recreated recipe

  1. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated St. Nick’s Eggnog

    (American Egg Board) St. Nick’s Eggnog Eggnog is a delicious holiday tradition, but some folks have a low tolerance for the emulsifiers and stabilizers used in commercial eggnogs. Homemade eggnog has no added ingredients. This recipe has been passed down since 1930. The leftover eggnog can...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Caramel Apple Slices

    As a child, I always enjoyed caramel apples much like our Victorian friends did in the late 19th century. But even as a child, I thought they were messy. An an adult I still love the taste, but dislike the messiness even more. Caramel apple slices are the perfect solution. They're easy to...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated Boston Cream Pie with a Surprise!

    (Pinterest) Revisiting the posts on Boston Cream Pie this morning reminded me of a story I had read about a lady who made a traditional Boston Cream Pie, but with a couple little changes. Her cake has three layers representing the three lives lost during the horrific Boston Marathon bombing...

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