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  1. Ole Miss

    Mann’s Battery, Company C, 1st Missouri Light Artillery at Shiloh

    Mann’s Battery, Company C, 1st Missouri Light Artillery was heavily engaged on both days of the Battle of Shiloh. Armed with 2 6-pounder smoothbores and 2 12-pounder howitzers, the performance of this battery was such that General Hurlbut praised it in his official report cited below. The unit...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Links to 4 Episodes of Ghost Adventures investigating Vicksburg including Champion Hill, 2 Hospitals etc, in 2017 to enjoy for Halloween!

    Happy Halloween all! CWT just got back from invading Vicksburg but I thought I would share this 4 part 2017 episodes of Ghost Adventures when they investigated it titled Hauntings of Vicksburg. Whether you believe in ghosts or even don't like this show maybe you can pop some popcorn and enjoy...
  3. Joshism

    Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation

    Review of Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation by Michael Frawley (LSU Press, 2019): https://cwba.blogspot.com/2019/09/review-industrial-development-and.html Per the review, the author's thesis (which looks at Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama -...
  4. Basil Fluber

    Hulloa from New Mexico Mts.

    Greetings all. I have been studying the War for nearly 70 years, and still have more to learn, so I look forward to doing just that from this very knowledgeable group. Interests: early photography, personal accounts, the Sibley Campaign 1862, Sterling Price's Campaign in SW Missouri, and...

    CWTrust More battlefield land preserved with NPS grant

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Champion_Hill#/media/File:Champion_Hill_Battlefield_Mississippi.jpg More battlefield land preserved with NPS grant By John Surratt Published 8:07 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019 The Mississippi Department of Archives and...
  6. Mississippi Jim

    "New Albany Grays" 21st Mississippi Infantry, Company K

    Charles Rudolph Martin (Left) and Alfred B. Jarvis (right) stand in front of their Company flag “New Albany Grays”. The 21st Mississippi Infantry, Company K. Martin and Jarvis were the last two survivors of Company K. Martin was 16 years old and Jarvis was 17 when they pledged their support to...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    The Civil War Governors of Mississippi Project's 50,000 Civil War-era letters to governors will be available online to read

    50,000 Civil War-era letters collected from ordinary citizens. Letters to be made available to public as part of Civil War Governors of Mississippi Project. Only other project of this kind in U.S. is in Kentucky. When you want to let a state politician know what you're thinking, you might pick...
  8. AUG

    16th Mississippi Infantry

    Battle flag of the 16th Mississippi Infantry. I've wanted to do a thread on the 16th Mississippi for the Regimental Histories forum for a while now, however I could not find a sufficient overview of their record online or elsewhere, so I decided to put together my own and have been working on...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    Tales of the Civil War- 82 year old man heard stories from grandfather

    Amzi Gregory shows an old copy of the book ‘The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray,’ a gathering attended by his grandfather who served in the Confederate Calvary. EDMOND, Okla. — It seems almost imaginable today to have had a direct conversation with a Civil War veteran. But an Edmond man...
  10. wbull1

    Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

    https://hechingerreport.org/never-mind-trumps-visit-mississippis-new-civil-rights-museum-real-game-changer-education/ Mississippi has opened a museum about the Civil Rights Museum that reviews opposition to giving equal rights to blacks that started immediately after the Civil War. Exhibits...
  11. lelliott19

    Funeral for a Cow: John Bird Foster 15th Mississippi Infantry, Chaplain (for a few hours)

    John Bird Foster enlisted as a Private in Co. E, 15th Mississippi Infantry on April 20, 1861 at Corinth, MS. "To be explicit, I went the whole hog. As paradoxical as it may seem, I went into the war before it began, and came out of it after it was all over...." *He later became a practicing...
  12. Belle Montgomery

    The Rebel Tombigbee Squadron-Civil War and boats on the Tombigbee River

    The Steamer Magnolia as she appeared in the London Illustrated News of May 4, 1861. Before the Civil War, the Magnolia was in the Upper Tombigbee-Mobile trade. During the war she became a transport steamer as part of the Confederate Tombigbee Squadron at Demopolis. Photo by: Courtesy photo -Two...
  13. Coonewah Creek

    History of the 2nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

    I've been working on a regimental history for a long time, so I don't intend to publish everything here. But I thought I'd start a thread and post some "bits and pieces" that other folks may have an interest in. And of course, I'm always happy to answer any questions concerning the regiment or...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    Mrs. Emma Falconer Recalls Southern Life Before and After the Civil War

    U.S. Work Projects Administration, Federal Writers' Project Folklore Project, Life Histories, 1936-39 Interview with Mrs. Emma Falconer by Effie Cowan "I was born in Green County, Mississippi, in the year 1850. My parents were Theodore and Mary Shaw. My mother died when I was ten years old...
  15. Pat Young

    Mississippi: How the Colored Men Voted & The Future of the State Constitution July 1868

    As July 1868 began, the battle was on in Mississippi over the proposed color-blind state constitution. Here is the NY Times version of events. NYT July 7, 1868
  16. HarlechMan

    44th Mississippi Infantry (Blythe's Regiment)

    The 44th Mississippi Infantry was organized from the 1st (Blythe's) Mississippi Infantry Battalion, which was formed late in 1861. It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A.K. Blythe, who became Colonel of the regiment after it was expanded from the battalion by early 1862. It was known as...
  17. leftyhunter

    Newt Knight Union hero or villain? A sourced thread.

    Recently @Jimklag had a thread in the movie and book forum asking the veracity of the recent movie "Free State of Jones ". All well and good but the thread got derailed over the legitimacy or illgitmacy of Newt Knight the film's protagonist and still controversial figure. The purpose if this...
  18. Jimklag

    The Battle Of Iuka: Control of The Memphis & Charleston RR

    The battle of Iuka in northeastern Mississippi was all about getting control of the Railroad, Checkout this LINK
  19. ForeverFree

    Mississippi Blue Flood Blues

    From the blog Jubilo! The Emancipation Century: The Colored Soldier, Marching into Dixie; 1863; hand-colored lithograph; from New York: Published by Currier & Ives, New York; Originally part of a McAllister, Hart, Phillips Civil War scrapbook Description: Portrait of an earnest African...
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