1. Eleanor Rose

    Modern Pumpkin Mousse

    (Just A Pinch) Spiced pumpkin mousse with layers of snow-white whipped cream create a perfect dessert for the winter holidays. Top it off with some chocolate shavings for an impressive presentation. Pumpkin Mousse Ingredients: 5 large egg yolks 1 c. sugar 3 1/2 c. heavy cream 15 oz. canned...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Recreated Pumpkin Cheesecake

    (Jolts and Jollies) The earliest versions of sweetened pumpkin dishes were actually pumpkin shells that had been cleaned out and filled with ginger-spiced milk, then roasted by the fire. In the 1800’s it became stylish to serve pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving holiday, a trend that continues...
  3. donna

    Recreated Pumpkin Pancakes, Era Magic!

    Was Cinderella really stirring up pumpkin recipes with her wand instead of that legendary coach? We hope so! We love all things pumpkin. Godey's Lady's Book published this autumn recipe in 1864; Found these pancakes in "The Heart of New England" site under Pumpkin recipes. 1/2 cup...
  4. Anna Elizabeth Henry

    Modern Cranberry Pumpkin Upside down Cake

    Here's an inventive twist on the traditional upside down cake using popular Thanksgiving ingredients - pumpkin and cranberries. You don't obviously need to use organic versions of the below ingredients, regular vanilla cake mix will do the trick along your standard pumpkin puree and honey. If...

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