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  1. M

    Discussion President Buchanan does met with South Carolina commissioners but Lincoln does not.

    President Buchanan met South Carolina commissioners but Lincoln refused to meet with Confederate commissioners because he thought this would indicate he accepted the Confederacy as a separate nation. Why did not South Carolina receive reorganization as a notion when Buchanan met with them?
  2. Andy Cardinal

    An Encounter With Lincoln

    About 20% of the Army of the Potomac was composed of "green" regiment's during the Maryland Campaign. In April, Stanton had closed the recruiting offices in the expectation that the war would soon be over. In July, Lincoln called for "300,000 more" men. Many of those new men arrived in...
  3. M

    Discussion February 5 1865 Lincoln wants to offer $400,000,000 to lay down their arms.

    Lincoln presented his 400 million dollars plan to get to get the Confederacy to lay down their arms by April 1 1865, to his cabinet. The cabinet seems uninterested. If this deal was offered to the Confederacy was there any chance they would have agreed? By late March of 1865 some members of the...
  4. jackt62

    Lincoln and Davis Incognito

    I found it interesting that both Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis were lampooned by cartoonists for the way they either started or ended their administrations. Lincoln was lambasted for being in disguise and sneaking into Washington City for his inauguration. On the reverse end, Davis was...
  5. gentlemanrob

    2nd Lt. Warren Lincoln Kendall - 20th Maine Infantry

    Warren Lincoln Kendall: Born: November 27, 1836 Birthplace: Waldo County Maine Father: Waterman B. Kendall 1806 – 1862 Mother: Martha J. Jackson 1809 – 1862 Civil War Career: 1862: Corporal Company I 20th Maine Infantry Regiment 1862 – 1863: 2nd Lt. Company I 20th Maine Infantry Regiment 1863...
  6. John Hartwell

    Mr. Lincoln visits the Hospital at City Point

    On April 2nd, 1865, during the final days of the siege of Petersburg, Captain William S. Greenough, of Co. D, 18th New Hampshire Volunteers, received a bullet wound in his right side. He was moved the nine miles to the hospital at City Point. Thirty-nine years later, he described the President's...
  7. NH Civil War Gal

    A Sentry Story

    A sentry story is related by C.C. Buel. It was a cold, blusterous winter night. Says Mr. Buel: "Mr. Lincoln emerged from the front door, his lank figure bent over as he drew tightly about his shoulders the shawl which he employed for such protection; for he was on his way to the War...
  8. R

    Discussion The South Defeated Itself, Lincoln Could Have Slept Through The Whole Thing.

    The South Defeated Itself. I don't know how many times I have read theories that Lincoln engaged in elaborate plots that would have astounded Machiavelli to start, pursue & win the Civil War. After over fifty years studying the war, I have concluded that the South defeated itself, Lincoln...
  9. Gettmore

    Impeach Lincoln

  10. KLSDAD

    ENDED For Sale...collection of Lincoln books (most $9 each)

    I'm going to sell all my Lincoln books. See pic. I'll post prices but thought I would get started to see if anyone was especially excited about a particular book or the entire lot. The one you may not be able to identify from the pic is Diplomat in Carpet Slippers by Monaghan. Thanks for...
  11. gentlemanrob

    US Lincoln, Robert Todd

    Robert Todd Lincoln Born: August 1, 1843 Birthplace: Springfield, Illinois Father: President Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865 (Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois) Mother: Mary Ann Todd 1818 – 1882 (Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois) Wife: Mary Eunice Harlan 1846 –...
  12. Northern Light

    Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Josepha, Hale, and Thanksgiving

    With Turkey Day on the horizon, I thought I should post this interesting video on the holiday. Enjoy both it and the turkey!
  13. Andy Cardinal

    Say What? Saturday Quote: Carl Schurz Criticizes Abraham Lincoln

    Carl Schurz was a German revolutionary in 1848 who fled Prussia after the revolution's failure and eventually emigrated to the United States. By the fall of 1862, he was a brigadier general commanding a division in the 11th Corps. The fall 1862 elections were a setback for Abraham Lincoln and...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    The Lingering Legend of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost

    Stories of a ghostly President Lincoln wandering the corridors and rooms of the White House have persisted for more than a century. Editors Mary Todd Lincoln photographed with President Abraham Lincoln's 'spirit.' From the Lincoln Financial...
  15. RushesLancer

    Discussion What do you know about the INVALID CORPS???

    I'm curious what YOU know OR would like to know about the Invalid Corps! Without a Google search, what do you think you know about the corps: its start, its use during the war, the men, their locations, their duties, their events during the war, their discharge, and so on. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Period " Republican Pudding " Explained

    Abraham Lincoln's cadaverous visage is as recognizably American as The Statue of Liberty and our Stars and Stripes. That's why this hysterical recipe from an 1860's cookbook made me fall over laughing. The new political party sure hit the ground running with Abraham Lincoln. The two were...
  17. Belle Montgomery

    Museum Abraham Lincoln’s hair preserved in ‘priceless’ Syracuse sculpture (video)

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A “priceless” sculpture made with human hair sits in a dimly lit back room of the Onondaga Historical Association on Montgomery Street. Hair sculptures aren’t really a thing anymore, but hair jewelry and hair home decor were popular items to display during the Civil War era...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    Duff Green's Row Washington, DC, " Is This Freedom? ", 1862

    Crowds gathered outside our Capitol Building, 1865. The event bringing them there is President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration. I ' think ' the street running directly behind this image was known as ' 1st Street ' for awhile. If so, this photographer included a shot of Abraham Lincoln's...
  19. O' Be Joyful

    “Let Us Die to Make Men Free”

    From the resurrected American Heritage magazine (sidenote, please consider making a contribution to help them continue their mission, which we all here cherish, History) “Let Us Die to Make Men Free” The earliest photograph of the House of Representatives shows how it appeared...
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