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  1. Luke Freet

    C.S.C.T., Black Confederate Units, a Conclusion

    So, many of you may know of several threads Ive made or commented in regarding the Cleburne Proposal and the possibility of the Confederates recruiting black troops into the ranks in early '64 and possibly earlier. After many a discussion and much thought and research, I have come to these...
  2. Luke Freet

    John H. Kelly: Boy General

    I decided, since I share a birthday with this man, I'd make a short bio on him. John Herbert Kelly, when he was promoted to Brigadier General in November of '63, was at the time the youngest Confederate General at the time of his promotion, at 23 years and 7 months; I haven't done the exact...
  3. Luke Freet

    Cleburne made a Corps Commander?

    Many say that Patrick Cleburne was blocked from a rightfully-earned Corps command after his infamous proposition to arm slaves, and his rise was stunted with this action. As much of an admirer of Cleburne and his actions in the war, I do not feel that Cleburne would have lived up to the moniker...
  4. Luke Freet

    Signers of Cleburne's Memorandum, and their Later Fates

    P. R. Cleburne, major-general, commanding division D. C. Govan, brigadier-general John E. Murray, colonel, Fifth Arkansas G. F. Baucum, colonel, Eighth Arkansas Peter Snyder, lieutenant-colonel, commanding Sixth and Seventh Arkansas E. Warfield, lieutenant-colonel, Second Arkansas M. P...
  5. Luke Freet

    Amatuer Alt Hist: C.S.C.T.

    I joined this server to implore for information pertaining to my (amateur) alt history writing project. Currently working on a story about the south implementing Cleburne's 1864 proposal, to start recruiting slaves into the Confederate army in exchange for their emancipation, to make up for...
  6. James N.

    A Tour of Cheatham Hill, Kennesaw Mountain NBP, Georgia

    Tour Stop 4 at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield lies in the heart of the park and is the most isolated and evocative part of the battlefield. This was the scene of the most desperate fighting during the Union assault of June 27, 1864 on the Confederate position at Kennesaw. The...
  7. AUG

    Gen. Patrick Cleburne barrows a sharpshooter's telescopic sight

    Just before the battle of Franklin, TN, Nov. 30, 1864.... We were from a half to a mile in advance, and ran great risk of being captured. We soon advanced to the top of a high, rocky hill about a thousand or twelve hundred yards south of Franklin and on the west of the turnpike, which is known...
  8. bdtex

    CWT Chickamauga 2018 Tour - the official thread

    Had planned to do this a coupla weeks ago but didn't have enough information to launch. Myself,members @lelliott19 @Drew and @War Horse have been kicking this around. Here's what we have for starters. Tour dates: Friday,October 26,2018 - Sunday,October 28,2018. Accomodations: Block of 20...
  9. James N.

    Book Review Cleburne and His Command by Capt. Irving A. Buck, C.S.A.

    Just in time for St. Patrick's Day and the 188th anniversary of the birth of Patrick Roynane Cleburne, March 17, 1828, in County Cork, Ireland, I completed reading the first full biography of the man who was the highest-ranking general of Irish birth on either side of our Civil War. First...
  10. AUG

    Anecdotes of General Cleburne

    I've read bits and pieces of this account in a number of books, though never read it in its entirety until I finally decided to look it up in the SHSP. I don't believe its been posted here before. By T. O. Moore, 7th Texas Volunteer Infantry [From the New Orleans Picayune, July 2, 1893.]...
  11. AUG

    Cleburne by David Wright

    Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne sits on Winstead Hill, about two miles south of Franklin, TN, just before the attack. Franklin and the Army of the Ohio entrenched around it are in the background. The Columbia Pike can also be seen running north to the town. The men of the 33rd Alabama Infantry of...
  12. AUG

    Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne's Battle Report of Missionary Ridge

    Reports of Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne,. C. S. Army, commanding division, etc., with thanks of the Confederate Congress. NOVEMBER 23-27, 1863.--The Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign.O.R.-- SERIES I--VOLUME XXXI/2 [S# 55] HEADQUARTERS CLEBURNE'S DIVISION. Col. KINLOCH FALCONER, Assistant...