1. Cpl. Smith

    Bayonet drill?

    Does anyone here have a book or pamphlet on bayonet drill?. I want to learn it then teach it so we can up our presentation game up! Plus it gives me something to do in my free time... Also does anyone practice or know the drill? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance! Regards...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    The Life of a Civil War Reenactor- 2017 Feature Film Special made in Zoar, Ohio

    Lot's of talk on here about the decline of reenacting so I thought I'd post this. Zoar claims to be the largest one in Ohio and so does Case Western Reserve University's Hale Farm reenactment. I'm planning on Zoar's next year-it rotates with Beaver Creek's. BTW-Isn't this 49th Ohio your group...
  3. sailorruss

    FOR SALE Big & Tall Butternut Shell Jacket

    I have a butternut shell, seven button for sale. Buttons are all marked CSA. It's a size 62 and I bought it from C&C about a year ago. It has been taken out of the box twice and never worn in the field. Getting custom sized stuff is expensive as I well know. The shell cost me $184 something...
  4. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 10-4-18

    Corinth Before and After, 1976 Last week's Throwback Thursday featured a photo from a highly satisfactory 1987 reenactment of the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, the anniversary of the final day of which is today; this week is an embarrassing look a decade earlier to 1976 and the dawn of...
  5. James N.

    Reenacting the Battle of Corinth, May, 1976

    Part I - Units and Camps Just in time for the anniversary of the October 3-4, 1862 Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, I thought it time to unearth these skeletons from the closet of reenacting! This was a Bicentennial event held somewhere in the fields around Corinth, but for some now unknown...
  6. oliver49th

    'Haversack Knot'

    Hello all! I'm excited the debut my first Thread post on this really helpful sight with a question, but first... I should start out by saying I am one of the younger redactors in this profession. Getting gear my size has always been kind of an adventure. So, when I am gifted an old box full of...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War re-enactments just one type of role play

    The Issue Civil War re-enactments may raise some eyebrows now that people are rethinking symbols of the Confederacy, but they are part of larger traditions of re-enacting historical events and role-playing figures from not only the past but from fiction. Decatur marked the unofficial end of...
  8. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 8-30-18

    Now that it's time for schools everywhere to begin their fall semesters, this week's Throwback Thursday also revisits a school ca. 1986 or '87 - in this case, a private school in Dallas, Texas, being visited by members of the North Texas Reenactment Society. Naturally our subject was the Civil...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    ACW Reenactors Involving Spectators in Drills at Greenfield Village-Would You?

    I saw this and was wondering if any soldiers/units out there ever tried this? I've already made comments about maybe letting spectators try a designated quick skirmish it might help bring new recruits into reenacting, especially after the Debbie Downer NYT article. I see it done around me only...
  10. Belle Montgomery

    Sorry-article was posted before was just a reprint of the recent NYT article in another newspaper:banghead:
  11. Belle Montgomery

    Slavery Interpretation/Reenactment in Ohio

    Saturday- July 14 at 6 PM - 7 PM - Marietta College-Hosted by The Castle Historic House Museum-Marietta, Ohio July 14 at 6 PM - 7 PM - Marietta College-Hosted by The Castle Historic House Museum-Marietta, Ohio Join Cheyney McKnight to learn about her experiences interpreting slavery throughout...
  12. Cpl. Smith

    Living history unit list

    This is for people to list units. Please follow these guidelines. Unit name and affiliation If unit does US and CS please note it Contact info. (Website, etc.) @Tailor Pete @ApeUnit
  13. Cpl. Smith

    New market!!!!!!

    I know I'm a bit excited. But it's spring! It's time to break from winter quarters and get campaigning. Seasons about to start for many of us and New Market may be first event this year for some of y'all. I've done 2 this year all ready and this will be my first reenactment this year. Looking...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    Ladies fashion "Balmoral" boots -another 1860's option

    Stumbled on this tonight...enjoy ladies:
  15. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 2-8-18

    This week's Throwback Thursday doesn't go all that far back, to a Saturday afternoon sometime in the late winter of 2012 and a combined drill for members of the 1st U.S. and 9th Texas who were planning to attend the Sesquicentennial Shiloh event in April of that year. Although I didn't intend...
  16. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 2-1-18

    This time, neither a person nor persons nor a place, but a souvenir from a very important Civil War Centennial event, indeed! I have previously mentioned the June-July, 1961 trip made by my mother and myself to Gettysburg and then the reenactment of, as the program itself states, 1st Manassas...
  17. Jimklag

    Reenactment - Civil War Railroad Days

    Here is a link to an article in today's Chicago Tribune online covering this reenactment connected with the Hesston Steam Museum.
  18. LtRusell

    Total Environments

    I know that there are a lot of reenactors out there. I was wondering if anyone has created a total environment. Either in their house or backyard. The idea of the total environment being that, maybe for a few hours, or a whole day, you can immerse yourself in your impression. I plan on turning...
  19. btracy51

    Marine Corps reenactors, USA and CSA

    looking for links/contacts for reenactors who portray Civil War Marines on both sides. Recently retired, getting back into reenacting. I live in Maine and am a USMC veteran.
  20. LtRusell

    Two Band P.60

    I’m slowly putting together a Florida Volunteer Coast Guard/CSCG/CS Naval impression (USNLP). While I know it sounds like a bit much I am buying in stages, doing my research. This might be redirected to another thread, but I have heard the P.60 Enfield was used sharpshooters and cavalry. I have...
  21. James N.

    A Winter Campaign to Port Hudson, Grand Gulf, and Vicksburg, 1980

    At the time our reenactment group, The North Texas Reenactment Society, included many impressions and called that of our Federal Infantry Co. C, 8th Wisconsin Vol. Inf. so we made a point of having our likeness taken at the Wisconsin State Memorial in Vicksburg National Military Park, above; top...
  22. Chetallica

    WTS - For Sale: 1861 Springfield Repo - Traditions, Inc - Like new

    Sold! Story of the gun is my father bought this new in, I think it was, 1991 or 2. I recall us firing it one time, cleaning it, and then I bought it from him in the mid 90's. I was re-enacting at the time but carried another enfield a friend of mine had that was very well worn since we were...
  23. matfor13

    Question about 1842 Springfield in comparison to other firearms...

    Hi guys and gals, After being out of the reenacting hobby for a few years due to being in college, I have the itch to get back involved and join up again since I'm graduating in a few months. Reenacting provided some of my best memories and the camaraderie was amazing. I'm going to be looking...
  24. tnrebel316

    First time reenactor.....

    Well ever since I was a kid in 8th grade and took a field trip to Shiloh I've dreamed of being a reenactor. Well earlier this week I got in contact with the Major of a reenacting unit from Spring Hill, TN. They will be reenacting at Shiloh this year and invited me to fall in with them just...

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