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  1. Eleanor Rose

    A Mysterious Window Etching

    On a recent trip to Virginia, I had the pleasure of staying at Belle Grove Plantation in King George. Belle Grove was the birthplace of President James Madison and witness to the American Civil War. Belle Grove belonged to the Carolinus Turner family during the war and I slept in the oldest...
  2. SWMODave

    Seven stories of love and the Civil War

    Unidentified War Couples Love story #1 Albert P. Morehouse was born on July 11, 1835, in Delaware County, Ohio, the son of Stephen Morehouse, a native of Newark County, New Jersey, and Harriett Wood Morehouse, a native of New York and the daughter of Russell Wood, who also later settled in...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    A Valentine's Day Twofer, Confederate Soldier's Love Poem And The Act Of Kindness Delivering It

    A Union camp may be depicted in this snip from a Harper's Weekly spread for Valentine's Day but it doesn't matter. A Confederate soldier wrestled with epistolary composition somewhere in another camp, hoping to convey the right sentiments to his sweetheart. He did an awesome job. The Union...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Lottie's Dear Chalmers, An 8th Illinois Cavalry's Love Story That Shouldn't Have Been

    Shouldn't have been? Chalmers Ingersoll, Co. G of the 8th Illinois Cavalry survived some of the biggest, most savage cavalry clashes of the war. I could have used a sappy, flowery image for Trooper Chalmer's love story. His war was this; his sabre hand penned a liquid, living thread home...
  5. wausaubob

    I am very impressed with performance of Ulysses S. Grant

    Before his regiment was sent to Louisiana, prior to the Mexican War, he returned to Missouri. He saddled up his horse, rode through a flooded river, made it to the Dent plantation, and borrowed ill fitting clothes from one of Dent's sons, Fred, and proposed to his beloved, Julia Dent. Though he...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!