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  1. Eleanor Rose

    Please Have a Seat!

    As a fan of 19th century love stories, it seemed fitting for me to start a thread on the loveseat - the one piece of furniture I always presumed was dedicated to love. Well as it turns out, that may have indeed become the intention, but there’s a lot more to the story. This two-seater sofa...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Hanover Tavern: History is Still Served Here Daily

    Hanover Tavern Hanover Tavern is rich with history and still serves delicious meals to road weary travellers like @Southern Unionist and me. During the Civil War, it was used by both Union and Confederate troops on their way to and from the battlefields. This part of Virginia saw the terrible...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    Kinzua: A Bridge to the 19th Century

    The Kinzua Sky Walk was opened on September 15, 2011. When the Kinzua Viaduct was built in 1882, it was the longest (>2000 feet) and highest (300 feet) bridge in the world, about the same height in the center as the flame on top of the Statue of Liberty's torch. Iron was soon replaced with...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    Stratford Hall: Robert E. Lee's Birthplace

    Stratford Hall located in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Stratford Hall was the home of four generations of the Lee family of Virginia, including two signers of the Declaration of Independence. This was the birthplace of General Robert E. Lee. As the Stratford Hall website points out: “The...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Should the Founders Be Blamed for the Civil War?

    Montpelier, home of James and Dolley Madison. The American Civil War is at the heart of the mid-19th century and this forum has numerous threads dedicated to how our Victorian friends dealt with it. I recently enjoyed a visit to Montpelier and since have enjoyed contemplating some of James...
  6. Eleanor Rose

    A Mysterious Window Etching

    On a recent trip to Virginia, I had the pleasure of staying at Belle Grove Plantation in King George. Belle Grove was the birthplace of President James Madison and witness to the American Civil War. Belle Grove belonged to the Carolinus Turner family during the war and I slept in the oldest...
  7. Eleanor Rose

    More Valuable Than Letters From Home

    Wash day at camp: A pair of "drawers" hangs to dry on the log support behind the ax-wielding soldier on the right. While we all enjoy reading about epic battles, soldiers, generals and the fearless women who supported them, mere underwear actually has a Civil War story to tell. Yes. You read...
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