburg, I know nothing about them or value. Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. Joshism

    Discussion The Lost Cause 1903

    I came across this in the New Orleans Times-Democrat (May 20, 1903) because it happened to be on the same page a something else I was looking for. The reunion in question was the 13th National UCV Renunion held in New Orleans on May 19-22, 1903.
  10. SWMODave

    Strong men cried like babes .....while the ex-confederate trembled like a leaf

    On July 17, Confederate leaders replaced Johnston with John Bell Hood. The aggressive Hood attacked the Federal troops as they closed in on Atlanta, and the First and Fifteenth Arkansas won laurels on July 22 for capturing the entire Sixteenth Iowa Infantry Regiment and eight artillery pieces...
  11. Coonewah Creek

    Possible Reunion Photo...2nd MS, Others?

    A descendant of a member of the 2nd Mississippi sent me this photo with this message: "My gr, gr, Grandfather, James M. Cayce, Co. E, 2nd Miss. Volunteers, is in the back row, 9th from right in this photo that my Grandmother said was a reunion photo from the Civil War. I have no other...
  12. WJC

    Margaret Davis Describes Her Father's Reaction to Lincoln's Assasination

    The 35th reunion of veterans of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry in 1907 was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the home of General William J. Palmer, the unit's wartime commander. Another resident of that city was Mrs. J.A. [Margaret] Hayes, the daughter of Jefferson Davis, During...
  13. SWMODave

    69th PA Infantry 1887 Reunion with those they faced

    I came across some old photo's in a book on the 69th Pennsylvania and thought I would share them with the forum. Couple days late - would have been better to have published on St Patrick's Day, but better late than never. I have not studied this battle in detail, but landscape's around these...
  14. lelliott19

    Act of Kindness - Unlikely Reunions: 3rd Georgia and 9th New York Hawkins' Zouaves

    Athens Weekly Banner, Jul. 30, 1889, page 1. The 3rd Georgia and the 9th New York "Hawkins' Zouaves" established a relationship that endured long after the war. Delegations from the survivors group of each regiment attended the reunions of the other. The first invitation was issued by the 3rd...
  15. SWMODave

    1911 UCV Reunion in Little Rock, Arkansas

    Image courtesy Wikipedia A personal account of the reunion "Some 30 of the old soldiers, uniformed in Gray, were the center of the party and received the special courtesy of everyone throughout the trip. "The journey was without incident other than the usual pleasant experiences of a happy...
  16. AUG

    Veterans of the Crater

    In a photograph of reconciliation taken in 1887, former Confederate general William Mahone, at bottom center with long white beard, stands amid ex-Union soldiers from the 57th Massachusetts Regiment on the site where the Battle of the Crater had taken place on July 30, 1864, near Petersburg...
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