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  1. Klaudly

    Research 4th (Russell) Alabama Cavalry regiment organization

    I have a doubt about the formation of the 4th Alabama cavalry regiment of Colonel Russell. I have searched dozens of books and sites, the result is always this: "Russell's Fourth Alabama cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in December, 1862, by the union of General Forrest's original...
  2. Luke Freet

    17th Consolidated Texas Dismounted Cavalry Regiment

    I am doing some research regarding Taylor's army in the Transmissippi. I am currently looking into the 17th Consolidated, which contained troops from Churchill's Division at Arkansas Post that remained in the Transmississippi Theater (the bulk of the troops were combined into a single brigade...
  3. infomanpa

    Regiment marker finally visible!

    As many times as I have visited Gettysburg, until now I never noticed this left flank marker, which is usually hidden by grass and weeds. Any one care to guess the name of the regiment and were this is located?
  4. Claude Bauer

    8th GM Regiment Band acquires 1860's Eb soprano saxhorn

    One of my favorite CW period bands, The 8th GM Regiment Band from George Mason University, acquired a new over the shoulder (OTS) Eb soprano saxhorn that was built using parts from two period instruments from the 1860s. The bell was designed to point backwards so that soldiers could hear the...
  5. relichound

    CDV Photo Capt. William P. Dougal 150th Pennsylvania Regiment.

    Capt. Dougal signs this on the back, and this same view of him was published in a book on the Bucktails. He was a large man, and was suffering on the march to Gettysburg, so his superior allowed him to come in a bit late and to command the regiment's late arrivals to the battle. But he got there...
  6. relichound

    Pvt. John Walzer 201st Pennsylvania Regiment

    This is a 1/4th plate tintype of Pvt. Walzer. He served for the last year of the Civil War, but was not sent to fight in any major battles. They were used mainly to guard bridges, and important locations. The back of this tintype still has the revenue stamp, and that shows that the photo was...
  7. SWMODave

    Colonel Nathan W Daniels of the 2nd Louisiana Native Guard Infantry Regiment

    Colonel Nathan W Daniels (l) and Major Francis E Dumas, an “almost white” officer, and one of the highest ranking black soldiers during the war. The ‘almost white’ slur became popular when he ran for Lt Governor of Louisiana years after the war. Captain Chase and Company C of the 2nd Louisiana...
  8. jmoore965

    Looking for a website that will list all the men of a regiment

    Hi, Can anyone point me to a website that lists all of the men who served in the 21st Massachusetts Infantry? Thanks! James
  9. Johnny_Reb_1865

    21st Regiment Virginia State Milita 1861 Impression Help

    Can any of you guys point me to the right place to get a coat and trousers for my Virginia Milita Impression? I found the regulations for the uniform but I'm not sure where I could get one or if I'd have to have it made...
  10. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private John Rice Payne 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Company A: A Confederate Cavalryman In The Field?

    Do y'all think this could be a Confederate Cavalryman in the field?
  11. sgtheydan

    Uniforms of 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

    Hello Friends, I'm looking for sources that may reference the uniforms worn by the 9th Louisiana. My assumptions are that they left Louisiana in 1861 with the Camp Moore type uniform, and since they served with the Army of Northern Virginia nearly exclusively, they would be wearing Richmond...
  12. lupaglupa

    "...they presented the appearance of a regiment of ghosts."

    Washington Lafayette Clayton served as a Captain in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry and then late in the war joined a cavalry unit, serving in the 10th Mississippi and the 12th Mississippi Cavalry (which were pretty much the same thing). Beginning in 1905 he wrote a series of essays about his life...
  13. DixieRifles

    The Mississippi 18th Cavalry Regiment -- new book

    I just happened upon a new book while searching Amazon. I wanted to know more details about the book. Historical Sketch And Roster Of The Mississippi 18th Cavalry Regiment (Mississippi Regimental History Series) Paperback – April 1, 2019 by John C. Rigdon Paperback $25 Paperback: 266 pages...
  14. W

    Nelson Warren, Co. A, 13th Infantry Regiment WI

    Our family has had no success in identifying the location of my GG Uncle's burial so I thought I might send out an inquiry. I suspect that the odds are long, at best, of locating Nelson's final resting place, given the time and locale that this occurred. Nelson died on the 10th of August...
  15. Rutherford Co NC CSA

    1st Regiment South Carolina Artillery

    Greetings Duncan, Warren A. 1st Regiment South Carolina Artillery from Pickens, SC I am looking for service information for a friend for his family member to know where he was when he was away serving in this unit. shows: 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment was organized during the fall...
  16. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private James West 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment Company E

    This is my ancestor. Can anyone help me find any mention of his death such as a death notice in any of the Richmond and Petersburg newspapers and the like? I would like to find out a little more information about his death. Here is his military record. James West 26th Virginia Infantry...
  17. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private William H. Moniteth 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment Company F.

    This would be an ancestor of mine. I would like to know a little more about him and his family. Can anyone help? Here is his findagrave listing.
  18. M

    Discussion 12th Alabama Cavalry regiment.

    I’m looking for information on the 12th Alabama cavalry; quartermaster records, rosters, maybe some pictures. Thank you.
  19. Waterloo50

    Discussion 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Bad Luck Regiment?) I’m hoping that other forum members can help me out with information with regards to the 16th Connecticut Regiment. I know very little about this particular regiment other than it was formed in 1862 and was involved in some serious...
  20. Z

    Odd Number Regiment

    What did officers do if a regiment was reduced by casualties to an odd number of men? How would they create the files? Would one man be left hanging in a company?
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