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  1. Niagara1864

    Point Lookout Maryland?

    I have come across, in my research, several references of Union soldiers being buried at Point Lookout, Maryland. However there is no cemetery there, does anyone know the disposition of the remains that were once there? In particular I was looking for a one Pvt. Edwin Stockwell, a member of the...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Point Lookout, The One In Maryland, What's In A Picture?

    LoC's collection gifts us this, the small city dwarfing Point Lookout in ancient St. Mary's county, Maryland. Between Point Lookout's lighthouse on the tip and its smallpox cemetery sequestered on the northern end lay one of the ACW's worst prisons. Even in this sanitized version it's crowded...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    St. Michaels, Maryland - Where Frederick Douglass Said He Became a Man

    @Southern Unionist and I recently enjoyed a visit to the town of St. Michaels, Maryland. Frederick Douglass lived in St. Michaels between 1833 and 1836 as a slave of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Auld. This family also owned his sister. Two years older than Frederick, Eliza was her brother’s friend...
  4. Robert Gray

    Relay House, 1861.

    Union troops pose for a picture at the Relay House, Maryland in 1861. The B&O Railroad was the only railroad into Washington DC until after the Civil War, thus it was an essential supply train route for the Union. To prevent Confederate attack or sabotage of the Thomas Viaduct and Washington...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Welcome to (possibly) the only town in America that wants a new Civil War memorial

    TANEYTOWN, Md. — It would seem an unthinkable proposal right now, what this small and quaint town in rural Maryland is considering. Because while the rest of the nation is having a deep reckoning with the statues and monuments of the Civil War, this picture-perfect town is thinking of...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    A Valentine's Day Twofer, Confederate Soldier's Love Poem And The Act Of Kindness Delivering It

    A Union camp may be depicted in this snip from a Harper's Weekly spread for Valentine's Day but it doesn't matter. A Confederate soldier wrestled with epistolary composition somewhere in another camp, hoping to convey the right sentiments to his sweetheart. He did an awesome job. The Union...
  7. wausaubob

    Given more time, Could the Lincoln Administration Prevent Secession?

    Given just slightly more time the fears of the secessionists that Lincoln could put slavery on the path towards elimination would have been fulfilled. First the administration would tell Maryland politicians that due to the threat of secession, the national capital must be removed to Columbus...
  8. A

    2nd Maryland Infantry, C.S.A.

    The 2nd Maryland Infantry was mustered into service in September of 1862. Initially, the unit was designated as the 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion.The 1st Battalion was formed around the survivors of the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment which saw service from the summer of 1861 until the summer...
  9. A

    Looking for Maryland Campaigners to Join Us!

    Looking for an opportunity to get involved in the preservation of Maryland’s Civil War History? Then check out Company D of the 2nd Maryland Infantry! We are a campaigner style organization dedicated to strict authenticity and the representation of Marylanders in the Confederate Army. We pride...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    " A Woman Rarely Gifted ", Anna Ella Carroll, Er, General Carroll?

    Anna Ella was from Maryland's ' long line ' of Carrolls, Kings, Stevensons and well, aristocrats. Slave holders, her evolution to anti seccession, anti slavery is fascinating. With brilliant insight, the skills and connections to be heard, Anna Ella became an integral part of the war's...
  11. G

    Hello from Maryland

    My name is Greg. I am an Air Force veteran and I currently live in Maryland. However, I have visited almost every state in the Union and lived in 9 different states including Richmond, Virginia. My interest in the Civil War began in high school when I toured the Gettysburg battlefield and...
  12. Jimklag

    Civil War Railroad Story By The Maryland Historical Society

    Excellent article about the Northern Central Railroad. A link to the story:
  13. Tom Elmore

    1st Maryland Battalion Versus 137th New York on Culp's Hill

    Date/Time/Location: July 2/about 7:40 p.m./Culp's Hill Participants: Confederate: 1st Maryland Battalion - 31 officers, 339 enlisted men Union: 137th New York Regiment - 23 officers, 346 enlisted men Attacker's Advantages: Firepower - Two lines of battle opposed but a single line. Concealment...
  14. James N.

    Montpelier, A Maryland Tobacco Plantation House

    While visiting the Washington, D. C., area last August, I stumbled across this lovely restoration in the suburb of Laurel, Maryland. Montpelier was originally built by Quaker Major Thomas Snowden near the close of the Eighteenth Century from 1781 - 1785. It was the centerpiece of a vast...
  15. kholland

    Maryland vs Maryland at Culp's Hill

    Maryland was the only state with regimental units that fought for both the Union and the Confederacy at Gettysburg, and Culp's Hill is where they confronted each other. Lee's plan for July 2d was for Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell of the Confederate 2nd Corps to attack Culp's Hill and East Cemetery...
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