1. Belle Montgomery

    Hale Farm Civil War Reenactment Video

    This is a well done video from last year. The event will be August 10 & 11 this year.
  2. T

    Is anyone here familiar with the Piedmontese M1844/60 musket?

    Hi everyone! I had been doing some firearm research lately and came across a Piedmontese M1844/60 that had been imported by the Federal Government in 1862 for military use. I wasn't able to find much about the firearm other than less than ten thousand were imported by the government during the...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Century Village Museum Reenactment Photos- Burton, Ohio

    Sorry but I took no great shots of cannons or battle scenes as it was extremely humid and record breaking temp and I mostly hung around my spy display in the shade so I'll share these. The black & white ones of me were taken by a professional photographer who happened to be there and asked me...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Ohio Civil War Show

    It was cold and wet this past weekend so the turnout wasn't as good as usual but at least on Sunday it started clearing up and President Garfield even made it! Only have a few shots that my husband took...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War Reenactment Aboard the Lorena Sternwheeler Paddleboat in Ohio Annually -Video

    Just found this and it looks like so much fun I'd thought I'd share! It's in Zanesville, Ohio Gotta love the Reb prisoner's spirit! :bounce: The boat has a Facebook page too! Looks like tickets sell fast. Details for 2019: Friday, July 26 Public Ride 2:00 – 3:00 *Civil War Reenactment Night...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Civil War era flag returns to Ohio statehouse 154 years after flying over Lincoln's body

    COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Wearing latex gloves, a team of people lifted the fragile material of the 150+ year old flag as they slid it from its display table to the floor atop a sheet of plastic. The 36-star flag is an artifact and in remarkably good shape for its age. This is no ordinary 9-foot by...
  7. Buckeye Bill

    Ulysses S. Grant's Boyhood Home

    The Grant Boyhood Home in Georgetown, Ohio was the home of Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president of the United States. Grant's parents moved to this home from Point Pleasant, Ohio when Grant was an infant. Grant would stay in this house until he was accepted into the United States Army Academy at...
  8. luinrina

    Administrator, spymaster – Henry B. Carrington

    Civil War Training Camps Miifotos.com - Harrisburg Pa Civil War Henry Beebee Carrington was born in Wallingford, Connecticut on March 2, 1824 to Miles and Mary Beebee Carrington. His grandfather, James Carrington, was superintendent of the arms manufactory in Whitneyville, Connecticut from...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    Ohio Regimental Military Ball at the McKinley Grand Hotel

    Just an FYI: Saturday February 16th Please make a note when you arrive at McKinley Grand Hotel for Guest Registration: Friday Evening Arrival: Please call Holly 330-720-8093 or David 419-203-3518 Saturday Arrival: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Come and enjoy a wonderful day of...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    " Whose Dog Are You? " Curly, 11th Ohio, Makes It Home From War

    Advertisements for ' performing dog ' acts were fairly common although this is the most delightful ad I've come across ( 1864 ). While circus acts toured the country, best performers around went to war. They performed magic tricks, like surviving a war. Curly may have made an appearance here...
  11. LoyaltyOfDogs

    "That Dog Jack" of the 35th Ohio

    A patriotic Kentuckian, brave in battle, devoid of vanity, never a gambler, and an accomplished forager, Jack of Company B, the Thirty-Fifth Ohio regiment, "damaged the confederacy as much as lay in his power by doing his best to eat the rebels out of house and home, which was an approved way to...
  12. Belle Montgomery

    The Life of a Civil War Reenactor- 2017 Feature Film Special made in Zoar, Ohio

    Lot's of talk on here about the decline of reenacting so I thought I'd post this. Zoar claims to be the largest one in Ohio and so does Case Western Reserve University's Hale Farm reenactment. I'm planning on Zoar's next year-it rotates with Beaver Creek's. BTW-Isn't this 49th Ohio your group...
  13. Tom Elmore

    Missed Toast of Captain John Blinn from Indiana

    Captain John James Perry Blinn, who served as the Assistant Adjutant General to Brigadier General William Harrow, had previously been assigned to the field and staff of the 14th Indiana Infantry in Colonel Samuel S. Carroll’s brigade. On 3 July, Blinn’s hip was fractured by a bullet while he...
  14. J

    Best reproduction kepi or forage hat

    Hey everyone, Looking for a reproduction kepi or forage hat to wear around just for fun. My ancestor was in he Ohio 73rd, Co. E. I wanted to get a nice one. What kind of insignia might he have had in his? Any and all recommendations appreciated. By the way, my ancestor served from 61-65, would...
  15. AUG

    Color Guard of the 30th Ohio Infantry

    Ran across this image on LoC. Description: Title: Five unidentified soldiers of the last Color Guard of the 30th Ohio Infantry Regiment in uniforms with rifles and tattered flags. Creator(s): The Louisville Gallery of Photography, No. 85 Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky. Date...
  16. Belle Montgomery

