Heavy Item Rail Transportation

    The 20-inch bore of a Rodman gun could fit a man inside. This Rodman was en route to Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1864 when it stopped long enough in Harrisburg, Pa. for a photo. Photo: Ken Turner Collection https://www.heinzhistorycenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Rodman-RR-car.png...
  2. Lisa Murphy

    Book Review Locomotives Up the Turnpike

    Locomotives Up the Turnpike: The Civil War Career of Captain Thomas R. Sharp, C.S.A. By David L. Bright, with maps and illustrations by Andrew H. Hall Locomotives Up the Turnpike is the story of a young, energetic and remarkably competent man who salvaged, repaired, built, and managed...

    New Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum Host

    https://www.american-rails.com/images/WAGENCHAT.jpg Fellow Posters and 'Ferro-Equine' enthusiasts: I would like to thank Mike and Ami for allowing me to serve as host of the Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum. This entire board has taught me so much about this time period that a simple...

    'Great Train Raid' Rolls Out Civil War Railroad Heritage in May

    https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4397/36857742445_464e6f864b_b.jpg For those interested in the story of @DaveBrt 's book 'Locomotives Up the Turnpike -- The Civil War Career of Quartermaster Captain Thomas R. Sharp, C. S. A.' ... Great Train Raid’ Rolls Out Civil War Railroad Heritage in May Mar...
  5. Jimklag

    Been Working On The Railroad - New York Times Article

    For Black History month, here is a story from the NY Times of one man's railroad experience. Samuel Ballton was born into slavery on New Year’s Day in 1838 on Vincent A. Marmaduke’s plantation in Westmoreland County, Va., about 80 miles south of Washington. The county was home to the Washington...

    Railroad spike ceremony set Jan. 25

    https://www.up.com/goldenspike/index.html To go with all the recent Transcontinental Railroad threads... Railroad spike ceremony set Jan. 25 21 hrs ago ELKO – Union Pacific Railroad will be concluding its 150th celebration of completing the Transcontinental Railroad this spring, and a special...

    Historic marker dedicated to Bristol railroad history and train station

    https://www.todaysphoto.org/potd/large/bristol-train-station.jpg Historic marker dedicated to Bristol railroad history and train station LEIF GREISS | BRISTOL HERALD COURIER Dec 4, 2018 Updated Dec 4, 2018 The land for the railroad facilities was donated in 1848 by the Rev. James King, and...

    Population Map

    While doing some research for the Transcontinental Railroad thread, came across this map ... http://www.jcshepard.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/map_us_rail_1861.png ...really serves to illustrate @wausaubob 's posts of the tremendous differences in population -...
  9. Pat Young

    "It was enough for one Presidential Candidate to make a fool of himself at thirty miles an hour"

    In October, 1868, Democratic presidential candidate Horatio Seymour boarded a train to campaign in cities around the country. This was an unusual step in his era. Some thought it undignified, while others saw it as an appropriately modern use of a new technology. Republican James G. Blaine used...
  10. OldReliable1862

    What if: More dual gauge railroads in America?

    Link for those wondering what I'm talking about: Considering how dual gauge railways can join lines of different gauges, could this be used to create a more unified American rail network in the pre-Civil War period and the years following it? In a surviving CSA where the economy isn't quite a...
  11. Jimklag

    Railroads West To Tennessee

    In 1863, both the CSA and US Army made large troop movements from the Virginia theater to the area around Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Confederate troops were 2/3 of Longstreet's 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia and the U.S. troops were the 11th and 12th Corps, Army of the Potomac. Here are a...

    Horseshoe Curve

    http://explorepahistory.com/kora/files/1/2/1-2-5AA-25-ExplorePAHistory-a0b9p8-a_349.jpg Source - LOC Source - LOC Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, PA. Completed in 1854 to replace the Allegheny Portage Railroad. Built by Pennsylvania Railroad Engineers John Edgar Thomson and Herman Haupt...
  13. Jimklag

    August 20 Scott Mingus, Sr. Presentation

    From Scott Mingus, Sr. I am speaking at the Historical Society of Baltimore County on Sunday at 2 p.m. My topic is the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad in the Civil War, based on my book. I will cover the alleged Lincoln Assassination Plot of 1861, Isaac Trimble's bold train theft...
  14. Jimklag

    Railroad Film By Thomas Edison

    This is and interesting YouTube video from film actually taken by Thomas Edison's film company between 1897 and 1906.
  15. Jimklag

    Happy 4th Of July


    Canals, Rivers, Roads, and Railroads...

    http://cdoovision.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/map-of-canals-in-us-1820-1860-transportation.jpg http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/19-century/us-canals.jpg Cheers, USS ALASKA
  17. Pat Young

    Was the all-White Reconstruction Texas legislature of 1866-67 corrupt?

    One of the charges often thrown against the Republican Reconstruction governments supported by new African American voters after 1867 is that they were too close to the Railroad interests. I am reading about the immediate post-war state legislature in Texas which was all-white in 1866 and...

    Blue Ridge Tunnel and Stonewall Jackson

    NORTHEAST PORTAL. - Blue Ridge Railroad, Blue Ridge Tunnel http://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/habshaer/va/va0200/va0253/photos/163879pv.jpg The Blue Ridge Tunnel was built by Claudius Crozet for the Blue Ridge Railroad in 1858 by the state of Virginia for the Virginia Central Railroad. It was the...
  19. wausaubob

    Why the United States won the Civil War.

    It happened in 1861 and the world had changed between 1787 and 1861. 1. In 1856 David Edward Hughes invented the first stable keyboard system for electronically encoding written messages for transmission. By October 24, 1861 the transcontinental telegraph wire connected California to the east...

