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  1. GELongstreet

    Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker and staff

    Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker (1814-1879) with some of his staff officers at Falmouth, Virginia in June 1863. While still in command of the Army of the Potomac; within the month, on June 28th, he'd be replaced by George Meade. Standing, left to right: Cpt. Cyrus B. Comstock (Engineer) Cpt. John B...
  2. LittleMac

    Wisconsin Veterans Museum (Civil War Exhibit)

    Hello from Iron Brigade country! I recently moved to Wisconsin, as I'm currently attending the University of Wisconsin Madison to pursue a BA in History. I had the good fortune to go to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum the other day, and took some pictures of their impressive Civil War collections...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Breathing New Life Into Old Civil War Photos Using Animation

    Breathing New Life Into Old Civil War Photos Using Animation Mar 29, 2019 Matt Loughrey 12 Comments My name is Matt Loughrey, and I’m an artist based in Ireland. I occasionally work alongside libraries and museums with projects to develop their visitor experiences. Over time I have become...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Article: Her image had been buried near a Civil War battlefield for 100 years. Then I found her.

    My metal detector gave a loud signal as I swept its coil over the freshly cleared earth. I had just dug up several Civil War bullets a few feet away, but this signal sounded different. It was louder, and registered much higher on my detector’s meter than the bullets. Perhaps, I thought, I was...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War-era photos look so serious, here's why

    There are many misconceptions about why people in photographs from the Civil War era aren't smiling. Maybe the photo took too long to take, maybe the people were bored or maybe it was their bad teeth. “And they did have bad teeth, but people today have bad teeth, and they still smile,” said...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    The Comprehensive ACW Faux, Fake, Made-Up, Why-Would-Anyone-Do-That Photo Thread

    It's not always the obvious photos misidentified for the obvious reasons. This snip is of a young woman at Brandy Station's hospital. She's all over the place on the internet as Cornelia Hancock, our Quaker nurse who left us agonizing accounts of her war. This isn't she. Why is that important...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Downstate auctioneer sues to recover unique deathbed photo of Abe Lincoln

    It’s the case of the missing Lincoln death photo. The strange case involves a Downstate auctioneer, his ex-wife, a dentist, a distant relative of Lincoln — and even former Illinois Gov. James “Big Jim” Thompson. Larry Davis of Quincy filed a lawsuit Friday to recover what he says is a unique...
  8. J

    American Civil War Photos In Color

    Here is a video showing multiple photos from the Civil War Era that have been colorized.
  9. GELongstreet

    Flickr is changing to a pay model - forced deletion is coming

    Hey folks, I don´t know if any of you are using Flickr to upload and display pictures or videos, I personally don´t as I usually don´t create pictures myself and am on pinterest instead (though it is a love-hate relationship). If you aren´t using it or if you do so but have under 1000 files...
  10. GELongstreet

    Staff of the 5th New York Infantry, 1861

    The staff, at least partial, of the 5th New York Infantry Regiment, also known as Duryée's Zouaves, on the porch of the Segar House at Camp Hamilton near Fortress Monroe, Virginia, 1861. The persons are identified, left to right, as: Maj. J. Mansfield Davies Asst. Surg. B. Ellis Martin...
  11. GELongstreet

    USAHEC Civil War Photographs Collection

    An online collection of civil war photographs, owned and hosted by the US Army Heritage and Education Center.
  12. GELongstreet

    MOLLUS-MASS Civil War Photograph Collection

    The online photograph collection of the Massachusetts Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. It is hosted at the US Army Heritage and Education Center.
  13. GELongstreet

    More Civil War participants at a younger age

    Hey folks, I thought about a continuation of the Generals at a younger age thread that @AUG created. I for one like the earlier pictures of generals, because even they were young once and had a live before those four years that brought us together here on CWT. But there are earlier pictures of...

    An Airtight Blockade If, from April of 1861, the Union Navy could have accomplished an airtight blockade of the South's coast line, what would have been the greatest detrimental effects to the Confederacy? Thanks, USS ALASKA
  15. Taylin

    The Civil War Sketches of Adolph Metzner - 32nd Indiana

    Sharing from the Battlefield Trust's Facebook, some of them of are graphic. I've seen a few other illustrations of Metzner's on here, some of which aren't in this link. He's got a nice style, can be a bit cartoony but I like it. Enjoy -...

    Locomotive ID help! Can anyone ID this locomotive and configuration? Is this a factory yard engine given the B.L.W. on the side? Thanks for the help! USS ALASKA
  17. GELongstreet

    More unknown generals

    Hey folks, occasionally I´m stumbling over the old and beloved generalsandbrevets; being in a weird stage as one version is apparently updated but hosted in two different designs simultaneously while decaying at the same time; meanwhile the page has been archived in the original form but is...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Is This Plantation Lady Actually Smiling in This Photo?

    Came across this photo and was jarred by what I perceive to be a huge smile on the lady in the foreground. If it's not it looks like she has a mustache under her nose instead of her upper lip. I don't recall too many smiling in photos back then. I also find it interesting because it portrays a...
  19. Taylin

    Mistaken era and thread

    Elijah Clay Wright - Seated in the middle-right looking rather serious. October 12th, 1845 - September 24th, 1926 Served from 62-65. Don't have information on the other soldiers. The file name suggest the photo has been touched up a bit. I always found this photo interesting.
  20. SWMODave

    San Francisco July 4th, 1862 Parade

    Courtesy Open SF History Two more images with details at Open SF History here Multiple sources place these pictures in different locations in San Francisco. They all seem to agree on Washington Square though. Here is where the author of this article places the photographer for the top photo...
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