1. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Battle of Franklin:Drone footage of Carnton and McGavock cemetery shows perspective of how many Confederate dead from one battle

    The cemetery comes in at 7 minutes...see the people walking gives a great perspective of just how many graves from one battle there are! Looks like each row has 15 soldiers in it on each side of the center walkway. Very sad. See inside the plantation here-the blood stains still seen in the...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    14 Civil War Personalities stories involved in the "Battle of Franklin"

    See at the bottom for list of others they covered- notable ones like Cleburn aren't on it-I don't know why not #1 Civil War Personality: Carrie Winder McGavock mistress of Carnton By WILL POWELL, ERIC JACOBSON & KELLY GILFILLAN The Battle of Franklin is full of stories of military tactics...

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