    Cotton Trains

    https://deadconfederates.com/?s=cotton+train Looking at these pics from @AndyHall 's web site. The title spawned a question; “The passengers got the full benefit of the sparks, cinders and smoke” If the bales are transported on flat cars, was there ever a concern about the '...sparks and...

    Enough to make a Confederate Quatermaster weep...

    Rails for the Manassas Gap Railroad at Alexandria, VA, waiting to be delivered...

    Armored Train Car

    http://firstmdus.net/Rail%20cars_files/rail%20monitor63.jpg The above photo states that it might be the only one of its kind. I've seen drawings of Civil War armored cars but not any pics. Anyone know of any others? Also, what the heck is a Pennsylvania Rail Road car doing this far south...
  23. wausaubob

    Chris Gabel talks about railroads during the Civil War.

    https://www.c-span.org/video/?320456-1/discussion-railroads-civil-war Please place this topic in the railroad forum. 1. Any interruption of water transport in the Confederacy in the internal waterways or along the Atlantic coast was a severe loss, because the southern railroads were designed...
  24. SWMODave

    Grenville Dodge explains history of photo(s)

    This is likely 'not' the photo you are used to seeing - and I have posted two more popular photo's of this group that were taken at the end of Gen Dodge's explaining the story behind the gathering in his book 'How We Built The Union Pacific Railway". General Grant had been called in to settle a...
  25. Jimklag

    Book Review: Guide To North American Steam Locomotives

    I have the 1993 edition of this book and it is excellent. The following link is to the Trains Magazine review of the 2016 edition. http://trn.trains.com/railroads/2016/02/book-review-guide-to-north-american-steam-locomotives

    Confederate Railroad Bottlenecks

    When discussing the issues the Confederate Railroads had - one of the often mentioned items is the difficulty of transshipment of people and cargo between the individual lines because of the lack of direct connections. The above map is from the LOC -...

    Antebellum Rail Rolling Capacity 1854

    Mill / Location / Annual capacity in tons Montour / Danville PA / 13,000 Rough and Ready / Danville PA / 4,000 Lackawanna / Scranton PA / 16,000 Phoenix / Phoenixville PA / 20,000 Safe Harbor / Safe Harbor PA / 15,000 Pottsville Iron Works / Pottsville PA / 3,000 Trenton Iron Works / Trenton NJ...
  28. Jimklag

    Southern Railway’s #4501 Back On Track After Restoration!

    Here is a link to the story and a couple videos about this Mikado Type 2-8-2 steam locomotive. trainfanatics.com/southern-railway-4501-back-on-track-after-restoration/

    "Such rails could not be used again"

    "Here in the Haupt "laboratory" simple effective tools to make rails unusable are being demonstrated. Put the horseshoe-like hooks under the rail base at each end and insert railroad ties ... now counter rotate ! Elsewhere in the yard, someone else is experimenting with simple techniques to fix...

    Engine "Fred Leach", U.S. Military Railroad, showing marks of cannon shot

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/Engine_%22Fred_Leach%22%2C_U.S._Military_Railroad%2C_showing_marks_of_cannon_shot._-_NARA_-_529295.jpg Gent in the back is pointing to a hole. The stack is pretty shot up also. How badly would that effect operations? The holes in the stack I...
  31. Jimklag

    Battle Of The Weldon Railroad

    In his fourth assault on the Confederate works at Petersburg, U. S. Grant sent Gouvernor K. Warren's 5th corps to break up the Weldon Railroad and deprive the rebels of its use. Despite heavy losses, Warren succeeded in securing the railroad, forcing R. E. Lee to improvise a new overland route...
  32. Scott Mingus

    CVRR information request for new Savas Beatie book

    Cooper Wingert and I are making tremendous progress on our manuscript for the Cumberland Valley Railroad in the Civil War. One last public appeal -- if you have any photos, illustrations, diary entries, letters, manuscripts, journals, etc. that pertain to this railroad from 1860 to 1865, please...
  33. Jimklag

    Happy New Year

    The Railroads and Steam Locomotives forum wishes all our friends at CWT and their families a safe, happy and prosperous 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  34. Jimklag

    FEC Last Ringling Brothers Circus Train

    For the circus loving ferroequinologists among us.
  35. Jimklag

    Stories Lost: Slavery and the Railroads

    An excellent article from the National Railroad Hall Of Fame. Here's the link - https://www.nrrhof.org/single-post/2017/11/06/Stories-Lost-Slavery-and-the-Railroads
  36. Jimklag

    Seasons Greetings

    The Railroads and Steam Locomotives forum would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here at Civil War Talk.
  37. wausaubob

    Improved acreage increase 1850-1860.

    This is the impact that the railroads were having on Illinois and Wisconsin. This is an excellent map by Richmond.edu. http://dsl.richmond.edu/historicalatlas/145/d/ This same affect was possible in Texas, or in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado and southeast South Dakota. Who was going to get that...
  38. Jimklag

    German Innovation In The Use Of Railroads In War

    To honor my friends, @Schwallanscher and @2/241 , here is a link to an article about the innovative use of military railroads by Germany in the 19th century. http://www.gwpda.org/comment/pratt.htm
  39. Jimklag

    Railroads in the 1864 Atlanta Campaign

    Here is a link to an excellent article on "railroad generalship" in the Atlanta campaign. http://railroads.unl.edu/views/item/1864rr
  40. Jimklag

    Lincoln At Gettysburg Via The Railroad

    On this anniversary of Lincoln's greatest speech, here are some links to the Lincoln Train Museum in Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address. http://www.lincolntrain.com/ https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/31005 http://www.gettysburgbattlefieldtours.com/the-lincoln-train-museum/...

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