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    Discussion Your favorite quotes of the civil war..

    "Now I know what to do!" after special order 191 was handed to (Lil' Mac?)..
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Women Of Gettysburg Tell Us, A Battlefield Chorus, 1863

    Carrie Shead's seminary for young ladies, here in an 1849 image from The Gettysburg Compiler. History has isolated Carrie, confined to one room and one sword, her voice is rarely heard. Evergreen Cemetery's iconic gatehouse in the storm, July 1863. That was also someone's home. Elizabeth...
  3. luinrina

    Say What Saturday: Preserve the Union!

    Before heading to the CWT muster in Vicksburg in October, I went to New Orleans for a couple of days. In preparation, I of course looked up what Civil War sites I could visit in the Crescent City. One place that came up in my research was Jackson Square in the French Quarter, especially the...
  4. DBF

    Say What Saturday: Benjamin Hanby Takes Us “Up On The House Top”

    The son of a minister, Benjamin Russell Hanby was born in Rushville, Ohio on July 22, 1833. His family moved to Westerville, Ohio where his father Bishop Hanby was a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad. During his brief lifetime he composed many songs and hymns. His most famous and...
  5. luinrina

    Say What Saturday: Robert E. Lee quote

    December 13, 1862: When morning dawned, the Rappahannock valley was covered in fog, hiding the armies from each other. It took several hours for the mist to lift. At about 10 o’clock the sight cleared, revealing massed Union troops ready to advance. And then the guns on Stafford Heights opened...
  6. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Quotes in Recognition of the Anniversary of Mine Run, Part 3

    After Meade called off the attack, both armies continued to face each other throughout the day. Meade's men began fortifying their position, but as one soldier wrote, "It was a ruse only." In the words of Walter Taylor, "General Lee could not believe that after all the display of force General...
  7. lelliott19

    In their words: The Assault on Fort Sanders Knoxville November 29, 1863

    Captain Wyatt R. McClain, Company A, 51st Georgia, Bryan's Brigade Commanding 51st Georgia, Bryan's Brigade, McLaws' Division, Longstreet's Corps. "...With a gallantry unsurpassed, and an enthusiasm which should have met a better fate, the Regiment rushed through an almost impenetrable abattis...
  8. luinrina

    Say What Saturday: Winfield Scott Hancock quote

    November 7, 1862: Catharinus P. Buckingham, adjutant to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, arrives at the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac – with the order that relieves Major General George B. McClellan of command. His replacement: Major General Ambrose Burnside. This decision caused quite...
  9. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Thomas Galwey Quote

    I have always been interested in texts that show what the experience of fighting in the ranks during the Civil War was like. Sergeant Thomas Galwey wrote of his war experiences in The Valiant Hours, based on his diary, which in my opinion is one of the best accounts written by a Civil War...
  10. DBF

    Say What Saturday: A Quote from Colonel Edmund Rucker when Captured by the Union Army

    Nashville December 16, 1864 - It had been a bitter battle and the Confederate Army is in retreat. On the Granny White Pike the 2 armies have come together in a fierce fight. Colonel Edmund Rucker is in a hand to hand; saber to saber fight with Union Captain Joseph Boyer of Company L the 12th...
  11. lelliott19

    Say What Saturday: George A Custer - "Give the boys Dixie."

    So much as a background to the picture; so much as the setting for the incident we now give, and which ever after endeared the memory of General Custer to everyone who was a witness to it... with a delicacy of feeling and magnanimity of spirit which only true chivalry can appreciate, as soon as...
  12. DBF

    Say What Saturday: “Isn’t It Romantic?” a Quote from General William T. Sherman

    Miss Cecelia Stovall, was visiting her brother at West Point Military Academy in 1836 when she caught the eye of another cadet William T. Sherman. Sherman was smitten with the beautiful southern girl but alas! the feeling was not returned by Miss Cecelia. When Sherman built up the courage to...
  13. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Sam Watkins Quote

    20 year-old Sam Watkins enlisted in the "Maury Greys" in April 1861. The "Maury Greys" became Company H, 1st Tennessee. Over the next four years, Watkins and his regiment fought in the battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattenooga, the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin...
  14. DBF

    Say What Saturday: General George Henry Thomas Issues a “Do or Die” Quote

    December 15th, 1864: The first day of the Battle at Nashville has ended and General George Henry Thomas is traveling back from the battlefield to his headquarters where he will prepare his initial report that will be wired to General Grant in Washington. As he approached the outskirts of the...
  15. lelliott19

    Say What Saturday: James Longstreet Quote that Should be Famous But Isn't

    Recitals of such bravest deeds are perhaps usually confined to active battles, where by the touch of elbows and the sense of comradeship, and amid the inspiration of horse artillery and the rattle of musketry, and the cheers of comrades, soldiers are deeply moved to do and dare for country... I...
  16. DBF

    Say What Saturday: “Porte Crayon” Pens a Colorful Quote

    In the 1850’s articles were appearing in Harper’s Monthly under the pseudonym “Porte Crayon” (translated from the French as “pencil carrier”). The author behind the articles was a Virginia born (today West Virginia) - David Hunter Strother. Born in 1816 he had a talent and love for the written...
  17. Andy Cardinal

    Special Say What? -- George B. McClellan Quote

    It is not too much of a stretch to say that there was more at stake during the first two weeks of September 1862 than at any other time during the war. Southern armies were on the move across in Mississippi, Kentucky, and western Virginia. In Virginia, after defeating two Union armies, Robert...
  18. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Joe Johnston Quote

    Joseph Johnston was appointed to command the Army of Tennessee on December 27, 1863. He replaced Braxton Bragg, who resigned his command after the disastrous battles at Chattenooga in November. In February, Jefferson Davis called Bragg to Richmond and appointed him to serve as his military...
  19. Andy Cardinal

    A Special Say What? Saturday: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Quote

    In recognition of Joshua Chamberlain's 191st birthday -- The battle of the Quaker Road (also known as Lewis's Farm or Gravelly Run) took place on March 29, 1865 -- just before Lee's defenses were broken forever at Five Forks. Chamberlain commanded a brigade in Warren's 5th Corps, which took on...
  20. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday: Leonidas Polk at Chickamauga

    After the fighting on September 19 at Chickamauga ended, Confederate commander Braxton Bragg planned to renew the attack and sent orders to right wing commander Leonidas Polk to attack at daybreak. Yet dawn came and went, and there was no attack. Bragg grew more and more impatient and finally...
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