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  1. gentlemanrob

    Battle of Aiken South Carolina Reenactment Feb. 22 - 23rd

    I have never been to this reenactment but planning to next week if the weather is good. I was wondering if anyone knew anyting about this reenactment?
  2. Littlestown

    Reenactment Tokens

    How many events present reenactors with "tokens" of some sort? Do reenactors expect a token? If so, what would you prefer? I would love for you to post photos of what you have received at various events. Any feedback is appreciated, as I am managing a reenactment this summer. Also, are...
  3. S

    What is The Biggest Reenactment in America?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here (hey all!) and I just recently started reenacting. I lost my chance of going to Gettysburg by starting too late, and I was wondering what is the second biggest reenactment event in America -- which I guess would be the first now 😂. Also, second question, what is a...
  4. Rusk County Avengers

    New Gettysburg Reenactment CANCELLED

    Until I or anyone else has more confirmation I'm calling this a RUMOR! Though what I've seen looks to be very solid, but who knows that may change. A reenactment unit I've fallen in with several times, (not my own unit, just good friends) was planning on making the trip to Gettysburg this year...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Don’t attack history is theme of Civil War event

    ARARAT, Va. — In an era when people are trying to rewrite history by removing statues of Civil War figures, and even vandalizing monuments on occasion, others are fighting back — including some from unlikely sources... Rest of Article with pics...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    266 Professional Photos of Recent Reenacment-Much Detail!

    OK … don't mean to be redundant because I've recently posted other pics of the event but this link was just sent to me last night. There are 266 professional pics (yeah I'm in one) from the Zoar, Oh (we did both the Battle of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania) reenactment and I thought you may...
  7. smason47

    American History Major Looking To Chat With Reenactors/Living Historians

    Hi everyone! Thank you for welcoming me to this forum. I am excited to have the opportunity to converse with you all! My name is Sam and I am a history major with a focus in American history at my respective College in upstate New York. After taking a course titled "Civil War America" last...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Fashion Show

    If anyone missed I posted pics with about 20 different style dresses/hoopskirts from the Zoar Reenactment this past weekend. Lots of lovely styles to view. I wished I could've got all of them but the venue was too huge (throughout the entire town) and I was stationary most of the time. Was not...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    Lake County’s Civil War Days to return in 2020 after outcry over cancellation

    Lake County Forest Preserves President Angelo Kyle, left, speaks during a meeting Monday morning discussing the future of Civil War Days, which he had unilaterally canceled in mid-June. (Emily K. Coleman / Lake County News-Sun) Lake County’s Civil War Days will be returning next summer –...
  10. Belle Montgomery

    First Battle of Petersburg in Ohio

    They're even building earthworks for it! You can register the day of event! Hope to see you there! Civil War Reenactment 2019 – The First Battle of Petersburg August 10 @ 10:00 am - August 11 @ 5:00 pm...
  11. Belle Montgomery

    Hale Farm Civil War Reenactment Video

    This is a well done video from last year. The event will be August 10 & 11 this year.
  12. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War Days back on the Lake County Forest Preserves schedule as debate rages over event's value

    Civil War Days at the Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda is officially back on the schedule for July 13-14 after it was temporarily canceled earlier this week by the president of the Lake County Forest Preserves District over a number of concerns, including the use of the Confederate flag...
  13. Belle Montgomery

    Rebel Yell: Europe's Biggest U.S. Civil War Reenactment

    Every year, hundreds of people from across Europe and North America converge on a military base in Germany to re-fight a battle from the U.S. Civil War. There's cavalry, artillery, soldiers, and civilians, with meticulous attention to detail right down to the last button. Story and...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    Century Village Museum Reenactment Photos- Burton, Ohio

    Sorry but I took no great shots of cannons or battle scenes as it was extremely humid and record breaking temp and I mostly hung around my spy display in the shade so I'll share these. The black & white ones of me were taken by a professional photographer who happened to be there and asked me...
  15. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War Reenactment Aboard the Lorena Sternwheeler Paddleboat in Ohio Annually -Video

    Just found this and it looks like so much fun I'd thought I'd share! It's in Zanesville, Ohio Gotta love the Reb prisoner's spirit! :bounce: The boat has a Facebook page too! Looks like tickets sell fast. Details for 2019: Friday, July 26 Public Ride 2:00 – 3:00 *Civil War Reenactment Night...
  16. michaellross

    Battle of Round Mountain and Introduction

    Next weekend there's a reenactment of the Battle of Round Mountain in Yale, Oklahoma. Anyone going? Also, anyone here with ties to Morgan's Lexington Rifles? I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm an author of historical fiction. My first novel, Across the Great Divide: Book 1 The Clouds of...
  17. lelliott19

    Avoiding "Presentational Arrogance" - Just for Reenactors & Living Historians?

    Dr. Curt Fields, who regularly portrays General Ulysses S. Grant, has coined an important NEW reenactor and living history term: presentational arrogance.* I like the term a lot and think it's important enough to warrant its own thread and, perhaps, be applied more broadly. I can find no prior...
  18. Wellwords

    Where's my ReEnactment?

    I'm was having some trouble finding out if there were any reenactments on the schedule for a particular battle, and I realized what I really wanted was a 'grand schedule' of all Civil War re-enactments (or other battle reenactments). Am I just looking in the wrong place for this? I figured you...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    AMAZING Aerial View -Reenactment of Battle of Ohio Erie Canal in Zoar, Ohio 2017!

    This is SO great to see an aerial view of the different positioning during the battle.Too bad the cavalry wasn't there in 2017. The Reenactment in Zoar is Bi-annual because they switch every other year with the Beaver Creek State Park one I just posted a thread about from this past weekend...
  20. Belle Montgomery

    Beaver Creek State Park Reenactment in Pioneer Village 2018 pics/videos

    Despite the rain and cold on Saturday and the much smaller turnout then before the reenactment went pretty well! It actually let up right before the battle but then got worse after. Had to cancel Sunday's reenactment. In fact, the pics with the heavy leaves on the ground are actually taken by...
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