1. Phil Gast

    CSS Georgia: More conserved artifacts go into storage -- at least for now

    Treasures from the CSS Georgia: Conserved artifacts from vessel are carefully stored, awaiting their moment in a museum's spotlight. -- US Navy photo Shanna Daniel in CSS Georgia storage area in Washington, DC
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Charleston lab restores Civil War cannons pulled from Pee Dee River in SC

    The three lethal Civil War-era cannons pulled from the Confederate gunboat CSS Pee Dee were loaded for action when they were recovered. That was maybe the biggest surprise for the conservators who confirmed the ship was ready to fight when it was scuttled in 1865 in the Pee Dee River near...
  3. SWMODave

    This was the greatest feat ever known in the history of the world

    USS Hartford There is, or has been a narrow gage RR from the town of Port Gibson to the landing at Grand Gulf. The bluffs back of the village and landing were selected for our batteries, and three siege guns, and four ten pound parrot guns, were placed in position and were soon ready for any...
  4. Western Reserve Volunteer

    Jules Verne's Nautilus: A Sci-Fi Submarine of 1865

    I thought I'd share this image here, I've been working on it for a site called Shipbucket and more or less finished it up just yesterday. Although I've been editing images from that site, this is my first submission to it. I used the Gimp image editing program on one of the stock size templates...
  5. wausaubob

    Construction of steamships

    For the fiscal year ending June 30, 1860, by state: Pennsylvania 65 New York 38 Ohio 32 Kentucky 29 Virginia 17 Missouri 13 Louisiana 8 Michigan 8

    Book On Civil War Ironclad Captains, Forward by Mark F. Jenkins Smith Authors New Book On Civil War Ironclad Captains Tusculum University Professor Emeritus Myron J. “Jack” Smith Jr. has...

    Fort Worden I was reading about Endicott Period fortifications, (I know, not ACW, Mea Culpa - but ACW era forts received Endicott upgrades ), and stumbled onto a Fort Worden...Worden...wasn't that the dude...Yeap, named after the...
  8. wausaubob

    The United States was going to win Civil War.

    The imbalance in population between the two sections was roughly known by December of 1860, when the New York Times reported on the likely outcome of reapportionment, which would be in effect for the 1864 election. The newspaper story is on the internet, but it would be just clutter here, the...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    The Navy’s Great Salt Raids (including map showing US Navy shore raids)

    “Salt works are as plentiful in Florida as blackbirds in a rice field.” –New York Herald January 5, 1864 Salt no longer has the importance today as it had until the advent of refrigeration. For centuries it was crucial for the preservation of meat and fish...
  10. GELongstreet

    Rank Charts for Civil War Navies

    This page shows the complicated and frequently changed insignia of the Union Navy during the civil war. It also shows the rank insignia of the Confederate States Navy as well as those of both the C.S. and U.S. Marine Corps. The study is part of the homepage of the "U.S. Naval Landing Party"...

    An Airtight Blockade If, from April of 1861, the Union Navy could have accomplished an airtight blockade of the South's coast line, what would have been the greatest detrimental effects to the Confederacy? Thanks, USS ALASKA
  12. sailorruss

    Hello from semi-Sunny Florida

    1 I would like to introduce myself. One of my greatest passions is history. I can say, “Well I love all history and I make sure to always spread my time equally.” I also sell bridges, skyscrapers & portions of the moon. I try not to taken myself too seriously. If there is a bad pun to be made...
  13. 8thFlorida

    Bermuda Confederate Headquarters and the Globe Hotel St. George's Parish

    We recently completed a tour of Bermuda and wanted to share some of the Confederate history that we encountered at the Rogues and Runners Museum. This present day museum was formerly the Headquarters of Major Norman S. Walker Ordnance Agent and was the center command for Confederate Blockade...
  14. John Hartwell

    The Navy's Final Tally

    On December 4, 1865, Secretary of the Navy presented to Congress his Annual Report, in which he summarized the activities of the U. S. Navy during the course of the Rebellion. The 661 page document included extensive Appendices including reports from officers commanding just about every U.S...
  15. davebleedsblue

    Please help me ID a possible Rev War sword guard!

    Hello everyone - I recently acquired this sword guard and I confess swords aren’t my forte. Can anyone help me ID the sword this guard was attached to, and maybe a roundabout guess at when/by whom it would’ve been used? Thank you so much. The seller gave me this...
  16. davebleedsblue

    Please help me ID these old US Navy buckles

    Thanks for any assistance in advance. I’ve recently acquired these and am having trouble penning down their age. This first one was listed as “early US Navy”: This one was listed as “1880s”: Not looking to sell these so I’m really just...
  17. buckeye_man18

    Looking for information on a certain naval engineer on monitor ships during civil war

    I have an ancestor named Victor Burnside Stubbins. He was born in 1843 near York, Pennsylvania, lived near Baltimore, Maryland, and died in 1925 near Zanesville, Ohio He was commissioned by the U.S. Navy as a 3rd Assistant Engineer during the Civil War, where he spent most of his time on...
  18. Cavalry Charger

    Would you believe?

    'In conclusion, “Would You Believe?” that the visit of the Confederate warship Shenandoah to Melbourne in 1865 would lead to the development of the Victorian colonial navy, giving rise to the need for a Victorian naval ensign that evolved into the current Australian National Flag.' Southern...
  19. skb8721

    U.S. Civil War submarine reveals more clues, human remains

    CNN posts this article today about human remains found on the salvaged Confederate submarine CSS Hunley. Key phrase: "Researchers in a North Charleston, South Carolina, laboratory on Wednesday unveiled the crew compartment -- which had been sealed by more than 130 years of ocean exposure and...
  20. LoyaltyOfDogs

    J.D. Husbands, Jr., US Navy, And Dog

    It's not often that we see a Civil War photo of an identified soldier or sailor with his dog, but here is one from the Library of Congress. J.D. Husbands, Jr., served aboard the USS Western World and had previously been with the 13th New York Infantry as quartermaster. The photo is dated c. 1862-63.
  21. GELongstreet

    Rear Admiral Thomas Turner, U.S.N.

    And a picture for our navy guys - Rear Admiral Thomas Turner (1807-1883). The Virginian became a Midshipman in the U.S. Navy in 1825; serving in the Mediterranean, the East Indies and in the war against Mexico. When the civil war began he headed the Phíladelphia Naval Yard. He was made Captain...
  22. shipmodeler

    Hello from central Oklahoma!

    Hi all. My name is Rusty White and I am an ironclad freak. I love the ironclads and everything about them; especially their history as it pertains and intertwines with the modern steel navy. I am a ship modeller (guess what I build) and am the owner/operator of Flagship Models (guess what I...

    CSS Albemarle

    Looking at some pics of the sunken CSS Albemarle, noticed that her casement was knocked out of alignment. This happened as a result of Cushing's attack? How large was the explosive charge on that spar torpedo?
  24. chellers

    What is the greatest overlooked story at the end of the Civil War?

    "CSS Shenandoah (1864-1865) Painting depicting the Confederate cruiser in the Arctic ice, circa June 1865. This image has been credited to the "Illustrated London News", though it appears to be a painting on canvas and not a line engraving. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph. (U.S. Naval...

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