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  1. Duane Pringle

    Kepi and forage cap differences

    Once again I am asking for some advice on head gear. I wear forage caps but decided to purchase a kepi to wear also purchased from 2 different makers. Is the kepi supposed to fit so mutch differently than a forage cap like sit on top of your head and I wear a 73/4 in forage cap that fits loose...
  2. ZakaryDawson

    A question about the uniforms of Louisiana infantry around Shiloh

    hello, I recently found out about a family member C.F.Sise who participated in the civil war and I was wondering what kind of uniforms (colouration, general specs) servicemen would use in the Louisiana infantry more specifically the Crescent Regiment. He was in company B and held the rank of...
  3. A

    Need help identifying uniform

    Hi! I'm Otis. I'm new here. I came across this forum while trying to research the question I'm about to propose to you. (But now that I've found it, I can't wait to binge read) I have this photo of what appears to be a Union corporal. (There are no markings as to name, place, photographer...
  4. J

    Best reproduction kepi or forage hat

    Hey everyone, Looking for a reproduction kepi or forage hat to wear around just for fun. My ancestor was in he Ohio 73rd, Co. E. I wanted to get a nice one. What kind of insignia might he have had in his? Any and all recommendations appreciated. By the way, my ancestor served from 61-65, would...
  5. J

    Looking for Indian War kepi

    Can anyone point me towards an affordable Indian War Kepi? Finally got an authentic forage cap from Shiloh Relics in honor of my ancestor James Welch, Ohio 73rd, Co E, veteran of Gettysburg, died in 1913. Now looking for an Indian War kepi in honor of his son, Edward Welch, 1st infantry, Co K...
  6. J

    Looking for authentic kepi

    hello everyone, I’m in the market for an authentic civil war kepi. I was hoping for some recommendations as I don’t want to get something fake. I was looking at the one below: Any thoughts? I’d love some...
  7. davebleedsblue

    ID Help Please: Confederate 2nd Pattern Artillery Officer's Kepi

    Hey everyone! First, photos: I picked this up yesterday from a shop that occasionally has some amazing finds. Took me by surprise to see this there, and despite the price tag I couldn't let it go. Anyway, I believe (am hoping) this is a genuine Confederate 2nd...
  8. beanbomb

    Kepi fitting high on head

    I recently purchased a Confederate kepi from Bristol Hollow and it fits well except that the hat seems to fit high on my head as it often wants to fall off. I've tried putting paper in the sweatband and it doesn't help, which tells me the hat size is correct. I believe this is just the design of...
  9. beanbomb

    Confederate Kepi Color

    I am trying to add color to a photo of a very young looking Confederate, but I am only now realizing that the kepi he is wearing seems a bit unusual. Besides having what looks like very small buttons, the piping on the kepi doesn't look like any kind I've ever seen for an enlisted man (although...
  10. J

    Help Identifying Soldier's Uniform and Hat

    Hi all! I just received this family photo and could use some help identifying it. From the little bit of research I did I guessed that it was a Union junior officers frock coat. The belt (see detail photo) seems to be an eagle with a wreath. There are three buttons on the sleeves and 8-9 on...
  11. Ruth

    Vivian the Vivandiere

    A few weeks ago while looking for inspiration for a patriotic doll I stumbled across a term I'd never heard before: Vivandiere. What wonderous new thing was this? I've since learned so much from all of you and have a new appreciation for these brave women. A little backstory, I make my living...
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