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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Stories We May Be Missing, Gettysburg Wounded Summer 1863

    This has always been one of the more frustrating images of the relative handful we have from Gettysburg's awful summer, 1863. Blurred and indistinct , it's been way too easy to dismiss in favor of amazing clarity in other photographs. These men deserve another look IMO. No expert but the longer...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Playing War, Images Of Childhood Interrupted

    Era photos can tell us a lot of what our society was going through at the time. It can be useful when dating orphaned photographs, like this ferociously garbed small boy. Rifle, sash and Zouave pants? Bet a lot of money this is from early in the war, 1861, maybe 1862. Time to play the war his...
  3. Stiles/Akin

    Her image had been buried near a Civil War battlefield for 100 years. Then I found her.

    A metallic negative of a well-dressed 19th-century woman, left, was excavated by the author while relic hunting in Centreville, Va., in 1992. It was recently converted to a positive image, right. (Kevin Ambrose) By Kevin Ambrose March 17 at 8:00 AM My metal detector gave a loud signal as I...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Winter Camp, Or, Where We Parked Armies For Awhile

    Cropped from the LoC tif below, image is a little hysterical. Beyond the winter camp's we see a chilly, fur bedecked woman whose quarters are apparently under construction. Probably an officer's wife, husband one of the men posed importantly front and center on horses while men who were doing...
  5. J

    American Civil War Photos In Color

    Here is a video showing multiple photos from the Civil War Era that have been colorized.
  6. GELongstreet

    Staff of the 5th New York Infantry, 1861

    The staff, at least partial, of the 5th New York Infantry Regiment, also known as Duryée's Zouaves, on the porch of the Segar House at Camp Hamilton near Fortress Monroe, Virginia, 1861. The persons are identified, left to right, as: Maj. J. Mansfield Davies Asst. Surg. B. Ellis Martin...
  7. GELongstreet

    USAHEC Civil War Photographs Collection

    An online collection of civil war photographs, owned and hosted by the US Army Heritage and Education Center.
  8. GELongstreet

    MOLLUS-MASS Civil War Photograph Collection

    The online photograph collection of the Massachusetts Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. It is hosted at the US Army Heritage and Education Center.
  9. Mike Serpa

    Major Belle Reynolds photo

    This photo of Union nurse Major Belle Reynolds is from Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs at the Library of Congress A link to a thread about her from @JPK Huson 1863
  10. Mike Serpa

    Clara Barton photo

    This is a photo of Clara Barton I've not seen before now. From the Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs at the Library of Congress
  11. Legion Para

    6th Massachusetts Militia/Infantry

    Private Luther Ladd, 6th Massachusetts Militia, (1843-1861). James H. Richardson, Sergt. Co. F. 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted on Sept. 5, 1862 as a Sergeant. On Sept. 8, 1862, he mustered into Co. F. of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry. He was mustered out on June...
  12. HarlechMan

    206th Pennsylvania Sergeant Major

    An unidentified soldier in Union sergeant major's uniform with gauntlets and forage cap of the 206th Pennsylvania Infantry If the unit identification is correct, this man is definitely Hugh Brady, who was promoted to Sergeant Major on 9 September 1864. He had enlisted in Company F as a sergeant...
  13. GELongstreet

    More unknown generals

    Hey folks, occasionally I´m stumbling over the old and beloved generalsandbrevets; being in a weird stage as one version is apparently updated but hosted in two different designs simultaneously while decaying at the same time; meanwhile the page has been archived in the original form but is...

    "One Thousand Fifty Years of American History Makers"

    "One Thousand Fifty Years of American History Makers" Photograph of a gathering of retired Navy and Marine Corps flag officers, taken circa 1923. Those present are (left to right, in front row): Rear Admiral Yates Stirling (born 1843); Rear Admiral George C. Remey (born 1841); Rear Admiral...
  15. GELongstreet

    Old Pictures

    A website about photographs from (roughly) the 1850s to the 1940s. It has several themed collections either depicting the civil war or being related to it. The page also has a search engine that searches and shows both collections and individual pictures.
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