1. LoyaltyOfDogs

    "That Dog Jack" of the 35th Ohio

    A patriotic Kentuckian, brave in battle, devoid of vanity, never a gambler, and an accomplished forager, Jack of Company B, the Thirty-Fifth Ohio regiment, "damaged the confederacy as much as lay in his power by doing his best to eat the rebels out of house and home, which was an approved way to...
  2. SWMODave

    A Dog Named Truce

    Photo courtesy Find a Grave Source - Under Both Flags
  3. LoyaltyOfDogs

    Jack, “A Famous Dog” Of The 56th NY Regiment

    In November 1861, the 56th New York Volunteer Infantry received its regimental banner at a public ceremony in New York City. A few moments later, as they marched along Broadway, the soldiers met someone who would be remembered years later for his brave and faithful service. Unlike many other...
  4. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE Three Out-Of-Print Books Tell a Famous Civil War Dog’s Story is pleased to offer for sale three out-of-print and hard-to-find books about canine mascot Sallie Ann Jarrett and her soldiers of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Details are available here at our Web store. Visitors to the Gettysburg Battlefield are often surprised...
  5. SWMODave

    Specifically mentioned animals at the Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Reference Map First hand accounts from the Battle of Wilson's Creek Author, location on battlefield, segment from his account August 10th, 1861 Southwest Missouri - Blue & Gray (thought to be Pvt Dailey 1st MO, Union) on top of Bloody Hill - The men and the horses were long associated...
  6. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE "Sallie" Civil War Dog T-Shirts In Color! And More!'s popular "Sallie" Civil War dog T-shirt--originally offered as a classic black tee--is now available by special order in several additional colors. Styles for men, women and children can be ordered directly from our page on Teepublic. The classic black unisex T-shirt remains...
  7. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE Summer at last! Gettysburg T-Shirt Bonus Deal for Dog-Lovers

    Buy an adult's or children's Loyalty Of Dogs T-Shirt and get your choice of a bonus: A free handmade Civil War dog note card* 50% off our popular "Loyalty Of Dogs" Tribute Poster *And a special offer just for members of Civil War Talk: When placing your order, tell us your Civil War Talk...
  8. John Hartwell

    Curly, of Company F

    Curly, with friend Chappie It was while still in training, before actually going to war, that most units began collecting mascots. Often, however, those early pets were not allowed to accompany their men to the seat of war, and had to be left behind -- to be replaced by newer 'recruits.' One...

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