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  1. skb8721

    Union Civil War Monument in Utica, New York

    I recently traveled from my home in south Louisiana to Utica, New York, and while there took these photos of the local Civil War monument. It's in good condition, as you can see.
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Hoag Library Looking to Sell 26th Regiment United States Colored Troops Civil War Flag they Can't Afford Anymore

    ALBION — Hidden with other treasures in a small archive room at Hoag Library is a worn flag. Sporting 13 red and white stripes and 35 stars — with “26 U.S.C.T” sewn over the stripes — the Civil War-era relic is from the 26th Regiment United States Colored Troops, also called the 26th Regiment...
  3. luinrina

    Irish revolutionist – Thomas Francis Meagher

    From Wikipedia Thomas Francis Meagher was born on August 3, 1823 in Waterford City, Ireland. His father was a merchant and quite wealthy; he eventually retired from trading to go into the politics and was twice elected mayor of the city. His family's financial situation enabled Meagher to...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Could This Be a Civil War Veteran at 2:16 Minutes In?- Ladies Who Love Downton Abbey Will Love It!

    I love watching early film reels and this being in 1911 is no exception. The film speed was corrected and the added sound effects are on point! The 1903 statue in the film depicts the esteemed Swedish-American engineer and inventor John Ericsson (1803–1889), who helped to revolutionize...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    " Burny In Mud ", Lt. Hulse, 50th NY Vol., Writes Home To Penn Yan, NY, 1863

    Harper's artist, of course, captured some, slight idea of an army sucking itself along through gelatinous earth. Whose? Sign said " Burny" Confederates gleefully snarked via signs along the way, " Burny In Mud ", " This Way To Richmond ", " Burnside's Army Stuck In Mud ". Well, how could they...
  6. WJC

    Favorite Biography of Daniel Sickles

    With the holidays upon us, I am considering buying a friend and history buff a biography of Dan Sickles. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks for your help!
  7. 20th_NYArtillery

    Light Artillery Militia Uniforms

    So I'm looking into Light Artillery uniforms for NYS Militia so that our unit can get all new jackets and trousers and the right gear so that when we go to reenactments we don't look so rag-tag. We've tracked down what NYS Militia jackets look like and some reference photos from the US Army's...
  8. AUG

    Colors of the 16th New York

    Sergeant John Lyon and Corporal Melvin Tucker of the 16th New York Volunteer Infantry holding their regiment's stand of colors. Regimental colors at right and National colors at left. ca. 1863...
  9. AUG

    Sgt. George F. Rysdyk

    Twenty-one year old George Rysdyk enlisted as 1st Sergeant of Co. K, 67th New York, 1st Long Island Volunteers on September 27, 1861 at Brooklyn. He made 2nd Lieutenant on May 1, 1862. Lieutenant Rysdyk was killed in action on May 31, 1862 at the Battle of Seven Pines. (Photo courtesy of the...
  10. AUG

    Colonel James P. McMahon

    Colonel James P. McMahon took command of the 164th New York Volunteer Infantry in 1863 after his brother, Colonel John E. McMahon, had died of disease that March. James led the regiment until his death in the battle of Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864. Early that morning, the 164th was ordered...

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