1. GELongstreet

    Henry Gray`s 28th Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., Louisiana

    A page about said Confederate unit from Louisiana. It contains a full regimental roster, organisation details, a chronology/service history and some original documents. It also featues several other studies about the regiment.
  2. AUG

    Regimental Drill Competitions

    View of the Grand Army of the Republic by James Alexander Walker This is from Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee by Larry J. Daniel, pp. 24-25: Competitiveness was one tool used in forming unit morale. While at Wartrace (near Tullahoma), Hardee's corps participated in a series of drill...
  3. Luke Freet

    Youngblood's + Gholson's Battalions, CSA, Atlanta Campaign

    Would love some information on these 2 units. See them in the rosters but found very little on what their composition, origins, or fate.
  4. HarlechMan

    Book Review Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861-1865 by James E. McGhee

    McGhee, James E. (2008). Guide to Missouri Confederate Units, 1861-1865. Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press. ISBN 978-1-55728-870-7 This is a book that includes brief (less than 3 pages long) histories of all Missouri Confederate Army units, excluding Missouri State Guard units...
  5. GELongstreet

    Officers of 37th New York Infantry

    Officers of the 37th New York Infantry Regiment, 1863. The 37th, the Irish Rifles, was raised for 2-years service in 1861 and was mustered out in June 1863. The regiment had heavy casualties (including over 200 at Chancellorsville) and those who re-enlisted or had enlisted for longer terms were...
  6. AUG

    Highest Regimental Losses

    Forlorn Hope by Don Troiani. The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery in their charge at Petersburg. The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery at Petersburg The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery lost more men in a charge on Confederate lines during the Second Battle of Petersburg, June 18, 1864, than any other regiment in...

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