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  1. jmtalmadge

    New Texas Member

    Hello all — Texas is home, and I am the great grandson of James G. Little, who along with his father was with Hood’s Texas Brigade. I am an old timer and late to the party, but I hope to learn a lot and make some new friends here. Just visited Manassas/Bull Run last week. Cheers - T
  2. P

    I hope to contribute ideas of merit.

    I am a veteran of the United States Army, I served a total of 28 years, roughly 14 Active Duty in the "Regular" Army, and 14 years in the National Guard, a few of those in the Air National Guard. I deployed Multiple Times to the Middle East, and earned my CIB (Combat Infantryman's Badge)...
  3. Iain S

    Hello, new member from the UK

    Good Morning All, My name is Iain Standen and I am delighted to join this forum. I am a retired British Army officer with 28 years service, but for the last 6 years I have had the privilege of running Bletchley Park the home of the UK's codebreaking activities in WW2. Although responsible...
  4. J

    Photo inscription help for new member

    I just joined because I have both Confederate and Union ancestors in my family. I recently received this picture of a family member who served in the Union army, most likely from Maine, possibly from Mass. -- or both. The photo dates from 1864-1866, from the tax stamp on the reverse side (a...
  5. Tom Reagan

    Howdy from NC/VA

    Howdy all, new member here. Some say I'm a bit young (23) to have such an avid interest in the Civil War, but it has always been one of my favorite topics. My father tried to impart a love for history in all of his children, but I'm the only one of the five that it really stuck with. I feel...
  6. Jimklag

    A greeting from a new guy

    I am an old retired engineer with only my wife, books and a shih-tsu named Gus (his photo is on my profile) to keep me company. I wish to give a big shout out to all on the CWT site which I have found in my short tenure to be a true oasis in the www desert. I also wish to thank all with whom I...
  7. S

    Newcomer! Looking for info and insight on relics! Thanks!

    Hello Everyone! I am a new member and new to the world of Civil War relics, photos, info, etc. Consider me a complete newbie. But! I am very interested to learn and grow through this forum and knowledgeable comments by the experts here at Civil War Talk. I have a few items I would like to ask...
  8. H

    Hello from Spotsylvania

    Hello, I have 4 gg grandfathers in Civil War, 3 Union, 98th Ohio Infantry, 7th Kentucky Cavalry, 8th Kansas Cavalry and 1 who started in the Missouri State Guard, joined 3rd Missouri Cavalry, was sentenced to be executed twice and was eventually hanged for being a spy in St. Louis in 64. His...
  9. B

    Intro: Evan J.

    Hi everyone! Glad I found this board! I am a CT Yankee, focus on units/men that served from SE CT. Glad to be on board!

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