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  1. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion America’s divides have never been simple. Neither was Pennsylvania’s Civil War history

    Clement L. Vallandigham’s name is probably not well-known to most Pennsylvanians, but in the 1850s and 1860s, he was a celebrity-politician with close ties to the state. Elected to represent Ohio in Congress, Vallandigham was a Confederate sympathizer who empathized with Southern slave owners...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Kromer's Patent Dye, Opportunistic Poetry That'll Raise Your Hair ( sorry..... )

    From an advertisement preserved for us by Library of Congress, company named Hovey's sells their hair-plaster-downer, a gelatinous cocoa glycerine mixture. An idyllic domestic scene implies familial bliss should anyone risk the purchase. Advertisers, huh? Hang on. Ran into my new hand's down...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Generals Have Mothers, Too. Sophia Brinton McClellan's Giant Heart

    Philadelphia was justifiably proud of its volunteerism. Hospitals. refreshment ' saloons ', fund raising for troops- from 1861 through 1865 the city was like a massive, beating heart. Social status took a back seat to kindness- a general's wife or mother could as easily be depicted in this...
  4. 8thFlorida

    Ft. Mifflin Philadelphia

    We recently toured Ft. Mifflin and wanted to share the pictures. The fort was captured by the British in 1777 and it has been rebuilt and maintained as an active military site up until the 1950s. During the War Between the States aka the War of Northern Aggression, the fort was used to House...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    Philadelphia's Combustible Pride Erupts; Their Longest Parade, 1861-1865

    Crowds gathered near the reviewing stand, June 1865's parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Honoring men who made it home, the parade an end of a continuum begun in the city, in 1861 when men marched through the same streets. To war and battles whose names emblazon a banner stretching into...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Philadelphia Volunteer Soldier " Saloons ", No Beer, Much Love

    As usual, Frank Leslie's ' traveling photographers ' left us an inside look at one of the ' saloons '. This is Cooper's one of two in Philadelphia. Men and relief as far as the eye can see. Five hundred men could be fed! 400,000 passed through Cooper's alone. On Washington Street, Cooper's...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Union Refreshment Saloon And Hospital, Philadelphia

    " Union Refreshment Saloon ", Washington Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War, taken from a photograph found in New York Public Library's digital collection. There are several images, both photographic and drawn by era artists for newspapers of the Union Refreshment Saloon...
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