libby prison

  1. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Escape from Libby Prison

    There were many thousands of prisoners captured by both sides in the Civil War. Although many were patrolled or exchanged, many prisons were still needed to hold them. One of the south’s famous prisons was Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. Before the war Luther Libby owned a warehouse for ship...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion 1889 Photographs Documenting the interior, exterior, and exhibitions of the Libby Prison War Museum in Chicago

    A scarce and fascinating set of photographs documenting the interior, exterior, and exhibitions of the Libby Prison War Museum in Chicago. Originally located in Richmond, Virginia, the Libby Prison building was erected in 1845 by Luther Libby for use as a ship chandlery. Pressed into...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Richmond's Dawn Over Ruins, Today-154-Years-Ago, April 4 1865

    Image is referred to as ' African Americans on barges, Richmond '. Using this photo from April, 1865 because yes, it is but it's also displaced civilians who fled flames and chaos, saving what they could. These Richmond citizens were some of the lucky ones. Who knows how many households are...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    " I Think Of Thee, I Think Of Thee ", A Prisoner's Ode To His Love, His Wife

    Unidentified couple from the amazing gift the Liljenquist family made to all of through LoC. It's the photo Captain Beaudry's poem written while prisoner in Libby's tobacco warehouse Richmond made me think of, no idea why. Both are evocative of the war, maybe, and the couples whose thoughts of...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    Ladies Where You'd Least Expect Them, POW's, Soldiers And Spies, Oh My

    From an officer's memoir's, this image depicts Libby and Son's ship's chandlery as the famous Libby prison, Richmond. Several men held there during the war wrote of a young girl captured as a trooper, discovered and exchanged. One officer's account; War provided quite a few exceptions to...
  6. chubachus

    Egbert Guy Fowx or an assistant working in a mobile darkroom in Richmond

    At least that's what I think is happening. The Fowx box doesn't look like a camera. Source.

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