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  1. M

    Was Henry H. Sibley the right general to capture New Mexico, Colorado, and even California?

    Sibley had a grand plan was to conquer New Mexico Territory and then on to California, then Colorado, and the northern part of Mexico. Sibley took his plan to President Jefferson Davis who agreed to the plan. Sibley needed to overwhelm the Union forces quickly to accomplish his goals. Sibley did...
  2. Kentuckian

    New company of the 9th texas being formed in New mexico

    we are trying to get a company started out here in new mexico of civil war reenactors. I am from the 9th texas infantry of the redriver batalion, and we would like to grow out here. If anyone in this group is from new mexico and interested plz contact me. We are lucky enough to have a 40 acre...
  3. B

    Question of Southern/Confederate Secession and Civil War in the early to mid 1850s vs 1860s

    I just finished reading the book Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850 which covers the Texas-New Mexico boundary dispute and the legislative debates of 1849-1850 only one of numerous books covering this topic (America's Great Debate, On the Brink of Civil War, and Prologue to Conflict)...
  4. Komi

    Riverine Forces in Arizona or New Mexico?

    I read an article recently about the pre-war activities of civilian riverboats along the Colorado River and it's tributaries, and I got to wondering whether either the Confederate or Union forces in Arizona and New Mexico operated any riverboats over the course of the war? I'd assume the Union...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!