1. Joshism

    Political Reconstruction in Florida

    Jerrell H. Shofner. "Political Reconstruction in Florida." Florida Historical Quarterly. Vol. 45, No. 2 (Oct 1966) A 26-page article available for free through JSTOR (if you sign up for a free account you can read a limited number of articles each month)...
  2. Joshism

    Colored Citizen of Florida Praises Election of E. A. Perry

    I came across the accompanying article in January 29, 1885 issue of the Florida Star, a newspaper published in Titusville on the Florida East Coast. The letter purports to me from T. L. McCoy of Keuka, Putnam County, Florida (central Florida, between Palatka and Gainesville), described as "one...
  3. WJC

    Was Meade the Victim of Political Intrigue?

    Some historians have suggested that George B. McClellan not only brought about his own dismissal by his self-aggrandizement, insubordination, and over-cautiousness but was 'forced out' because he was seen as a potential Democrat candidate (which he later became). The argument claims that though...
  4. WJC

    "Radical Republicans"

    Some of us are interested in learning more about the "Radical Republicans". Let's discuss who they were, their agenda and other relevant information.
  5. Joshism

    Alternatives To Fremont In 1856

    John C. Fremont led a foolhardy winter expedition into the Rocky Mountains in late 1848. 11 of 33 members the group did not survive. Fremont could have easily been among the dead. Even a live and healthy Fremont doesn't seem like a sure bet. Sure he was famous, charismatic, and politically...

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