1. JPK Huson 1863

    When Camp Mascots Are A Bad Idea, Or, An Unsurprising Series Of Events

    We've had a problematic relationship with the animal world since Day One. Fascination with our wild things of the woods resulted in trying to rub elbows with them far too frequently. Ads like this one of performing bears in a traveling circus, 1862, may have given these soldiers some idea the...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    " The Army Has The Strangest Pets... ", Dogs, Squirrels And An Owl Named Minerva

    Our fuzzy buddies have been following armies to war for an awfully long time. I can't source this but you just know armor clad warriors heading for Bosworth Field trailed panting companions. They hung around, the ACW a little warmed by their presence. With thanks to @LoyaltyOfDogs , MotM ...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    " Union Jack ", A Dog's Publicity Tour, Harper's 1862

    Union Jack, one, more ex-Confederate dog, in an image from an article devoted to him, in Harper's Weekly. Like hero of Castle Thunder fame, Union Jack invited himself along when Richmond prisoners came home. I apologize for the length but feel any dog who made his way from Richmond to the...
  4. WJC

    Am I the only one who missed... National Dog Day?

    Oh, am I in trouble!. Who knew today was National Dog Day? To celebrate, here's an article about Lincoln's dog, Fido....
  5. SWMODave

    Specifically mentioned animals at the Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Reference Map First hand accounts from the Battle of Wilson's Creek Author, location on battlefield, segment from his account August 10th, 1861 Southwest Missouri - Blue & Gray (thought to be Pvt Dailey 1st MO, Union) on top of Bloody Hill - The men and the horses were long associated...
  6. John Hartwell

    Andrew Johnson's Only Friends in his Darkest Days

    Andrew Johnson is one of very few presidents not recorded to have had any White House pets. During the darkest days of his presidency, however, he, too, came to find solace in four-footed companionship. During that terrible year of 1868, he survived, barely, an impeachment trial, and his...
  7. John Hartwell

    Seward's Menagerie

    We all know that Abraham Lincoln was an animal lover, and that the White house was home to cats, dogs, goats, and other livestock. Two of his earliest acquisitions after entering the White House, were a pair of kittens: Tabby and Dixie, a gift from Secretary of State William Seward. Seward...

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