micah jenkins

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  1. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Jenkins, Micah

    Micah Jenkins Born: December 1, 1835 Birthplace: Edisto Island, South Carolina Father: John Jenkins 1794 – 1854 Mother: Elizabeth Clark 1808 – 1864 (Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina) Wife: Caroline H. Jamison 1837 – 1902 (Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South...
  2. lelliott19

    Tell me more! Whitworths in Front of Knoxville? November 23, 1863

    I've got very little information and a whole lot of questions on this one. :bounce: Hoping some of the firearms guys will weigh in. The excerpt below is from correspondence to the New York Herald about the Siege of Knoxville, reprinted in The Daily Green Mountain Freeman. In this section, the...
  3. AUG

    5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment

    Illustration depicting the fighting at the Brock Road in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864, where Col. Asbury Coward grabbed the colors of the 5th South Carolina and led them in a charge over the works. From Battles & Leaders, based on a period sketch by Alfred R. Waud. Mainly...
  4. AUG

    Col. Micah Jenkins at the Battle of Seven Pines

    Having done a thread on Micah Jenkins at the battle of Glendale, I thought I should also do one on his actions in the battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks, which I think ranks among the best small unit actions of the war. For a rather large and bloody battle, Seven Pines is very overlooked in...
  5. lelliott19

    Career and Character of General Micah Jenkins, CSA

    Biography of Micah Jenkins "The Career and Character of General Micah Jenkins, C.S.A." by John Peyre Thomas. Published by The State Company, Columbia, SC, 1903. According to the introduction, it is a "true and eloquent account of the life and achievements of one of South Carolina's greatest...
  6. AUG

    Letter by Gen. Micah Jenkins

    Letter by Brig. Gen. Micah Jenkins to Longstreet's aide, Thomas J. Goree [Goree Family Papers]. Hd. Qrs., Petersburg, Va. Aug. 10, 1863. My Dear Friend, As you have once again gotten within reach, I take advantage of Mr Reily's going up to your Hd Qrs. To send a few lives of remembrance. I...
  7. John Winn

    Palmetto Riflemen/Sharpshooters (Jenkins')

    In 1903 there was a gathering of veterans of this unit and a composite photo collage was made of them. Below I have attached a little info on the photo and some images of it I obtained four or five years ago from a SCV guy whose chapter at one time was allowed by the then owner to make copies...
  8. AUG

    Col. Micah Jenkins at the Battle of Glendale

    Major Thomas J. Goree of Longstreet's staff, in a letter to his mother, describes the attack of Colonel Micah Jenkins' brigade at the battle of Glendale/Frayser's Farm on June 30, 1862: The So. Ca. Brigade under the gallant Col. Jenkins commenced the attack. Kemper was on the right of Jenkins...
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