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  1. relichound

    Relic Bullets from a Pennsylvania Farm

    These are fired three ring bullets dug from the Daniel S. Farm near Gettysburg. My people lived in Gettysburg before the war, and it has always had a real attraction for me. I still have some nice smaller Civil War relics, like these, and a couple Southern hard images, and a few Union soldier's...
  2. relichound

    CDV Photo Capt. William P. Dougal 150th Pennsylvania Regiment.

    Capt. Dougal signs this on the back, and this same view of him was published in a book on the Bucktails. He was a large man, and was suffering on the march to Gettysburg, so his superior allowed him to come in a bit late and to command the regiment's late arrivals to the battle. But he got there...
  3. W

    Looking for a South Central PA unit

    Greetings Comrades! I'm hoping to find a unit in the greater Harrisburg region of Pennsylvania. Ideally, I'd like Union infantry since that's what I have the kit (don't have a musket) for, though galvanizing is definitely an option. Thanks!
  4. relichound

    Pvt. John Walzer 201st Pennsylvania Regiment

    This is a 1/4th plate tintype of Pvt. Walzer. He served for the last year of the Civil War, but was not sent to fight in any major battles. They were used mainly to guard bridges, and important locations. The back of this tintype still has the revenue stamp, and that shows that the photo was...
  5. S

    18th Pennsylvania Cavalryman Identified

    Captain Joseph Douglas Ayars Company I 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Inscription on the reverse reads "Yours Truely J.D. Ayars Capt. Co. I 18th PA. Cav". It took some effort to identify as he has his last name spelled both as Ayar and Ayer on different documents. It appears he used Ayar in his own...
  6. LoyaltyOfDogs

    General, Dog of the 51st Pennsylvania Volunteers

    (This is not General, but he is a small black dog who looks like he's had a disturbing premonition.) One indication of the high regard soldiers and veterans held for their dogs is the dogs’ frequent inclusion in memoirs and regimental histories. More rare is a dog’s obituary in a newspaper. A...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Aftermath, July 1864, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    Grainy, indistinct, best I could pull from an LoC stereoview. This is one end of the public square in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. July, 1864. General Couch's worst fears when being stripped of troops were realized. Citizens of Chambersburg paid the price. These images are of what was left. July...
  8. lelliott19

    Origin of "Black Your Boots!" - Bucktails at Devil's Den

    Does anyone know the real origin of "Black your boots!" relative to the excerpt provided below? There's a "rumor" on some other sites that "black your boots" was 19th century slang for a sex act. I tried to search for other instances where the phrase was used in connection with the Civil War...
  9. Tom Elmore

    Lang’s Florida Brigade Versus the 1st Massachusetts and 26th Pennsylvania

    Date/Time/Location: July 2 / 6:50 p. m. / Emmitsburg Road Participants: Union: 1st Massachusetts Regiment (deployed as skirmishers) – estimate 18 officers, 303 enlisted men 26th Pennsylvania Regiment – estimate 24 officers, 341 enlisted men Battery C, 5th U.S. Artillery – six 12-Pounder...
  10. wausaubob

    Discussion Unlimited energy.

    "Although prices tended to fluctuate with the season, in the long run, they fell throughout the antebellum period. For example, in 1830 anthracite coal sold for about $11 per ton. Ten years later, the price had dropped to $7 per ton and by 1860 anthracite sold for about $5.50 a ton in New York...
  11. Andy Cardinal

    William J. Reichard, 128th Pennsylvania

    I was struck by this image when I ran across it online. It is of 20-year-old William J. Reichard of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Reichard "saw the elephant" at Antietam and survived. The 128th Pennsylvania was a rookie regiment at Antietam. It was recruited in Berks, Bucks, and Lehigh counties and...
  12. wausaubob

    Locomotive Manufacturing 1860. By state: Pennsylvania 172 New Jersey 165 Massachusetts 54 New Hampshire 43 Virginia 19 Kentucky (est.) 10 Maryland (est.) 6 If a person looks at the disaggregated manufacturing statistics for 1860, one has...
  13. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion America’s divides have never been simple. Neither was Pennsylvania’s Civil War history

    Clement L. Vallandigham’s name is probably not well-known to most Pennsylvanians, but in the 1850s and 1860s, he was a celebrity-politician with close ties to the state. Elected to represent Ohio in Congress, Vallandigham was a Confederate sympathizer who empathized with Southern slave owners...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    A Walk Through The Field Hospitals, Antietam, September 1862

    The shattered Sherrick property, house, outbuildings and barn were filled with wounded by the time Alexander Gardner arrived three days post battle. Intent is only to give a September, 1862 eye witness view of post battle Antietam, Maryland. Overwhelmed, understaffed Army medical staff did...
  15. Eleanor Rose

    Kinzua: A Bridge to the 19th Century

    The Kinzua Sky Walk was opened on September 15, 2011. When the Kinzua Viaduct was built in 1882, it was the longest (>2000 feet) and highest (300 feet) bridge in the world, about the same height in the center as the flame on top of the Statue of Liberty's torch. Iron was soon replaced with...

    USCT Cemetery being restored in Pennsylvania

    This photo, taken early in the 1970s, shows several of the remaining headstones in Lincoln Cemetery in Carlisle. The borough in 1971 began to remove the headstones to make way for a park. PHOTO BY JIM BRADLEY Decades after black cemetery’s gravestones removed and lost, families try to restore...

    Cemetery Schuylkill Frontier Girls complete project to repair Civil War veteran brothers' gravestones

    Schuylkill Frontier Girls complete project to repair Civil War veteran brothers' gravestones By Rachael Espaillat Posted: Jun 10, 2019 06:47 PM EDT Updated: Jun 10, 2019 06:47 PM EDT CRESSONA, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY - (WBRE/ WYOU)- Back in March, we told you about an area organization and a funeral...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    " About 3 Feet 6 High, Could Ride Anything on Four Legs.. ", Jimmy Dugan Vanishes Into The War

    Mysteries, marveling and bearing witness to History- trifecta with these old treasures. Bugler Jimmy Dugan, here in familiar early-war wear at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania in 1861 looks like he should have a skinned knee, sagging socks and soccer cleats. That bugle and uniform look like...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Colonel William Watts Hart Davis - History of 104th Pennsylvania Regiment -Entire Book- Original 1866

    General Naglee, Major Gries, Lt. McDowell and Lt. Burke- Has all the battles in detail etc.
  20. Belle Montgomery

    Secret room discovered under house turns out to be part of Civil War underground railroad history

    Much of history is buried beneath the dirt, and in the case of Alexandra Poulos’s home in Pennsylvania an entire era of history is buried beneath her house. She lived there nearly her entire life before she discovered the truth. When she hired masons to dig beneath her house there was no way...
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