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    Discussion Interesting letter in a Civil War pension file

    I found this in a Civil War pension file at the National Archives on a recent trip. Jared Benjamin’s file included letters he wrote during and after the war. This one, from 16 April 1865 was written the day after Lincoln died, and a week after the war ended. He was stationed in Mobile, Alabama...
  2. east tennessee roots

    "My Dear & Affectonate Little Son"

    Confederate Private Alexander Bailus West married my 4 x 1st cousin, Nancy Land in Wilkes County, NC; Feb.4, 1857. On November 26, 1858, their son, Thomas Harvey West was born. Alex mustered into Company K 53rd NC Infantry on 4/30/1862. His Captain and 1st Lieutenant were his cousins, William...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    Lincoln the Letter Writer

    A letter President Lincoln sent days before Christmas in 1863 reportedly sold at auction last week for $60,000. President Lincoln was asking the U.S. military to allow his wife's cousins to return peacefully to their plantation. He wrote the letter on December 21 to ensure the Craig family's...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Where Did Your Union Go?

    Pre-war image of Arlington House, NYPL, G.W. Parke Custis's home, where Mary Randolph Custis grew up. From here, a married Mary watched a newly formed Union threatened. It was a little personal. She left us evidence of her distress. No secret, the two most misunderstood Mary's of the war are...
  5. Taylin

    A Soldier's Letter Poem - 24th Indiana

    La Porte Weekly Union - August 31, 1864 - page 3 Soldiers Letter. Baton Rouge, LA., August 6th, 1864. Dear Brother Dan, and Emma, too- I'm feeling phine now how are you? Perhaps I should have written before ; But the weather was hot, and my hands were sore In the absence...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    A Kentuckian's Forgotten Gift, Mary Todd's Rifles

    Frank Leslie depicted ' Kentucky ', in a memorable spread early in the war. Union flags fly on these steam boats despite the state's turmoil over loyalties. Mary Todd Lincoln really couldn't win. Raised in a wealthy, slaveholding family with roots reaching deep inside the new Confederacy ...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    " To The Ladies Of Beaufort ", And Other Sea Stories

    A few war time sea stories, albeit not always on ships. Snippets from the war, not long enough for a thread so gluing them together. An era book describes one of those war time stories it would be a shame to miss. We're awfully inventive given the chance to display a little creativity. From...
  8. dixiearistocrat

    Common enlisted soldiers opinions of southrons

    hey y’all, I’m trying to find letters written by Union soldiers during the war between the states, mainly enlisted personnel not officers. I want to know what the common man thought of their cousins below the mason Dixon line.
  9. lelliott19

    Delayed Act of Kindness: Letter from Wounded Son Gettysburg 41 years later

    https://www.battlefields.org/learn/maps/gettysburg-peach-orchard-july-2-1863 "Mountain Eagle, October 12, 1904 Letter Forty-one Years in Reaching Father Wounded on Battlefield at Gettysburg son Writes Home and Letter Has Just Been Received Mr. John P. Shaw, of Goodwater, Alabama, the aged...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    One, More Widow, A Fredericksburg Last Letter Home

    You bought these prints, filling in the tomb inscription. This LoC print was someone's momento- a clip from a newspaper has been carefully placed inside this one. No idea whose or even if it was a war casualty. What matters is the grief. Another widow. Anna's letter let her know she was yet...
  11. lelliott19

    Longstreet to Sickles on Gettysburg 1902

    The National Tribune, March 31, 1910, Page 4. Department of the Interior Washington September 19, 1902 My Dear General Sickles: My plan and desire was to meet you at Gettysburg on the interesting ceremony attending the unveiling of the Slocum monument; but today I find myself in no condition...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    " Dear Mother, " On Friday Next, They Are Going To Shoot Me ", A Day From C Street's Nurses' Home

    Recognizable is a more famous photograph, with soldier cottages straggling off to the left, this 3 story home was our Sanitary Commission," The Home ". To who? Anyone she could gather to her ample bosom, and heart. Washington, DC was home to an awful lot through those crazy years. The...
  13. Taylin

    Civil War Letter from Auther Sellers to Isaac W. Lawrence (Crawford county Indiana)

    Paducah, KY. Sept. 15, 1861 Isaac W. Lawrence, Dear Friend, I commence writing to you while on my way from St. Louis to Paducah. But having no money and no stamp I did not send it but since I have received your letter which was today, I have commenced again...

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