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  1. wausaubob

    Discussion Two day travel to New York City, 1857. The two day travel area included most of Kentucky. It included w. Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. This 10 state area included a near majority of the US population and almost all...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Phineas Taylor Barnum, Anti-Slavery Reformer Or P.T. Barnum, Showman? Who WAS This Guy?

    Phineas Taylor Barnum's Roman Hippodrome, NYC, part of this man's lavish display with which to entertain, thrill and delight us was the pre-circus of later years. We came, we paid, we either loved or loathed it. And the man. I have a foot in both camps. P.T. Barnum, sitting out the war in...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    War's Most Terrified Men Flee An Offensive, Cooper Union's Coup De Girl 1861

    Harper's published this image of the massive ladies meeting held in Cooper Union's ' Foundation Building ", April 1861. According to accounts 4,000 women attended a mass discussion about what would be their role providing relief and supporting men engaged in this war. A few men came. For awhile...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    The " Reconciliation Quilt ", Lucinda Sews Hope- Can You See Where?

    Brooklyn, New York City, 47 year old Lucinda Ward Honstein completed the 40 block folk art quilt " The Reconciliation Quilt ". Amazingly adept at telling our story, fabric images reflect sheer hope pervading this country immediately after the war. Message seems to be the beauty found in a...
  5. John Hartwell

    Ellen Anderson: New York’s Rosa Parks, 1864

    New York Horse-car Late in the morning of Friday, June 17, 1864, a well-dressed colored woman, about 35 years of age, stood at the corner of Broadway and Eighth Avenue in New York City. She was tired and unwell, and wanted nothing so much as to get home. She was dressed in deep mourning. Not...
  6. SWMODave

    A Missouri soldier helps solve a New York City and Memphis problem

    A miasmist is one who believes in the theory that some diseases were caused by ‘bad air’. And while this theory has been debunked, there was a time when many felt it explained diseases such as cholera, yellow fever and malaria. One of its most well known believers was a young man names George E...
  7. leftyhunter

    Is Gangs of New York an accurate Civil War era movie?

    I just watched Gangs of New York and based on he 1928 book by Herbert Asbury "Gangs of New York" and the History Channel documentary it seems a very accurate film. Now by very accurate the movie is not a documentary and does not need to be 100%accurate. For example it is true that the U.S. Navy...
  8. lelliott19

    Act of Kindness - Unlikely Reunions: 3rd Georgia and 9th New York Hawkins' Zouaves

    Athens Weekly Banner, Jul. 30, 1889, page 1. The 3rd Georgia and the 9th New York "Hawkins' Zouaves" established a relationship that endured long after the war. Delegations from the survivors group of each regiment attended the reunions of the other. The first invitation was issued by the 3rd...
  9. James N.

    Classics Illustrated - November, 1864: Confederate Saboteurs in New York City

    The impending Holiday release of the new movie The Greatest Showman about legendary entrepreneur P. T. Barnum reminded me of this story from the old 1961 Classics Illustrated issue The Civil War I've featured before; this time the story concerns a lesser-known but no less real episode involving...
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