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  1. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War, Poplar Grove Plantation and the Foy Family Ghosts

    Poplar Grove Plantation was the home of the Foy family for more than a century, through the trauma of the Civil War and into the 20th century. But some people say some members of the family never left the house, and still linger today to greet and sometimes unnerve tour guests at the historic...
  2. A. Roy

    Raleigh NC ladies said they started Confederate Cemetery to keep soldiers' bodies from getting dumped in the street

    Recently I visited the Confederate Cemetery here in Raleigh at Historic Oakwood Cemetery. The confederate section is on a hill across from the cemetery's office, near the front gates, at 701 Oakwood Ave., Raleigh NC 27601. According to one source, the Confederate Cemetery had a controversial...
  3. A. Roy

    Civil War fortifications at Raleigh, NC - Location of the southernmost section on today's landscape

    In 1863, North Carolina's governor ordered the construction of a circle of earthworks around the capital city of Raleigh, NC. I've been interested in pinning down the locations of these defenses on the modern landscape, to the extent possible. As far as I can tell, nothing has been done to try...
  4. A. Roy

    Inscriptions by Union soldiers encamped at Raleigh NC at the war's end

    Today I visited the grounds of Dorothea Dix Park here in Raleigh, NC, and took photos of this boulder near the park's entrance. Local tradition holds that the inscriptions on this rock were made by Union soldiers encamped here from April 13, 1865, when the city was surrendered, until the army...
  5. A. Roy

    New member from Raleigh NC

    Hello All, Happy to find this great Civil War resource for learning and sharing! I've been interested in the Civil War since childhood and have visited some battlegrounds over the years. However, my interest has mushroomed lately, and I've started working on a research and writing project about...
  6. lelliott19

    Daniel Blackburn: Free after 77 Years (Germanton, Stokes County, NC)

    Daniel Blackburn: Slave to Freeman after 77 years When I’m digging through records, sometimes I run across something that grabs my attention and demands further investigation. Some of these things just get to you, you know? And when you are able to locate the pieces and put them together, then...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Descendants of 2 African slaves to spend night inside reconstructed North Carolina slave cabin

    The descendants of two Africans who were enslaved at a North Carolina plantation will spend the night in a reconstructed slave cabin near the same sites where they once lived. Mina Wilson, 57, of El Cerrito, Calif., is among the 40 descendants of two slaves named Kofi and Sally who are...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Visiting The Past: Cold Mountain unearths truths about Civil War including W.P. Inman and others

    View of Cold Mountain. Photo by Henry Neufeld. (Photo: Courtesy of Rob Neufeld) William Pingree Inman, the real-life soldier on whom Charles Frazier based his Civil War novel, “Cold Mountain,” had been a Confederate soldier. Although Union sentiment had been strong in the mountains up to the...
  9. Cyclops

    Confederate enlisted frock coat info

    Howdy! I'm a reenactor and I've been looking to expand my impression, specifically with a frock coat because I've always liked the look of them, but I care about my accuracy and don't like to get anything unless I can explain why I have it. However, I have found it remarkably difficult to...
  10. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion A peek into ACW site tourism feelings: Readers share views on PROPOSED Civil War center in Fayetteville NC

    Last week, we asked readers to share their views on whether Fayetteville should build a Civil War & Reconstruction History Center. More than 200 people responded. Here is a sampling of opinions from our readers. Thank you to everyone who weighed in. If you’d still like to contribute to the...
  11. east tennessee roots

    "My Dear & Affectonate Little Son"

    Confederate Private Alexander Bailus West married my 4 x 1st cousin, Nancy Land in Wilkes County, NC; Feb.4, 1857. On November 26, 1858, their son, Thomas Harvey West was born. Alex mustered into Company K 53rd NC Infantry on 4/30/1862. His Captain and 1st Lieutenant were his cousins, William...
  12. Culper Bell

    Discussion College Students in Arms - Duke University and the Trinity Guard

    For background information: Trinity College was the predecessor to Duke University from 1856-1892 before the college was moved from Greensboro to Durham and later renamed to Duke University. Trinity College itself had previously been called Normal Callege from 1851-1856, Union Institute Academy...
  13. lelliott19

    A Labor of Love: Memorial Needlework Sampler by Margaret Jane Cross

    "Taylor Cross deceas'd June 18 1821." Margaret Jane Cross would have been about 13 years old when she sewed this memorial sampler on natural colored linen. Presumably, upon completion, she marked the date - April 30, 1829. Judging from the fine, precise needlework and the detail of her design...
  14. Luke Freet

    James Henry "Little Jim" Lane

    An interesting Confederate general I feel. Born 28th July, 1833 in Virginia. Graduated from VMI in 1854, plus a masters degree from the University of Virginia. Served as a professor of mathematics at VMI, and then natural philosophy at North Carolina Military I until the war broke out. Though...
  15. nluciani

    "Yankee Drum"

    According to The Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society and Museum (Mt. Pleasant, NC), H.T.J. Ludwig "captured" the "yankee drum" at the Battle of Bentonville (NC) on March 21, 1865. Ludwig was a musician with Co. H, 8th NC Regt. and was part of the rear-guard action at Bentonville. Following the...
  16. Luke Freet

    Colonel Frank S. Armistead

    Francis Stanley Armistead (1835 - 18th April 1889) was the younger brother of famed Confederate General Lewis Armistead. He was born in Virginia and graduated from West Point before the war. He went south, becoming a staff officer (Probably the AAG) to General Longstreet during the 1st Manasass...
  17. ForeverFree

    Book Review Driven from Home: North Carolina's Civil War Refugee Crisis, by David Silkenat

    Driven from Home: North Carolina's Civil War Refugee Crisis, by David Silkenat, University Georgia Press Description of the book from the UGA Press site: Examining refugees of Civil War–era North Carolina, Driven from Home reveals the complexity and diversity of the war’s displaced populations...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Two Civil War battlefields in Eastern NC will soon be getting larger

    Two Civil War battlefields in North Carolina will add more than 50 acres with the help of federal grants announced this week...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    25th N.C. Troops Captain Hargrove’s diary discovered among attic plunder

    "There were other heartfelt feelings expressed in the diary, but none more palpable or powerful as the following: I have known many who did not want to enlist or volunteer, but were influenced by some of the above illegitimate influences & now their bones are bleaching far from home or...
  20. Legion Para

    Tarheels at Gettysburg

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