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  1. Cody C. Engdahl

    The Redemption of General Sherman

    Today is the 154th Anniversary of the Surrender at Bennett Place and the end of all major military operations of the American Civil War. I wrote a blog post: The Redemption of General Sherman. What do you think?
  2. Big Sarge

    Forrest's Cavalry Corps 1864 - Organization & Equipment

    This thread will cover the organization and equipment of Forrest's Cavalry Corps (aka Forrest’s Cavalry Department) in 1864. All are welcome to contribute, I only ask that you restrict your posts to cover up to the end of Feb of 1864. This will take us through the Battles of Okolona and Ellis...
  3. Pat Young

    Did Nathan Bedford Forrest Order the Ku Klux Klan to Disband January 25, 1869? A Discussion of KKK General Order Number 1

    There are many references in Forrest biographies of his ordering the disbanding of the Ku Klux Klan on January 25, 1869 in his General Order Number 1 issued in his role as Grand Wizard of the Klan. @diane provided me with a link to the order. What do you make of it? What does it say? Does it...
  4. Derrick

    Forrest's First: The Battle of Sacramento

    Hello everyone, I recently completed a short write-up on the Battle of Sacramento, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest's first real fight. In 2001 my parents took me to see the reenactment in Sacramento. I was enamored with the sites of the horses and the smoke, the masses of men marching...
  5. Pat Young

    Nathan Bedford Forrest Calls for an End to the War Against Suspected Klan Members Oct. 1868

    The Democratic paper The New York World published this excerpt from a letter from Nathan Bedfor Forrest calling for an end to the efforts of Gov. Brownlow to suppress the Ku Klux Klan. World Tuesday, Oct 06, 1868 New York, NY Page: 11
  6. Joshism

    Chickamauga: Impact Of Thomas' Aggressiveness on Sept 19?

    On the morning of September 19, Dan McCook reports to George Thomas that his cavalry has found an isolated Confederate brigade near Jay's Mill. Thomas responds aggressively, sending in Brannan who runs into Forrest. The fighting continues to drawn divisions from both sides in a confusing...
  7. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 8-23-18

    After last week's hijinks, this week's Throwback Thursday returns to its usual decorum with another photo from my memorable August, 1961 Civil War Centennial tour with my mother. Now 57 years ago (!), it was a time far removed from when the heroic statue over the grave of Lt. Gen. Nathan...

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