reconstruction south carolina

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  1. Pat Young

    In Defense of Firing Blacks Who Voted Republican to Prevent Mongrelism- South Carolina Nov. 1868

    In this article the Charleston Mercury says that it is the duty of white Southerners to refuse to employ African Americans who voted for the Republicans. The editorial appeared in the most prominent position in the newspaper: Charleston Mercury Thursday, Nov 05, 1868 Charleston, SC Page: 1
  2. Pat Young

    South Carolina Democrats Call for a Halt of Assassinations Nov. 1868

    Following a series of assassinations of Republicans during the weeks leading up to the Nov. 1868 elections, the South Carolina Democratic Committee issued a call to halt the assassinations. Edgefield advertiser Wednesday, Nov 04, 1868 Edgefield, SC Vol: 33 Page: 4
  3. Pat Young

    Gov. Perry on the "revolting & disgusting" South Carolina Legislature Sept. 1868

    Benjamin Franklin Perry was appointed governor of South Carolina in 1865 by President Andrew Johnson. Perry. As with some other Johnson appointees, Perry was a disparaging of African Americans. In 1865 he said that "The African, has been in all ages, a savage or a slave. God created him inferior...
  4. Pat Young

    The Respectful Remonstrance on Behalf of the White People of South Carolina & Wade Hampton 1868

    I am sure that all of those who are interested in Wade Hampton are familiar with this "Remonstrance" that the former Confederate general and future conservative Democrat governor of the State of South Carolina affixed his name to. For those of you who have not read it, here is a copy...
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