prisoner of war

  1. east tennessee roots

    Captured Near The South Side Railroad, April 2, 1865 My ancestor's "Drillmaster" at Camp Vance, Morganton, NC. David and a number of those taken prisoner at...
  2. Pat Young

    Restricted Debate Defending Henry Wirz: Georgia Gov. Lester Maddox at the 1984 Wirz Memorial at Andersonville

    Swiss immigrant Henry Wirz is among the most controversial figures of the Civil War. To many Americans he is a war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of prisoners at Andersonville. However, to adherents of the Lost Cause he was a martyr who laid down his life in sacrifice to the...
  3. Pat Young

    Book Review The Business of Captivity: Elmira and Its Civil War Prison by Michael Gray

    The Business of Captivity: Elmira and Its Civil War Prison by Michael Gray published by Kent State University Press (2001) 228 pages $29.95 Hardcover, $14.49 Kindle. If ever Northerner knew in 1865 of the depredations committed against Union prisoners at Andersonville, every white Southerner...
  4. Pat Young

    Book Review Crossing the Deadlines: Civil War Prisons Reconsidered by Michael P. Gray (2018)

    Crossing the Deadlines: Civil War Prisons Reconsidered by Michael P. Gray (Editor) published by Kent State University Press (2018) 256 pages. $45.00 Hardcover, $29.05 Kindle This is a brand-new collection of essays by scholar on the sometimes-neglected subject of Civil War prisons. Among my...
  5. Cdoug96

    Sons And Descendants Through The Paternal Line Of POWs More Likely To Die Early

    I found a study online that comes to the conclusion that the suffering of POWs held in Confederate POW Camps (and presumably Union Camps also) like Andersonville can be passed on to sons, and perhaps other descendants through the paternal line of descent so long as they are conceived after the...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    From Martinsburg, With Thanks, A Female, Confederate POW

    "...For his kindness to me while a prisoner of war in Martinsburg ", this Confederate woman's haunting image from LoC, apparently a gift from the grateful recipient of an act of kindness, creates more questions than it answers. If she has made an appearance here and I've somehow missed it...
  7. John Hartwell

    Alfred S. Roe's Moment of Capture

    The moment of capture must always have been traumatic for any soldier. Often it was violent, or desperate, or perhaps even anticlimactic. Private A.S. Roe described the start of his "Trip with the Confederates" in his own characteristic often humorous, matter-of-fact style. Roe’s 9th N.Y. Heavy...
  8. T

    Sgt. Robert Lee Weddington CSA North Carolina 20th Regiment Company A- HELP PLEASE!

    I've been researching my family history and ancestor's activities in the Civil War and I need some help finding more information. My great-great grandfather was Robert Lee Weddington of the CSA. He had 2 brothers, Samuel A. and William M., who were in the same Company and Regiment, and a sister...
  9. John Hartwell

    Mother, "I am in tip top health and Spirits"

    If a mother must receive notice of the capture of her soldier son, it could hardly be better put than Capt. George Washington Whitman of the 48th New York Infantry wrote to his mother, allaying her fears for his well being: Petersburg Va Oct 2d/64 Dear Mother, Here I am perfectly well and...

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