    John Hunt Morgan Surrender Tree Displayed in Ohio State Park's Gaston's Mill

    I just posted my pics/videos today from the Beaver Creek Pioneer Village reenactment from yesterday but the one important thing I missed was the John Hunt Morgan "surrender tree" pic (camera flash failure) so I've substituted it with this man's video. It comes in at 7:49! It's the legendary tree...
  17. Legion Para

    Banners of Glory

  18. Belle Montgomery

    Speaking of Soldier's Motives: Story of the Civil War Depended on What Paper You Read

    Such a perfect example of "spinning" in a time when newspapers were the main source with newspaper copy comparisons to prove it! Examples of statements made in them proves that even up here in Ohio you'll find not all were willing to fight against the South and/or slavery: IE: “We have no...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Come to Hale Farm 8/11-12! Largest CWR in Ohio-u can even register day of event!

    2018-The recreation of the first day of Gettysburg. Participants may register the weekend of the event on-site at the Registration Tent. Unfortunately, registrations received after the July 21 deadline are not guaranteed a complimentary Sunday breakfast ration or firewood ration. PERFECT...
  20. J

    Looking for Indian War kepi

    Can anyone point me towards an affordable Indian War Kepi? Finally got an authentic forage cap from Shiloh Relics in honor of my ancestor James Welch, Ohio 73rd, Co E, veteran of Gettysburg, died in 1913. Now looking for an Indian War kepi in honor of his son, Edward Welch, 1st infantry, Co K...
  21. Belle Montgomery

    Slavery Interpretation/Reenactment in Ohio

    Saturday- July 14 at 6 PM - 7 PM - Marietta College-Hosted by The Castle Historic House Museum-Marietta, Ohio July 14 at 6 PM - 7 PM - Marietta College-Hosted by The Castle Historic House Museum-Marietta, Ohio Join Cheyney McKnight to learn about her experiences interpreting slavery throughout...
  22. Belle Montgomery

    I'll be at the Ohio Civil War show today...

    Anyone else coming? You won't be able to miss me -I'll be the blonde equestrian lady in a black riding habit. Sorry, leaving my bay horse at home...too much inconvenience and I want to be able to look around without worrying about him. :running:Be there around 11 or so depending on the drive...
  23. Belle Montgomery

    Ohio Civil War Show next weekend

    Anyone on here going? I'm planning on Saturday, if it's raining then maybe Sunday instead.
  24. H

    Hello (16th Ohio, 114th Ohio)

    Hi! I just joined today. Anyone else out there have connections to the Ohio 16th Volunteer Infantry or the 114th?? My ancestor was Solomon Harbaugh of Ohio. RR
  25. AUG

    125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry "Opdycke's Tigers"

    Captain Anthony Vallender (center, hand in vest) with men of Company H, 125th Ohio Infantry, at Nashville, June 1865. Company C Company B The Tiger Band. Musicians of the 125th Ohio regimental band. Principal Musician Samuel Sidlinger at far left. Found the above photographs in F. T...
  26. SWMODave

    The mystery dog that nearly started a regimental brawl

    Courtesy Pinterest - a bugler and his pal and not related to story below Bonnie Belmont: A Historical Romance of the Days of Slavery and the Civil War printed in 1907 - you can buy it in reprint or read it free online here It's a book of fiction but as the author, a judge, states in his preface...
  27. Crud_Taylor

    Portrait Submitted in a Desertion Trial

    While I was digging through court martial dockets of California regiments I found this picture in the records of a convicted deserter from the 11th Ohio Cavalry (I forgot to note his name unfortunately). The 11th Ohio included 40 some "Galvanized Yankeers" and was stationed throughout the...
  28. NascentScholar

    Gen. Geo. B. Smythe,????????????

    NascentScholar Hello. Family. I am doing research and wanted to know if ANYONE could assist me in learning about Ohio's Gen. Geo. B. Smythe,????????????
  29. Buckeye Bill

    Buffington Island Battlefield (Portland, Ohio)

    * The Buffington Island Battlefield State Memorial Park (Entrance off SR 124). * The Buffington Island Battlefield is the site of the only significant Civil War battle in Ohio. On July 19, 1863, a Federal force of 3,000 cavalry, artillery, infantry, and navy personnel routed a column of 1,800...
  30. Andrew Welsh-Huggins

    Columbus, Ohio, Camp Chase and Lincoln...

    Hi all, I'm doing some preliminary research for a possible Civil War mystery series set in and around Columbus, Ohio, book-ended by Abraham Lincoln's February 1861 visit on the way to Washington and when his body came back on display in April 1865. Looking forward to learning more about that...

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