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  1. Eleanor Rose

    A Christmas Wish

    (Public Domain) A Christmas Wish "Had I power to give to you Many a rich and costly gem, Fit, in brilliancy of hue, To adorn a diadem, I'd bestow the jewels rare On some other friend less dear, While for you I'd breathe a prayer, Such as I do offer here. Many a merry Christmas, friend...
  2. Joshism

    Discussion The Lost Cause 1903

    I came across this in the New Orleans Times-Democrat (May 20, 1903) because it happened to be on the same page a something else I was looking for. The reunion in question was the 13th National UCV Renunion held in New Orleans on May 19-22, 1903.
  3. Eleanor Rose

    Personal Love Poems Written by Confederate Soldiers

    Cased ambrotype portrait of C.S.A. Corporal Anthony Sydnor Barksdale (1841-1923), taken 1861 with Mississippi rifle. Courtesy of CMLS. The South was very much a verbal culture at the time of the Civil War. There was great disparity in education as was reflected in the writing ability of the...
  4. lelliott19

    Period Poem: After the Battle

    AFTER THE BATTLE By Miss Agnes Leonard ...But a change had fallen sadly, o'er the young and beauteous land, Brothers on the field fought madly, that once wandered hand in hand. And the hearts of distant mountains shuddered with a fearful wonder, As the echos burst upon them, of the cannon's...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    " The Kintra is Fu' O' Widows And Wearns ", Janet Hamilton's Shot Across The Pond

    Scotland's Kildalton Cross, like Conbelim's Great Wheel Cross ( here ) and a dozen others stand testimony to Janet Hamilton's deepest Gaelic roots. To our benefit then and now. Janet Hamilton's husband transcribed her poems until she was 50. Why? She could not write but learned to, half way...
  6. JohnW.

    The Confederate Flag, a poem written in 1861

    I thought that this was very interesting. I would say it sums it up nicely.
  7. ForeverFree

    Mississippi Blue Flood Blues

    From the blog Jubilo! The Emancipation Century: The Colored Soldier, Marching into Dixie; 1863; hand-colored lithograph; from New York: Published by Currier & Ives, New York; Originally part of a McAllister, Hart, Phillips Civil War scrapbook Description: Portrait of an earnest African...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!