mclaws' division

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  1. lelliott19

    Say What Anniversary Special: Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg

    The writer was an eye witness to the charge of the Irish brigade at Fredericksburg. General Lee had, at the time, the finest army in history. Two formidable lines of battle were protected by a rock wall and defended by Cobb's and Kershaw's brigades of McLaw's division (one fourth of whom, I...
  2. lelliott19

    Re-enlisted "For Forty Years or the War" - Humphreys' Mississippi Brigade February 1864

    [The Daily Sun. (Columbus, Ga.), March 20, 1864, page 2.] The men will follow Longstreet anywhere, some of them facetiously have re-enlisted "for forty years or the war," others "for this war and three years of the next one." By March of 1864, three years had passed since many Confederate...
  3. lelliott19

    Day 2: McLaws Arrives in View of the Enemy

    "While this was going on I rode forward, and getting off my horse, went to some trees in advance and took a good look at the situation, and the view presented astonished me, as the enemy was massed in my front, and extended to my right and left as far as I could see. The firing on my command...
  4. lelliott19

    Day 2: Hood's & McLaws' Divisions Prior to the Assault

    General Hood writes that his orders were to place his division across the Emmettsburg road, form line and attack....the position occupied by the enemy was naturally so strong, so nearly impregnable that, independently of their flank fire, they could repel his attack by throwing stones down the...
  5. lelliott19

    View of Pickett's Charge: Maj Gen Lafayette McLaws on July 3

    "I sat on my horse watching the shells passing over me, now bursting over artillery, now over the enemy's lines and then suddenly against Round Top, until it became monotonous, as the results could but be conjectured. But finally, during a temporary lull in the artillery fire, my attention was...
  6. lelliott19

    Faulty Confederate Cartridges

    Ord Officer McLaws Division Nov 26, 1863 Lieut Francis W Dawson Actg Chief of Ordnance Longstreet's Corps Lieut In reply to a circular letter from the Chief of Ordnance C.S.A. dated Nov 2 1863 Calling for report from the Ordnance officer of this command of the best method of putting up the...
  7. lelliott19

    16th Georgia Infantry 16th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Assignments: Colquitt's Brigade/Magruders Command/Army of the Peninsula 2nd Brigade (Howell Cobb's)/McLaws' Division/Army of the Peninsula Howell Cobb's Brigade/ McLaws'...
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